Fifty Shades Darker - red room of demons. SATAN exposed to the world - World Exclusive

August 17, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades of Grey is about demons, not a human in sight. And Jamie Dornan is AKA Lucifer - Satan. The entire Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise, are demons. This utter garbage was written by demons, directed and produced by demons, the movie studio owned and run by demons. 
You all Got played by dirty killing, lying demons.  
Dakota Johnson is a demon, it's human form was killed many years ago, when it was still a child. It comes from a family who sold their souls to demons. When you sell your soul to demons, demons kill your entire bloodline, you are now dead. 
(click on any poster for full size view, to see more of the demons hiding in plain sight) We still have much more to publish on Lucifer - AKA Jamie, as end of days are upon the entire universe.

The Fifty Shades of Grey room room scene from Fifty Shades darker is a demon orgy, there were that many demons in that room we lost count. The videos below expose it all. Forensic proof how you all got played, by the franchise by Demon Erica James and her demon husband, the studio, mainstream media and all their social media sites, still lying and fooling all of you.
On Youtube which is owned and run by demons, the franchise push these demons onto your children, onto silly humans who still haven't woken up, or are now under control of demons, ready to be killed by them. These demon franchises still pushing out their lies to the public, are never going to tell you the truth. We and God have just shown you that. 

We with the blessing of God have exposed who we are, we are Guardians - we are Angels living on earth as humans, doing God's work. Lucifer - AKA Jamie Dornan is too much of a coward to stand in the media and tell the world he is actually Lucifer and a demon, and a beast, it's true form ugly and grotesque. 
Lucifer craves the attention, the adulation, and no one would give him any if they saw his true form.
As Guardian's we have known Lucifer since creation, and Jamie Dornan is Lucifer - Satan fooling all of you.  
Jamie has already paid Alexandria one of God's Guardians - An angel a visit, since being exposed to the world by God, and his Guaridans. And Lucifer felt the wrath of God and the Arch Angels for doing so. Lucifer and all the fallen do not have all their full Angel powers anymore, they were stripped from them by God, that is why they use demons to do their dirty work.

Angels, God and the Fallen we all communicate through thought. We can transport our entire selves to any location through thought. We can also shut out a visit, such as a fallen one also by thought, we block out their image they project to us, this is the easy way to explain this. So our Physical selves can be in one location and our Angel self can be in another location, all done through thought.

If you are still a human, and you don't have the brains of a dead fly, then watch the videos, read the articles. God and his Guardians have exposed to the entire world Lucifer, playing dress up once more. Demon orgies, demon possession in these two videos. The deception is incredible. 
As Guardians we see the demons everywhere, without having to use forensics to expose it to you. 
We use real forensics, that holds true in any court in the world, to show you the demons - Lucifer hiding in plain sight. Yes actual video footage. 

Lucifer-Satan has always loved the attention, the adulation, and in what we exposed to the world, he is laughing at all of you who fell for his lies and deception. 
Lucifer and the Joker laughing at all of you. 
Lucifer has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years. Lucifer is Satan. Lucifer has not changed in looks as a human in all those years. Satan carries the marks, a curse by God.
Jamie Dornan is Satan, his body covered in the marks only Satan, a fallen, and cursed by God carry. You will see through our work with God, demons exposed in video, Jamie Dornan morphing in and out of the beast, Lucifer-Satan, serpent demons. Teasing the entire world laughing at all humans.

Fifty Shades Darker - red room of demons - World Exclusive

part one and two exposing Lucifer and demons who have played the world. We do have these videos up on VIMEO on our own channel there. Youtube have diminished the quality of our videos, they have also shadowed and blocked videos to stop the truth. We have a video on VIMEO on Beyonce, which Youtube blocked 6 times trying to stop the truth being show to the world on these demons. The quality is better on VIMEO, all of our videos are produced in HD.
Youtube have now even taken to editing our videos, taking out sections, cutting off our endings. This is how much they want to stop the truth of God and his Guardian's from being shown to the world. How scared these demons are of the truth getting out. 
Youtube is owned and run by the Illuminati demons. All social media is. 

We really hope you have been paying attention to the pictures above and below.

They come from the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise movies and books. They are screen shots from the movies, a pin prick in what we expose to you, from actual video footage from these demons movies. We show you constant morphing in and out of demons, Lucifer morphing in and out, Dornan AKA Lucifer's arm opening up and one of his many beast's comes out and goes into fake human - demon Dakota Johnson's arm. Again a pin prick to what is really hiding in plain sight, what real forensics, God and his Guaridans can expose to the world.
The bedroom scene from the first movie Fifty Shades of Grey. 
That is what is hiding in plain sight. Demons. Demons everywhere. Jamie Dornan AKA Lucifer morphing into the beast. Dakota Johnson fake human, only a demon, morphing into a demon. 

Amelia Warner is a demon, she has been demonized since she was a child. Dornan AKA Lucifer and Warner's two daughters are demons, they are not flesh and blood human children. 
Lucifer has fathered thousands of children over the centuries, these two are just two more to add to his list, and all his spawn cursed by God to be beasts. 
We do have pictures of his demon children morphing into beasts, Amelia Warner morphing into a beast and we are going to put them in a new video release. Lucifer only father's female children. Fake family to keep up the fake persona.

God cursed Lucifer, and all of his generations to come, he cursed all the offspring of the fallen. They would be cursed as beast until the judgment day of our Heavenly father, our creator, and the Arch Angels and they would burn in sulfa for all of their evil and wickedness. 

Lucifer-Satan has always loved the attention, the adulation, and in what we exposed to the world, he is laughing at all of you who fell for his lies and deception. 
Lucifer and the Joker laughing at all of you. 

Demons have been able to fool humans for centuries, because humans are easily corrupted by demons. Demons over the years and the fallen have kept humans dumbed down, humans are now the slaves of demons and you didn't even know this. Demons have been killing humans for centuries feeding of them, feeding off animals. 

Click on the pictures or posters to bring to full size, to reveal more of what is hiding in plain sight of these demons, lying to and fooling the entire world. 

Yes Erica James, a massive lying demon, who sold her soul, her entire blood line now killed by demons. Guardian's call these demons, whores. The Kardashian's are also demon whores.
These demons have zero rights, none people.
They can not own property, they can not drive a car, sue people with their bullshit,  there are no human laws to allow demons to have rights. So stop giving them any.  
God see's you lying demon, so do his Guardian's and we have exposed you to the world. 

Jamie Dornan is the fallen Lucifer - Satan, he fooled you all. 

Click on any image for full size review

Dakota Johnson pictures dated August 30 2017.
You would have to be completely blind to not see this is a fake human, it is nothing more than a demon. Fooling you all.
Dakota Johnson - demon comes from an Illuminati demon
family, how the hell do you think this thing got the role playing a demon in a demon movie next to Lucifer. 
You are going too need to click on the images to bring to full size to see the full fake human demon reveal. 

Take note of the demon right of the image. This thing is not a human, it is a demon. Even the Photographer is a demon. 
 Take note of both hands and fingers.  Take note of the massive demons on the front of this things
jacket. Also take note of the weight gain. It's entire image is a demon, fake human. Walking dead - demon wake up.
Take note of the fake fingers, left background, demons, entire image is a fake human and demons.

Pants, background, the car which is a Porsche covered in demons. Where ever this fake human - demon goes it takes a mountain of demons with it, demons jump onto everything.  
 Hands and wrist, fingers, entire background demons. 

 Toes, the entire ground covered in little worker demons, making up this image being projected to you of a fake human, demon. 

Fake Human demon only. Are you going to wake up, or remain in your coma until demons kill you as well. 
Take note of the right elbow part of it is missing. Take note of the left hand wrist three demons very visible. But the demons are everywhere. Including the from of this fake humans singlet top. 

As Guardians we still have much more to expose on Lucifer
another video to still come with a massive exposure on this 
fallen ones entire fake demon family. 
Jamie AKA Lucifer and Satan might have fooled you all
but he never fooled us Guardians  or God.
Click on any poster or picture to bring to full size to see more of the demons hiding in plain sight.  

This screen shot comes from the movie Fifty Shades Darker part one. The demons were every where, even looking straight at the camera, smiling which we show you. 
Dakota Johnson AKA serpent demon, changes into a serpent, it's body becomes transparent. 
Jamie Dornan AKA Luicfer's cock a demon. We have much more to expose on this in a third video still to come.
Please wake up, please watch the video's above, and see the truth hiding in plain sight, how these demons are killing humans, and these movie's are just one way they do this.
You go to the movies, buy the DVD's go to the franchise social media pages, all these fake humans in the movies social media pages, you and your entire family are now targets for demons to take over your body, feed of you and your children, killing all of you.

These demons do these press conferences for their movie releases world wide, it is a demon's feeding ground. 
Italy was the scene for one part of the setting for the next movie franchise part three. Reason because Italy is a demonic head quarters, and Italy is covered in demons, we do have forensic proof of this, which we have already released. 
In a picture we found of Dornan - AKA Lucifer in Italy signing autographs in a crowd, every one in that crowd was being demonized, or full demon, the demons were everywhere, and Dornan begun to morph into a beast.

These fake humans are flocking to Italy at the moment as end of days nears, and the demonic energy in Italy is at a world wide high.
The dead are rising in Italy, and we mean the very evil dead are rising as the veil is shattering between this universe and where demons are trapped. 
The next Fifty Shades of Grey part 3 will not be released in 2018, because this world is ending in September 2017. The word of God.
God is ending this world, to end all demons.
God's words 2,000 years ago. "God said this generation would be the most wicked in the creation of the universe, and God would end this universe in 2017." This is God's truth.
These demons made a 3 rd movie with no intention of ever releasing it in 2018, it was made to keep up the deception.
Demons don't need money, property, etc, because they are demonic, not even human, but if they are going to fool the world they are going to do it in style. This has been the demon way for centuries. 

If you see these fake humans - who are really demons wearing sunglasses a lot, it is because their eyes give their demon side away every time, and their eyes are also sensitive to light.  

"not even when one shall rise from the dead will they believe..." Luke 16:31

9) A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand,
10) they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. 
They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy 
angels and of the Lamb.
11) And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who 
worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” Revelation 14:9-11

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12

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