Elle Macpherson demon - fake human - forensic proof world exclusive

December 19, 2017

Elle Macpherson demon -  fake human -  forensic proof world exclusive. It is a manufactured human, created over 50 years ago by the Illuminati demons. Fake everything, it is not human, the forensic proof before your very eyes.
It has never been pregnant, it can not have babies, it is a medical impossibility.
Fallen Angels who are all male, have been using this image of a manufactured human fooling the entire world for over 50 years. 

Click on any image to bring to full size to see more forensics.

Elle Macpherson demon - fake human - forensic proof world exclusive from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo. Watch the video add free and perfect HD quality on VIMEO. Youtube deliberately diminsh the quality of our videos by up to 30%

We can expose the Fallen Angels and yes even Lucifer which is Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgård another fallen angel - fallen angels are demons. They can not hold human form for long periods of time, they were cursed by God to walk the earth as beasts until judgement day by God and our Guardians. 
All the fallen are male, all of them, they can have babies, but only with a human, and those children will be demons, beasts, we have shown you the result of the fallen's offspring, we have exposed Jamie Dornan / Lucifer's demon spawn - beast of children. 

Click on the image to bring up the full forensics. As we said the Illuminati demon run media keep up the lies, keep up the deception, and are running domestic and international terrorism on the entire world. 
Elle Macpherson has fooled the entire world for years and is still doing it right now in 2018. It is a demon, fake human, and its true form is nothing like the image the main stream demon media pushes onto the world. It's true form is about a foot tall, ugly and grotesque. 
The Daily Mail should be charged with crimes against all of humanity, they publish pre-scripted, fake news on a daily basis, keeping up these demons lies, demons that kill.

If it being promoted or featured in anyway in the demon run media, rule of thumb - it is a demon, fake human.  
The Illuminati - demon run media and TV - do not promote humans, it is that simple. 
The modelling industry and fashion industry, now hijacked by the Illuminati demons. We have not seen one human model that has been in the demon run media in the last 12 months, they are now all demons, fake humans.  The same goes for actors, singers, any TV, radio hosts, now taken over by demons.

Youtube shadow all of our videos, they diminish the quality by 20-30%. We have had many run ins with Youtube with their silly games they play with us. Youtube is owned and run by the Illuminati demons. In one day Youtube changed our site views from just over 20 million to under 17,000. We are not the only ones Youtube do this with. 
Youtube only promote accounts controlled and run by them, they silence the real truth.
Our numbers through our website and other social media is over 20 million visits. 
People also watch our videos straight through our websites rather than through Youtube.
 Click on any image to bring to full size to see more forensics.

We have run ins with Lucifer many times since we have exposed it and other demons and fallen Angels. We have an army of Angels - ArchAngels to fight off this evil of demons. 
Arch Angels are the protectors of Guardians. ArchAngel Michael is the leader of the Angel army - of all the ArchAngels. We communicate through thought.
We have showed you live video footage of our Angels and we have more to still publish. Videos take a lot of time to put together, and our work which we do not get paid for takes up a lot of our time.

Our fight to save humanity, to expose these demons is a 24 hour task.
Fallen angels - demons posing as As astronauts from the NASA Apollo moon landing. We still have material we have not published on the fake moon landings, and the evil that is being conducted on Mars by these demons. That will be in another video.

Secret Space Program run by the Illuminati NWO demons -  no aliens,  demons are aliens.
There are ZERO aliens, the aliens are the demons. The Illuminati caught red handed faking missions to the moon. The video forensic proof before your very eyes, .  Fallen Angels - demons posing as astronauts from the fake Apollo Moon landing caught red handed in the forensics.
The Illuminati NWO - NASA who are the demons, faked the moon landing, the forensic proof is in this video. 

We are Guardians - we work for God - part of Gods army of Angels. We can expose anyone as a demon, under control of demons, demons - this is our ability as Guardians, we can expose this even from a video, pictures, in person.

6 times and told us we would have to go to court to get the video up. Youtube is owned and controlled by the Illuminati demons, they do not want you to see the truth about Beyonce, who is a massive stinking demon, its entire family are, its fake children all demons. 
It has never been pregnant, all faked to keep up the demon deception to the entire world. We have an article on our website exposing the fake twins it said it had, those babies are not babies they are demons, we exposed this through forensics. 
We do have other videos on Beyonce, different to this exposing this demon also. 

We have so much forensics we never publish in videos, we publish the pictures and post them to Facebook, to the net through our websites and other social media.
We are the only ones in the world exposing this to the world, we are the only ones with the ability to show you, being Guardians and part of Gods army of angels.

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