Nicole Kidman and Colin Farell demons of the old order - The killing of the Sacred Deer

December 13, 2017

 #NicoleKidman and #ColinFarrel demons, fake humans. The forensic proof before your very eyes. Those screen shots come from the Illuminati run media today, of a new movie these demons are in #killingofthesacreddeer. Boy are you being played by these stinking demons. The demon clearly visible everywhere. 
We need to make this very clear here, these things are not human beings, they are demons, fake humans, we are showing you this.
Please watch the videos in this article to see more forensic demon exposure, morphing before your very eyes. 
There are more pictures on our Facebook accounts. Facebook links also in the right bar. VIMEO Chanel link also right bar.
Below are more of these demons and fallen ones that are hiding in plain sight, and all o fyou were none the wiser, they give themselves what ever title or position they want, so you will make them your idols, bow down to them and kiss their feet, while all the time they are demonizing you, and everyone around them, then their souls are slowly taken from them and devoured, the demon then uses the human image. Kidman demon and Winfrey demons are just tow of such demons fooling the entire world. Our websites and facebook sites are full of the forensics, full of the real truth of God. We are exposing these demons and fallen all over the world, we are exposing their evil on all of humanity.

(if you want to watch this video add free, much better quality in HD than youtube, go to our VIMEO )

These demonic entities begun the deception thousands of years ago, getting you to worship them as Gods, Princes, Princess's Queens, Kings, false idols, slowly putting you under their control and spell.
Both of this pair of parasites are part of the Illuminati New World Order of demons. Colin Farrel was a demon when it was engaged to 16 year old Emilia Warner another demon who is now married to demon - Lucifer Jamie Dornan, which we have exposed in videos with forensic documentation of this. (click on any picture for full size forensic view)
 We have to also point out something here, the same large demon reddish in color on the face of demon Kidman left, is the same demon Jamie Dornan Lucifer also has. That redish demon is a demon of the old ones, so that demon is thousands of years old.
That demon is one of the Fallen. 
We have the ability as Guardians to expose this to you.
We did expose this in a video, showing you actual video footage of this thing morphing in an out, and this demon appearing, what the video is there - is part 1 and 2 and we also have this video and others on VIMEO at much better quality add free . 
We also have a video on there exposing Beyonce massive demon which Youtube will not allow because of what it exposes, they keep blocking our video . The link to our VIMEO is on our Youtube chanel and website
 Take note of all of the demons, also take note how the legs are fused together, this fake human is morphing before your eyes. 
The demons are all over its head and face, and we are talking evil, evil killing demons. There are thousands of different types of demons, Kidmans demons are of the old ones, that is how evil this thing is. (remember to click on all the images to bring up the full forensics)

Anyone who comes into contact with it is demonized and killed. Alexander Skarsgård is a fallen one - fallen angel. 
The fallen were made into demons by God. 
As we said we can expose the fallen and demons. We have exposed other fallen angels playing dress up as actors or singers. 
These demons love the adulation, they are addicted to it while keeping up this massive deception. 
Demons are also addicted to sexual violence and child ritual sexual abuse. 
And yes fact here people Lucifer is Jamie Dornan, our Angels have had many run in's with it since we exposed it to the world. God and our Guardians want you to see the truth, which we show you using forensics.


 As we said and are showing you through forensics, the deception goes back decades with this demon
fallen one Kidman. It has always been a demon, and it is not female it is a male.
The fallen are all male, playing dress-up as women. Ton Cruise a demon, also demon fake children.
 Nicole Kidman's / demon's father was high up in the Illuminati, was named at the Australian Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.
Legal documents were produced at the Royal Commission supporting Kidman as a child rapist, sexual abuser, murder of children.
We do have those documents and we have previously published them.
The victims of Kidmans also gave evidence at the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse 2014-2017, how they were taken from Government run foster care facilities to Kidmans home, where these children were sexual tortured, raped, abused, and some children killed as a sacrifice right in front of other children, Nicole Kidman was present and laughed at what was being done. 

Nicole Kidman has been a demon its entire life and is pure evil.

 Click on the images to bring to full size, to see the full forensics of these demons. These are fake children, they are demons. It is a medical impossibility for demons to have children. Fallen Angels who are all male are using the image of this fake human. Kidman has been a demon its entire life. It has played you all

This demon shit and its entire demon spawn need to piss off back to the USA, Australia doesnt need or want any more demons or fallen Angels. It will be back in Australia for pure evil and nothing more. 

Nicole Kidman demon does not pay tax in any country, there is a full video documentary we are publishing on this soon.

It is promoted in the demon run media on a daily basis, given awards, pays no taxes, yes that has been exposed in a documentary we are about to publish. Documents obtained through a forensic investigation has found this evil demon parasite does not pay tax, not in any country.
Kidman's father was going to be arrested by the police, and fled the country to China.
It is believed his death was faked.
When the victims of Kidmans spoke out in public in the media, Nicole Kidman demon brought in Lawyers to make threats to the victims to silence them.

All of this is on record at the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse, rape and murder of children taking place in Australia.
It has never been pregnant, faked pregnancies, its now children are demons, they are not human, none of these things are - they are demons.
These children are born in Laboratories, them comes the demonized, then the demon takes over. These children are no more, which we are showing you inn the forensics.
Keith Urban is under demonic control, not yet a full demon. Nicole Kidman controls Keith Urban.

What the Illuminati do is use the children they kidnap that are kept at their DARPA and DULCE bases in cages - these bases are up to 8 levels deep of pure evil, the children medical experiments are carried out on, the children they are using for breeding with demons. 

They target a pacific type of child because of its looks, or genetic profiles that may match one of these fake humans that stands in the media like Nicole Kidman demon and Jessica Alba demon, Jamie Dornan demon and the entire Kardashian family posing as humans, when they are not, they are demons.
We are Guardians - we work for God - part of Gods army of Angels. We can expose anyone as a demon, under control of demons, demons - this is our ability as Guardians, we can expose this even from a video, pictures, in person.

As we have shouted, God has shouted, these things are demons, fake humans, and this deception began thousands of years ago. Alexander Skarsgård is a fallen one, and is also a demon, and different beasts. Jamie Dornan is Satan - Lucifer - a fallen one - also demon- and 8 different beasts. 
The fallen are now using the image of Kidman - it is not even human - it is a demon - well more than one demon and beast. 
That article clip cam from the Illuminati demon run media of the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail keep up the demon lies and deception to the entire world, every day publishing fake news, keeping up domestic and International Terrorism and the killing spree of demons.


We can expose the Fallen Angels and yes even Lucifer which is Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgård another fallen angel - fallen angels are demons. 

They can not hold human form for long periods of time, they were cursed by God to walk the earth as beasts until judgement day by God and our Guardians. 
We have run ins with Lucifer many times since we have exposed it and other demons and fallen Angels. 
We have an army of Angels - ArchAngels to fight off this evil of demons. Arch Angels are the protectors of Guardians. 
ArchAngel Michael is the leader of the Angel army - of all the ArchAngels. We communicate through thought. We have showed you live video footage of our Angels and we have more to still publish.

click on any picture for full size forensic view exposing even more of these demons, fake humans
exposing right here Lucifer / AKA Jamie Dornan. Still lying its ass off to the entire world.
We have much more forensics of Lucifer / AKA Dornan to publish that we have never shown the world.
 Lucifer / AKA Jamie Dornan its demon wife and child. Click on the picture to bring to full size
to see the forensics what is hiding in plain sight. We circled the fake human on the left also
it is a massive demon, you will see this when you click on the image. Fallen one Jamie Dornan / Lucifer, not the pretty boy image it is fooling you with in the media. It is 8 different beasts, which we expose in the 2 videos below. Yes people video footage of this fallen one morphing, changing into Lucifer and beasts. It's arm opens up and a black beast comes out and goes into the demon - fake human Dakota Johnson. Yes Johnson is a fake human - it is a demon, it comes from an Illuminati family. Dornan the same.

If you don't think God gets angry and pissed, then you have never really read and listened to Revelations.

There are no aliens people, they are demons fooling you all.
The Illuminati NWO demons controls and own all of your media, they have been pushing the alien agenda onto humans for over 60 years. The video above exposes it. Who NASA who is, - the Illuminati - who are the demons. 

Demons keep pushing aliens onto the world. In the video documentary above NASA, and your demon Government get caught red handed thousands of times, fabricating the alien agenda.  They are still fabricating it until this very day. 

If you see media, and social media, websites pushing the alien agenda onto the world and not exposing the aliens as demons, those accounts are run by the Illuminati demons. They are paid to keep up the deception to the entire world. The proof is in the video above, and other video documentaries we have published, and are still to publish, with video proof, you are being played, lied to by NASA, the media and your Governments.

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