YHWH/God - YESHUA - All of Gods Angels are here - World exclusive

December 23, 2017

YHWH/God - YESHUA Christ - All of YHWH's Angels are here - World exclusive.
This is brand new video footage of our Angels, YHWH, YESHUA Christ.
Yes they are all here as we show you live video footage of.
Angels are real, and not the fabricated version the Illuminati run media are projecting to you with hologram images of.
We show you the truth about Angels, YHWH, YESHUA
My home is already full for the holidays, full of Angels, YHWH, YESHUA
We carry the seal of YHWH, YESHUA on our Bodies from conception.

click on the image for full size view, click on every image for full size view. We will be publishing the video where this comes from shortly 25 Feb 2018


 There are dozens of new photos and videos on our Facebook sites and new videos on Youtube that are not in this article - new videos and pictures from August 2018 of the only true King - leader - our father - heavenly father - God - Jesus - the Archangels - Angels - Saints and the dead rising in heaven. Live video footage as it is taking place. The only place you will find the truth of God because of who we are. We live in Alexandria - another dimension.

The rest of the world were too busy worshiping demons, making them idols, actors, singers, your Government, TV hosts to even notice, or even want to see the truth, and the truth that this is, the second coming of Christ. 
God and Christ, all the angels are here right now, we have videoed the world the proof of this for months, and still you ignore the truth and God. And God is pretty pissed right now because you are ignoring the truth, what God wanted us to show the world.
You would rather keep worshiping demons, and let them kill you and your entire family. 
How are you going to protect you and your entire families from demons, if you are not willing to see the truth we are showing you.
God and our Angels see your ignorance and foolishness, it will be your downfall, and has become the down fall of all humanity.

 We are Guardians, part of Gods army of Angels, yes Angels people. We are the highest order or Angels, Gods ears and eyes on earth. You can go to our video library to see live video footage of our Angels. God has allowed us to show you our Angels. We are human and we are also Angels.
We carry the seal of God and Jesus Christ, as well as the seal of the Arch Angels.
We can expose the Fallen Angels and yes even Lucifer which is Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgård another fallen angel - fallen angels are demons. 

Please go to our VIMEO channel, quality is much better than youtube. There are also videos on there exposing demons posing as idols fooling the entire world Youtube will not allow, and have blocked us from showing you. Their demon Illuminati cash cows that also kill, and concerts are their killing field.

God - Angels - Saints - live video footage May 26 2018
This is live footage taken at 8:45am May 26 2018As Gods actual daughter and right now carrying twins who are Gods children - created by God to rule the world - They are true Royalty - because God is the true King - the only King and Ruler.
God created these babies - to start the entire world and universe over - to start creation over and they will also rule the world together. The babies will soon arrive - their birth is very close now.

There are more high resolution pictures and screen shots from videos of Gods archangels and our Heavenly father, other angles, the saints, spirits rising in heaven from the 18th April 2018 in this link here as well

Angels - God - spirits - April 20 - 2018 link to videos and pictures

God - Heavenlyfather - Angels - Saints - video exclusive 24 April 2018 - starting the world over from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

Angels - Saints - Spirits live video exclusive 20 April 2018 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
Angels - Saints - Spirits - God live video exclusive 28 April 2018 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
The pictures for this video the 28th April are on our Facebook - Angels - Spirits - and God - Heavenly father - the pictures show the truth
The pictures to go with this video are on our Facebook open pages - and they are quite the amazing heavenly sight to behold

God - Heavenly father and his angels - army of angels - 18 April 2018 part 1 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

God - Heavenly father and his angels - army of angels - 18 April 2018 part 4 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

Gods Angels - God ascending from Gods heaven with spirits who have risen with God - Revelations - April 9 2018 - Live video foot from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
Gods Angels ascending from heaven 7th April 2018 part 1 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
Gods Angels ascending from heaven 7th April 2018 part 2 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

Our beautiful angels world exclusive 23 March 2018 part 1 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
Our beautiful angels world exclusive 23 March 2018 part 2 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
Gods Angels - Feb 20 2018 a message from God and our Angels from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

God and his Angels coming through Gods gateway in heaven - Live video footage Live video footage taken 4- 5- 6 Feb 2018 from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

Gods Angels descending from Heaven - Angels filled the sky Feb 4- 5- 6 2018 live video footage from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.

Gods Angels - Feb 20 2018 a message from God and our Angels from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
 These pictures were taken 20th Feb 2018 at aprox 12:00 noon, there is video above and more video to publish from the 20th Feb 2018. Angels - Gods Angels - my home and myself protected and loved by Angels constantly. Click on any image to bring to full size, they range from 5,000 pixels to 3.5,000 pixels, so the file of the picture is big.

We wanted to show you this post from the demon run media, and this demon they are now promoting and the utter dribble and bullshit spewing from its lips. Now these demons are telling the world that Jesus who is a actually an angel is coming back as a child rapist, misogynist cult leader. 
One for one - because none of you are listening to us - Jesus was and still is an angle - an angel. He is not the savior. God - our heavenly father is the savior. And you fools are beyond saving, because you have ignore every single world we have said, what we have shouted for centuries.
God - our heavenly father - Jesus who is angle the same as we are, and all the angles are here, they have been here for centuries. 
And God - our heavenly father - the one and only creator and leader did not just create one child which are all angels, he also had a daughter, who has also been here on this earth as Gods eyes and ears on earth. All angels, the highest order of angels. 
STOP listening to the bullshit of the demon run media, the demon run Vatican, because its all a test to you all, your souls will be devoured by demons, that is the test.
The demons have been leading to this very moment for centuries planning a false profit to return when it is nothing more than a lying demon.

The real birth date of Jesus Christ is not the 25th December.
The real date is the 27th December.
The 25th was a date made up by the Romans, which was the day of drunken, orgies. 
The Romans did not recognize the true God and Jesus Christ, and don't forget we have shown you proof the Romans were the Fallen Angels and demons.
It is the Fallen and demons who have been changing history, manipulating it, also trying to erase truth. The truth we are exposing to you. 
The Roman Catholic church is the Illuminati demons, and this has been this way for thousands of years. 
The Roman Catholic Church goes back to Roman days, thousands of years, this demonic church has fooled you for thousands of years.
It is the same for Jews, going back thousands of years they sacrificed animals and humans to their God, and their God for many was Lucifer - Satan, they practiced dark magic. 

If you dont's think God gets angry and pissed, then you have never really read and listened to Revelations.

We work for God and we specialize in demons, and Forensics for God.
God is with us every day exposing these demons.
We are not only part of Gods army but we are Ministers of the highest order. Our authority straight from God, and our authority over rules the Vatican. The Vatican are all demons.
We hunt demons, Fallen Angels, beasts, fake humans.
God see's through our eyes.
We also carry the mark of God and the Angels.
The Arch Angels are our protectors. We have showed you live video footage of our Angels, God, Jesus, and the Arch Angels.
These demons - fallen Angels - are trying to erase history, erase God, erase that Angels - Fallen Angels and Jesus Christ are real.
These demons who are the Illuminati are trying to erase that God created the universe and Humans.
We are witnessing the lies of the demon run media, every day, running their destruction to humanity, destruction to human life and keeping up these demons lies. 

The demon run media with not publish the truth, they are keeping you a human as demon slaves, and God is waiting for you to wake up, stand up to these demons. You do have the power, you just don't realize it.
By denouncing and exposing these demons, you take away their power.
We have had run in's with Lucifer many times, and this fallen one has never won, it has lost every time.
We have had run in's with demons many times, and those demons have always lost, every time they have lost, because we have God by our side, we have the Archangels in us, by our sides, day and night, they are with us day and night along with God.


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