Demon Babies - fake humans - created by the Illuminati New World Order of evil

December 08, 2017

Demon Babies of the  NWO - Illuminati evil. This is what this evil enterprise run by demons and fallen Angels, who are demons, and what they are creating to take over the world. A combination of flesh and blood and demon, the entire Kardashian and Jenner's are all demons, fake humans, the proof to their demon form is in this video. These demons and lying and fooling the entire world, all of their products they peddle, come fully demonized.
The Kardashians - Jenner's - Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman just to name a few names all demons, are owned by the Illuminati - NWO. Yes their own their demon asses.
Then you have those who sold their entire blood line to demons, all of their offspring now demons. 

These things have never been pregnant, they are demons people, fake humans. Fake babies, nothing more than demons.
Their demon form exposed in the video below.
These things are one ugly mess of demon crap. Most around 1ft tall, the human image is fabricated by millions of little demons.
The proof is in the forensics exposed in the video below.

Jamie Dornan - AK Lucifer - demon offspring reveals in this video.
This is how far the deception goes, how you are being deceived by demons - fallen angels who have hijacked this entire world.
Yes Jamie Dornan is Lucifer - hiding in plain sight, exposed by God  and us - God's army of Angels - his Guardians.
The fallen angels cursed by God to walk the earth as beast until judgement day by God and his Angels, all of their offspring would be beasts - demons.
Yes we God's Angels..... are these demons, and fallen Angels Judges. 

Fallen Angels and demons have hijacked a human form, which they can not keep for long periods of time. These things manufacture a human form they want to take. These things are fake from head to toe. And boy do these demons and fallen angels love the spotlight and adulation.
We have exposed other fallen Angels, and thousands of demons, or those who have sold their entire bloodline to demons.
All of their offspring would be beasts - demons, their souls gone, now demons.
The plan of the New World order who are demons and fallen Angels was to kill all humans or keep them as slaves, place demons and fallen angels into power.
Demons who are also fallen angels, are the entire Royal family and all of their offspring, all of your Government's, media, entertainment industry, corporations, the rich, all demons, sold their souls and entire bloodlines.
Humans are there to be slaughtered by demons, to be slaves and nothing more.
There is a war going on you do not see - a war between Angles and demons. The Angels working for God, to save humanity. The demons - fallen angels hell bent on destroying it all. 
 These demons are given a massive platform and unlimited resources to keep up the deception and evil, they own all of the media, they are your Government, entertainment industry.
President JF Kennedy, Ted Gunderson, Bill Cooper exposed this all in the 1960's. 
JFK exposed the demon take over in a speech before he was killed by the New World Order - The Illuminati  demons in 1962. 

We work for God - we are part of God's army of Angels - exposing the demons - exposing the evil that has hijacked this entire world.

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