The Demon Government of destruction - fake humans - criminals destroying Australia and the World

December 12, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull demon, Julia Bishop, Tony Abbott, your entire Australian Government -demons people. If you support these demons, you are fools, you are aiding in the destruction of not only Australia but the world and all of humanity. Fake humans only demons.
We are God's Guardians, and we are showing the truth that is being silenced by your demon media, your demon Governments, who have hijacked the entire world. ( if you are not sharing the truth, then you are helping these demons cover it up, you are helping to destroy all of humanity) We risk everything to expose the truth to the world, we do not get paid, we get paid zero dollars for the work we do, we don't even have an operating budget, which makes our work even harder)

We risk everything to expose the truth to the world, we do not get paid, we get paid zero dollars for the work we do, we don't even have an operating budget, which makes our work even harder) We bring you the truth, expose it, when the truth is buried and covered up, by these demons who have hijacked your world, your countries world wide. It is a world of death and destruction because of these demons. 
We see these TV hosts who work for these demons - The New World Order - Illuminati - who sold their souls to these demons - many now demons - their human image now being used by demons, winging about their $2million plus a year salaries. These hosts keep up the lies and deception to the world. 
We get paid zero dollars, and these parasites get paid millions a year to keep up the lies - destruction - corruption of these demons  silencing the real truth.  click on any image in this article for full size view
Demon people, now a fake human, the demon has taken over the body, full integration of demon and flesh and blood

Take note of picture one and two, the forensics and the demons clearly visible in the mouth of demon Turnbull.

God exposed that demon Turnbull is the demon of destruction, that is it's job to destroy.

The entire Australian Government, and Australia is owned and controlled by the Illuminati, New World order of the USA.

The entire Australian Government are now either demons, or under demon possession.
If these things lips are moving these fake humans - demons are lying to the entire world. They are still running Honey Traps on you all and using the demon run media to do it, and the bullshit and lies is incredible on a daily basis.  

Demons can not own property, they can not be your Government, they can not drive a car, these demonic pieces of crap can not trademark anything. There is not one single law in the world to support demons. 
YET demons are doing all of this, and demons are now running your justice system. 
If it is a judge, in the Supreme court it is either a full demon, or under control of demons. 
The Australian demon Government recently put pedophile judges into the Supreme court.
A list of pedophile Judges was given to the AFP and George Brands demon ATG for the demon Government. 
Zero was done, in fact all demon ATG Brandis did was cover it up along with the rest of the demon Government of Australia, and then hand pick those pedophile judges to sit on the Supreme Court. 

In reality, you think your vote counts, when in truth it doesn't. Who is going to put into office is decided years in advance by the New World Order, the Illuminati. You going to the polls and voting is all an illusion, your votes are destroyed, they do not count. 
Demons put themselves into power, and then set out on that destruction to all humans, to all of humanity. 
As we said the truth is in this powerful documentary, truth that is buried by all of mainstream media. 
Truth that men died for getting out to the world. Truth that is still covered up to this very day. BUT - not by our Guardians - not by God and his Angels, we expose the truth.

There are no aliens people, they are demons fooling you all.
The Illuminati NWO demons controls and own all of your media, they have been pushing the alien agender onto humans for over 60 years. The video above exposes it. Who NASA who is, - the Illuminati who are the demons. 
Demons keep pushing aliens onto the world. In the video documentary above NASA, and your demon Government get caught red handed thousands of times, fabricating the alien agenda.  They are still fabricating it until this very day. 
If you see media, and social media, websites pushing the alien agenda onto the world, those accounts are run by the Illuminati demons. They are paid to keep up the deception to the entire world. The proof is in the video above, and other video documentaries we have published, and are still to publish, with video proof, you are being played, lied to by NASA, the media and your Governments.

#Labor candidate #KristinaKeneally demon. #Liberal demon of destruction #MalcolmTurnbull. Fake humans, now nothing more than stinking lying, deceiving demons. The forensics proof is right here.
You are going to the polls to put another demon into power. This demon will then run for PM of Australia, yes people this demon Keneally will be your next PM, nothing more than a massive lying stinking demon.
Just more destruction, more poverty, more demon corporations steelling from your countries and destroying all of humanity.
Nothing is going to change in Australia, nothing until you start denouncing demons, God is waiting.
Why should God and his army of Angels help save you when you continue to put demons into power, when you don't denounce demons. God and his angels do not see you denouncing demons.

One Nation is the right wing of the Liberal Party demons.
Pauline Hanson is a demon, we have shown you the proof that these things are demons, they are not humans. The proof is in our videos.
JFK Former President of the USA, who was assassinated by the NWO - Illuminati in 1962 exposed in a speech how demons had hijacked your entire Governments world wide.
That is over 50 years ago people.
The proof as we said is in our videos and documentaries.
The truth is buried, not publicized.

Demon people, now a fake human, the demon has taken over the body, full integration of demon and flesh and blood

Stop listening to their lies, stop supporting them.Well in reality you don't actual vote for them as we explain. Your vote is an illusion.

Demand their resignations, these things have zero authority, none. They have no legal authority to be your Government, none.

There is no left and right in Government, there is just one party fooling you all. They are all playing you.

Australia and the world has been destroyed by these demons.

These demonic pieces of garbage make up what ever salary they want to give themselves, the demon Government of Australia, the highest paid in the free world.

These things hate the poor, the evidence of how they treat them is before your eyes.

These things support the rich, the corrupt, the greedy demon corporations, yes those corporations are owned and run by demons.

Julia Bishop demon, lying piece of demon crap. Took part in the lie and coverup of the Iraq war.

Yes these parasites made up a lie to start a war, a war that continues to this very day. 
The demon marks visible on his face and fake

Demon Howard is given against the consent of the humans in Australia over $4,000 a week plus freebies and perks also worth thousands to live on, money stolen from you. A pensioner, aged or disability lives in poverty on around $220-230 a week. Absolutely poverty. 
 Demon, now, using the image of a dead person who sold its soul

 Did you give your Government permission to make Australia into a corporation and then sell off Australia to the highest bidder?
There was no referendum people, there was no vote, under law, the Parliamentary act which is all illegal anyway since 1911, there has to be a referendum.
Where on the ballot box does it warn people that you are going to the polls to fake vote for demons, not humans,- demons.
Where on the ballot box does it say your vote doesn't count, the NWO chose what demon they will put into office, not humans. 

Did you know that Australia was set up under the Magnacarter so every Australian citizen owns one share each of Australia, that includes mining rights? True facts people.
There has never ever been a referendum to change this law passed, that is still law until this very day.
This law was set up to protect the people, to stop your Government from doing exactly what is has done.
One minor detail left out - demons have now hijacked your entire Government and are controlling it. 
Gina Rinehart demon does not own the mining rights in Australia, the people do, not this demon parasite. 

There are other demon parasites taking - or should we say stealing over $4,000 a week plus thousands of more dollars in freebies and perks to live on also.
It is actual trillions in subsidies to Corporations, but whats a few hundred - hundred billion between the stinking demons who are your corporations - who own them, control them.

Don't forget here people, this lying stinking criminal Browyn Bishop is a demon, it committed Perjury, fraud, lied to Parliament, lied to the people. It got off scott free, it should get zero dollars from the Australian people, who are forced against their consent to pay this demon parasite. It also gets free flights first class, free travel and other freebies worth thousands a year. 
Don't forget here, this parasite took bribes, made millions of its corruption.

It is the poor, subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich, of millionaires, billionaires, trillionairs, of corporations, of your entire greedy corrupt Government, who has been exposed as all being demons.   

The pension should be $30,000 a year minimum, so people can afford to live, and live in dignity. Free power, free healthcare as well.

This is more than doable if the demon Governments would stop giving these demon corporations and corruption a free ride. These demons are costing your countries trillions, and we are talking hundreds of trillions of dollars.

It is not the poor causing poverty, it is the rich, demons, demon Governments and corrupt, who are all demons causing all of this poverty and destruction.

And your demon Governments just keep on letting this happen, demons are the problem of this entire universe and dimension.

You are forgetting here, because your demon run media is hiding this from you, these demon Governments sanction this corruption, they sanction to allow the Chinese to use Australia as their place to launder their money, they do this through real-estate. Yes this is how they launder trillions of dollars.
The banks are all owned in reality to the Rothschilds, demon family of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati - New World Order of demons control it all. 

The Australian demon Government - the NWO are pushing up the prices of Real-estate in Australia deliberately, part of their destruction to Australia's real human people. 
These demons are the ones controlling it all, making it UN-affordable to live in Australia.

Australia has been on an economic hit-list since the demon Howard Government, we published a video last year proving this.

It is your demon Government destroying jobs and giving them to foreign imports at $2 hour.

Don't forget Gina Rinehart demon, yes it is a lying stinking demon, pays no tax, is given the keys to Australia to raught it, lives on $33 million a day, brings in unskilled foreign workers are $2 an hour, all sanctioned by your demon Government, they are your terrorist.
And on top of all of this, this demon parasite Gina Rinehart and other demons playing dress up as humans that have hijacked Australia's mining industry, in reality and under law they own none of it. These demons stole it from you, all Australian citizens that are human. 
Barnaby Joyce demon, the demon visible on its face and head. Pauline Hanson demon.
All humans who sold their souls now demons, the human is dead, nothing more than a demon. Packer is a demon, the entire family bloodline sold, the same with Turnbull demon, Rinehart demon, these things sold their entire bloodline to demons. Anyone associated with these scum of the earth is demonized and then killed, the demon then takes over the image of that dead person.
These demons, the rich have already destroyed Australia, there is no coming back from this destruction and God is pissed. 
Now you are seeing the wrath of God, as written in revelations. 
We have videoed live footage of revelations as it has been happening. Now God's wrath truly begins and you are seeing it in the weather across the world. We did warn you, you ignored the warning of God and his Guardians. 

These demons control your power companies, yes people, demons control it all. They make sure power is UN-affordable. 
Australia has the highest energy prices in the free world. The highest people. There is zero reason this should be so, other than these greedy, killing demons want to make humans suffer. 

We published a documentary exposing how your Government has had the technology which they are using in secret for UN-limited free power for the entire world. We published the 1,000 proof of this with this documentation coming from the highest level in the Pentagon whistle-blower.

Your demon Governments have been using this technology for over 40 years, it has existed for over 40 years. We are not talking free energy from solar panels, this is something completely different. 
But as you can see from the poster above, just from solar panels, our Governments world wide, installing them for free, on everyone's home, how much money could be saved, and also saving the planet at the same time.

So that would mean every one in the world would have free energy, no more dirty fuel, these oil companies, and coal companies, that are are owned and controlled by demons would go broke.

Now you know why these parasites don't want you to know the truth. The mainstream media is never ever going to publish the truth, the demons own your media, so they buried it with lies and deception.

We are going to re-published that documentary with some new updates.

Labor and all other political parties are exactly the same, there is no different, these things are now demons, taken over by demons.
These parties calling themselves the Greens, in the USA and Australia, vote with these demons to destroy the land, they take bribes from demon corporations, own shares in these demon corporations, given to them as kickbacks, making themselves stinking rich, at the cost of all of humanity, and especially the poor and vulnerable.  

These demons employ sock puppet accounts which we exposed in a video, showing you exactly how these demons keep up the deception. Fake social media accounts in the millions. All a Federal crime under law.

This article by Political Journalist Barry Tucker outlines in great detail how Rupert Murdoch has a huge ownership, and control stake in the Liberal party Politics in Australia, which includes the days of reign by John Howard. 
If Rupert Murdoch says jump, the LNP say how how would you like me to jump.
Full article here, and trust us you are going to want to read this.
One thing the article does not mention, because the Journalist is not a forensic investigator and a Guardian is - Murdoch is a lying stinking killing demon - it is part of the Illuminati New World Order, these are all true facts more than proven. 

The Australian Parliament & Legal System Is Invalid! Read laws and article HERE

2006 Closing of tax havens Project Wickenby, a multi-agency taskforce, was established with the aim of protecting the integrity of Australian financial and regulatory systems. It aimed to prevent taxpayers from participating in the use of secret tax havens. Which these demon Government have now abolished and are committing criminal intent in aiding and abetting in tax fraud. 

Your entire Government are sanctioning this, hell your demon Government are doing it themselves. When the taxation office exposed this, the demon and Turnbull Government - who work for the Illuminati NWO fired 4,400 tax staff and move the taxation office to Singapore so corporations could funnel over 100 billion dollars - trillions of dollars of year in fraud, money laundering and tax fraud.

 It is the poor, subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich, of millionaires, billionaires, trillionairs, of corporations, of your entire greedy corrupt Government, who has been exposed as all being demons. 
 Dick Smith is right, but we did pick up some mistakes in the article we found online today. Bill Gates and his wife are demons, of the highest order of the Illuminati New World Order. They have admitted to creating vaccines to kill humans. There is a video on youtube with this parasite admitting to this. This demon parasite gives away nothing, it kills. It is now a trillionaire, doesn't pay tax. 
These parasites make up stories to tell the world, they are giving money away, when in reality they are not, they are causing more death and destruction to the poor.

This demon of destruction - Turnbull broke every law in the world, gave the media rights to demon Rupert Murdoch so the truth would be buried, not publicized. These demons now control your legal system, court system.

So these demons could continue their Honey trap on the entire world.

Laws were made over 10 years ago so no one person, entity, corporation could own more than 50% of the media.

This entire Australian demon Government in secret gave the 100% rights to all media in Australia to demon Murdoch.

A demon that pays no taxes, hates the poor, attacks the poor on a daily basis in its rag of lies to the world.

Demon Trump is also giving this demon Murdoch the rights to media in the USA so the truth is buried, and these demons can continue their lies, death and destruction to the entire world. 
Below Rupert Murdoch lying stinking demon of the New World Oder - Illuminati. 
SKY News is the last piece of media this demon, corrupt piece of shit, that the poor subsidize to take over full media in Australia. Yes the poor subsidize the lifestyle of the entire Murdoch demon family. And we mean the entire family. The rest of the Murdoch's as corrupt and evil as this demon shit Rupert Murdoch demon. The poor are subsidizing, paying for this billionaire family to live in luxury.

It is a demon people, its entire family are the Illuminati demons of the NWO. Pays zero tax, none of these parasites do. Destroying all of humanity. Treats the poor and vulnerable like utter garbage. 
Disney is owned by the Illuminati - FOX is owned by the Illuminati. The Illuminati own it all people. It owns all the media rights in Australia. Stolen from you the people in screcet in an underhanded illegal deal by your demon Government. 
RULE of THUMB - if it is being promoted in the media it is a demon. Demons do not promote humans, they only promote their own, this is how it works. 
Demon Trump in  the US is also giving this demon the rights to all media in the USA to keep up the lies and deception to the entire world. This demon crap Murdoch fueled the lies, for the Iraq war, it took part in the massive lie and cover-up of the death and destruction and the truth is just buried in the mainstream demon run media.

The burden of the rich who are your demons stealing from Australia alone - corruption by the rich, Corporations- banks, and your demon Government is over $1 trillion a year . World wide it is over $15 trillion. That top 1% is now the top 30%.
 Demons hiding in plain sight, the demons visible. Fake humans, demons are running your world, making up what ever lies and crap they want. There are ZERO humans in North Korea, we proved this through forensics and God. Go to the link to see the forensics

Demon hiding in plain sight. A lying stinking corrupt piece of shit demon
If you pay close attention you can see the demon sitting in the neck of demon Murdoch fake human. His now wife also a demon.

Below the sum of the earth, now all demons. Rothschilds always demons all part of the Illuminati New World Order
All of those faces and names are now demons, sold their souls, they are not human, demons are using the image of a dead person.
All demons, now human.

Actually it is a demon posing as a human. Banks are owned and controlled by the New World Order - the Illuminati - Rothschilds. 
Demon possession, click on any image in this article for full size view
Abbott Illegally held office, knew 100% it was, and is illegal holding office, still illegally holding office in Australian Government. 
Was placed into office by the New World Order - the Illuminati - demon Murdoch. Stole millions - trillions of dollars and assets from the Australian people. 
Held the title of PM of Australia under fraudulent circumstances. 
Is a world class criminal, just like Howard, Pauline Hanson, and Turnbull demons are still stealing money from the Australian people. 
The Australian people demand ever single cent you stole from them back, every cent you were paid while illegally holding office back. 
Same goes for you Murdoch, you scum bag demon. God is coming for you demon. 
This demon scumbag was placed into office ILLEGALLY people and they knew it by the New World Order - Illuminati demons. Yes this fool, parasite was put into office, you never voted for it, your votes and illusion. This was to make way for the placement of the demon of destruction Turnbull. This was all planned for years.
These demons place themselves into power to destroy humans, to create poverty and destruction and death, to destroy all of humanity, that is how these things work.
This thing is a demon people - the Illuminati New World Order, the Billderberg Group, a world class criminal. God is coming for you demon scumbag.

Did you read the last line carefully people, this scum bag who sold its soul to demons, sold Australia and helped with its destruction finds it hard to make ends meet and live on over $600,000 a year plus a few million in perks and then a few million more in kickbacks. All pensioners live well below the poverty line, many now cant afford power, they are loosing their homes, homeless. These demons are taking their homes, while these demons live in luxury.

This demon Turnbull - demon of destruction owns the rights to all Porn in Australia, and we are talking all rights, it purchased the rights in the 1990's, and boy is this thing and its demon wife raking in millions from the sexual abuse of humans, the sexual abuse of children in porn. Australia was named in the top five and the 2nd highest country in the world for virtual porn, this includes the rape of children, we covered this in a huge article and how the Supreme court in 1991 changed laws to allow for this porn. This then increased the addiction, and increased the demand for child pornography. Full article here

When Senator Bill Heffernan made a report of Pedophile Judges to the demon ATG Brandis and Demon PM of Australia, and the the rest of the Demon Government of Australia, demon Brandis covered it up for these pedophile judges. The Senator Heffernan received death threats, constant intimidation, and forced to resign.
That is how far these demons go to stop the truth.
The head of the Family Court in Australia for over 10 years, and this year hand picked to be a Supreme Court Judge and on the list of Pedophile judges demon ATG Brandis and demon Turnbull has is a demon and corrupt as hell.
We have investigated this demon judge and have transcripts of it breaking the law, aiding and abetting in child sexual abuse, corruption, money laundering just to name a few of the crimes of this parasite judge, and it just gets away with it.
Zero justice, the justice system destroyed.
We have also exposed pedophile judges in the Supreme court in the USA now demons.  

Demons are now running your justice system. 
If it is a judge, in the Supreme court it is either a full demon, or under control of demons. 
The Australian demon Government recently put pedophile judges into the Supreme court.
A list of pedophile Judges was given to the AFP and George Brands demon ATG for the demon Government. 
Zero was done, in fact all demon ATG Brandis did was cover it up along with the rest of the demon Government of Australia, and then hand pick those pedophile judges to sit on the Supreme Court

We have some documentaries we are published in the coming weeks, showing the lies and destruction of your demon Governments world wide. Panorama from the BBC in the UK. 2017.11.06..Offshore.Secrets. Exposed. Panorama exposed this from the work of our Guardians.

demon Turnbull has been named, other demons posing as humans have been named, Nicole Kidman demon has been named, ripping of your countries for trillions of dollars.

The mainstream demon media, your demon Government bury this, the truth is hidden not publicized. These demons bury the truth to keep you dumbed down, to control you, to keep you as slaves.

We will published the docos in the coming days.

When you see how these lying parasites are ripping of the world, while living like kings, it will wake you up, get you fired up to the criminal activities of all of these demon parasites.

These things are not only demons, they are criminals.

And these demons are promoted in the demon run media as heroes, false idols.

We have many more demon reveals coming up, including a massive demon reveal on NASA and fake Astronauts, secret space programs ripping off the entire world, stealing trillions of dollars from your economies, so these demons can keep up their pure evil to the world, this includes Australia.

Notice anything strange about the image above, you would have to be completely ignorant to truth not to see something is not quite right. The image below showing you the forensics shows you these things are massive demons, not even human. NASA is the Illuminati demons, and there are ZERO ZERO aliens, just massive demons playing you all, and the demon run media keep publishing fake stories about Aliens and how NASA and Google AL have found aliens - bullshit bullshit, still brainwashing the entire world like they have done from decades. As we said we have a massive exposure coming on this to show you more, watch the video above to see how NASA and your demon Government have been lying to you, playing you for decades about aliens. These parasites get caught red handed lying to the entire world.

Congratulations Australia, you are now officially FKD.
Click on any of the images for full size forensic view exposing even more of these fake humans - demons.
These things are demons, they are not humans. The human is dead.
The demons are using the image of the dead. Demons have taken over your cities. Building, cars, and roads covered in demons.
You all ignored Gods warning, our warning, now it is too late. 
Your fate is now in the hands of demons, who kill humans. 

If you don't think God gets angry and pissed, then you have never really read and listened to Revelations.

We are Guardians - we work for God - part of Gods army of Angels. We can expose anyone as a demon, under control of demons, demons - this is our ability as Guardians, we can expose this even from a video, pictures, in person.
We can expose the Fallen Angels and yes even Lucifer which is Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgård another fallen angel - fallen angels are demons. They can not hold human form for long periods of time, they were cursed by God to walk the earth as beasts until judgement day by God and our Guardians. We have run ins with Lucifer many times since we have exposed it and other demons and fallen Angels. We have an army of Angels - ArchAngels to fight off this evil of demons. Arch Angels are the protectors of Guardians. ArchAngel Michael is the leader of the Angel army - of all the ArchAngels. We communicate through thought. We have showed you live video footage of our Angels and we have more to still publish.

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