Milo Yiannopoulos and Pauline Hanson NWO demons inciting terrorism and violence

December 06, 2017

 Milo Yiannopoulos and Pauline Hanson Illuminati NWO demons inciting terrorism and violence.
The Illuminati paid for this demon  Milo Yiannopoulos to come to Australia to incite violence, terrorism and spurt utter dribble.
 Milo Yiannopoulos DEMON terrorist - fake human, for the New World Order, is being given a platform to spit out its dribble of lies and terrorism, it is being promoted by the Illuminati NWO. This is the complete evil of your demon Government, keeping up the domestic, and international terrorism, violence and destruction.
They are demons people, we have more than proved this with real forensics. (click on any of our posters and forensic reveals for full size view exposing even more, this is real forensics, that holds true in any court room around the world)
Demon Pauline Hanson has been told by the Immigration department it holds dual citizenship, under the Australian Parliamentary act and it's laws detailed in that act, this thing can not hold any office in Parliament. A fact this demon Hanson was more than aware of, has been aware of for many years.

This demon Hanson and other's who hold office in the Australian Government, to which so far 19 have been exposed, can not hold office, are breaking Federal Laws, have to stand down and remove themselves from Parliament completely, and still to this day have not done so.
These parasites have been taking illegally over $2 million a year in salaries. 
These parasites have to under law pay back every cent they have been paid against the consent of the people.

Do not forget here, these parasites are the highest paid politicians in the free world, they make up their own salaries, taking bribes, back handed deals, making themselves filthy rich in the process, and on top of all of this, they are now either demons, or have been possessed by demons, and are part of the Illuminati New World order of death and destruction. 

There is no left and right in Government, both sides are the same evil, of lies and deception. Think of it this way, Good Cop and bad Cop, one side pretending to be good working for the people, when in respect they are NOT, they are the same evil, carrying out a massive deception to the world. 
These demons abuse, and rape the poor on a daily basis, they steal from the poor, from Gods kingdom to give themselves - who are demons, and to give to the rich, all who have been taken over by demons.

The biggest welfare bluggers in the world are these demons and their Corporations they run - own and control, not the poor who can barely afford to live.  

This parasite demon Hanson has refuse to debate us, for 2 years we have been trying to get this demon to debate us, so we can expose this demon, expose it's lies, expose this complete parasite and it has run scared from us and God.

The truth is buried not publicized - the words of Ted Gunderson who was assassinated by the CIA for exposing the Illuminati New World Order demons, yes exposing demons. 
The Forensic proof we have published showing this thing is a fake human - it is a demon
a terrorist for the New World Order
(click on any of our posters and forensic reveals for full size view exposing even more, this is real forensics, that holds true in any court room around the world)

 As our Guardians and God have exposed, this thing is a demon parasite. It is not a human - it is a demon fooling all of the world. 
It's money goes to the Illuminati demons - the Illuminati - New World Order own this demon's ass. 
Why would anyone in their right mind pay money to listen to this demon, spurt lies and rubbish, to incite violence and terrorism.
It is the TV, radio, and other networks that are owned and controlled by the Illuminati that are giving this lying stinking demon a massive platform to keep up it's deception to the world.
Any honest, decent human Government would have ban this parasite, stopped it in it's tracks. Kick it out, send this thing to hell, it does not belong in this universe. 

We are the Guardians, we work for God - with God and are part of Gods army of Angels.
We are always watching, we will not tolerate the destruction by demons, by the rich who are all demons who are destroying all of humanity. Expect us.

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