September 10, 2021


The Vatican are The Ancient Aliens - Fallen ONES, Extra-terrestrials millions of years old. They made themselves into gods to be worshiped, started all of your churches. They are the false gods, little "g" gods who millions of years ago broke the laws of The REAL LORD - MOST HIGH. Here is the Real Lord and The real Living GOD who is a women, the daughter of The Real Lord Most High.

The Vatican and all of the evil ones had to bend the Knee to our Queen and Lord, before they were executed. She is the one who was always meant to be on the throne, it was stolen from her by the evil ones. She is and has always been, the one pure one in this universe and worlds. Enoch who is actually Noah was, but he left thousands of years ago, taken up.  

The Vatican - Fallen ones, extra-terrestrials - ancient aliens manufactured and wrote your bible, so you would worship them, so they could make money off multiple BS religions they created. There is no Jesus, they made it up. All the money collected by your BS religions does not go the charity institutes, it goes directly to the vatican, they control all of your BS churches, all of them, they are basically cults for the entity to be worshiped. 

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The fallen one in the living statue, is alive, and is a serpent - sah-TAHN, it is Azazel/Lucifer/Jamie Dornan. Azazel changes its name throughout their hijacked history they created for themselves. 
Yes they hijacked history, and Azazel reinvented its self to Lucifer which you will find in your fallen one terrestrial bible they created to deceive you, so you would worship them. 
Then Lucifer had to reinvent its self with another name, to hide under which is Venom, Jamie Dornan, and Chris Martin, amongst other names.........the vatican called The Entity is the headquarters for the fallen ones. 
But they also live in your palaces, and Samyaza heads The UK Monarch, posing in frocks, pretending to be 80 plus year old female who you know as your queen - Lizzy-Elizabeth, and posing as fake babies, and kids, as well as actors and singers. This lot get around, they fake being human all the time, even dress-up in bikinis to fool you all. They are also sodomites.

The real scriptures are Enoch 1, Enoch was a pure one, and some passages in "your" bible were stolen out of the ancient scripture of Enoch, then manipulated. Even the real Enoch 1 scriptures have been changed in places, altered, and hundreds of pages are missing. 

We are THE PURE ONES, we are The army of The Real Lord, and we are millions of years old. We have spent millions of years fighting wars, against those who rebelled against The real Lord, now we have conquered our enemy, restored our QUEEN, and LORD, taken back our lands stolen from us, taken back all the money stolen from us. Nothing belongs to any of you, it was stolen from The Lord, and our Queen. There is more than one universe, and more than one earth type planets. 

On the vatican website it states in writing "there is no god, the pope is god, and if you do not bow down before him, you will be put to death". The Vatican are called "THE ENTITY".


 These ancient aliens used stolen technology millions of years old, to form a grid around your world and universe to lock out The Real Lord and our army. It took years, to break down this grid, and to hunt down these renegades, we waited 10,000 years for revenge and retribution. The Vatican, and their army of evil were arrested, tried for their crimes and executed. 

The real Lord - Most High and our army of tens of millions have been here since 2013. 

The Vatican's "banks" have been accumulating wealth for hundreds of thousands of years.  These ancient aliens have gone forth through out this universe decimating other planets, robbing them, robbing every world they decimate. And yes they have the NAZI GOLD, because they were behind the wars, killing, looting, plundering. The Entity have controlled and created everything, your banks, corporations, monarchs, courts, diseases, the entire entertainment and media industry; created and controlled the stock exchange, hospitals, and especially all of you. They put their evil parasites in charge.


The Vatican and The UK Monarch are the same evil entities, the same ancient aliens, they are called The great whore. All the other monarchs have their own ancient aliens who gave themselves titles of Monarchs, etc. Just as the vatican evil gives themselves titles, such as pope, cardinals, etc, these are all titles they create for themselves.

They broke all of The Lords Laws and Covenants. We have always had a small army called Guardians inside of this universe and world. The ICC, The International Criminal Court was started by them, on behalf of The Lord Most High, which none of your Governments will recognize. It was created to begin the trial process, justice. But the real justice by The Lord and our army is done behind the scenes, trials and executions of the wicked and evil one and all their seed. Covid 19 etc is the plague of the Lord. There is no cure, no vaccine, none.

Everyone of you are the seed, corrupted genetics of these wicked ones, extra-terrestrials. You were created with their corrupted genetics, and microchiped at creation, to control you all. That microchip and others you have been given is the plague. The Lord said he was going to use all the stolen technology against the evil ones and all their corrupted seed. The microchip kills you all. 

The rest of the world is dead, destroyed, it took 3 years, and it is not 2021, it is only 2017. You are programed to think its 2021 when its not. Australia is a prison, it is the last evil place to be destroyed, and is now 99% complete.

The contents of their "BANKS is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. To put it into context, The Rothchilds, personal fortune was 700 trillion, also ancient aliens, also controlling the banking system world wide, are you getting the picture yet, they are one in the same ancient aliens. The total worth stolen by the Vatican/ancient aliens is over 900 trillion.

These criminals live in the lap of luxury, were untouchables, broke every law, and then some. Evey bank in the entire world owned by them, and was raping and pillaging from all of them. 


Ask yourself ; why would an entity such as this criminal organization of the Vatican worth hundreds of trillions of dollars be receiving job keeper from your alien run governments of criminals. Well we just answered that for you, they are all the same, extra-terrestial evil and the seed of this evil. Your governments have been stealing from every country in the world millions every year to give to the vatican. The USA steals over 150 million, wicked evil Australia over 50 million. Its protection money, thats what the payments are for.



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