Kardashian - Jenners - demons - fake humans of the Illuminati - NWO

December 20, 2017

The #Illuminati Kim Kardashian West Khloé Kardashian Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner Kourtney Kardashian all demons, fake humans, they are not even human people. Studio 10 TODAY Vogue The Guardian Women's Health Cosmopolitan Piers Morgan Woman's Day Magazine Woman's Day The Project
The forensics is in this entire article, we are showing you real forensics of what these fake humans - demons really look like, what is really walking around - what is killing you. Yes these things kill.
The entire image left frame pic is made up of demons, every part of the image is demons. Projecting a fake human image to the world. Image 2 to the right, the entire fake human is a demon, demons - as you can clearly see are all over the image and all around the outside of the image making up this fake human - fake female, when it is not a human - it is in reality a Vampire demon - yes vampire demon that is a foot or less tall, the rest is all other demons that make up the image. And these demons kill, they put you under their control, and they kill you. It has never been pregnant, its fake babies, fake children just that fake, they are demons.
Go to our Facebook pages - we have two open sites and scroll down and you will see real forensics, exposing these demons, fallen angels, fake humans, that are killing you, your children, your very future. 

We suggest to you all, start filing class action laws suits against this entire fake demon family, against all of your media, magazines, department stores who keep pushing these killing demons onto the world, yes they kill, and their false advertising - of killing demons - posing them as fake humans. 

 You need to click on every single image in our articles - to bring to full size - to see the full forensics - to see what is really hiding in plain sight - and its not human - or female - or male - or a baby - or a child - they are demons - killing demons

 Kayne West Travis Scott are demons - dead - killed by demons - by these Kardashian demons
who are the Illuminati demons weapon of biological warfare - they kill or control anything that comes into contact with them, and we mean anything, even on social media, even in the BS products they peddle. Everything. They are not human - wake up sheep
Not human - not female - fake pregnancies - fake children - fake babies - all demons - the whole lot of them. Killing demons - wake up sheep

Kardashian - Jenners - demons - fake humans of the Illuminati - NWO. How much longer are you going to let demons and these fake humans keep fooling you? (click on the images for full size forensics view to see the full forensics of these demons playing you all)
These things are not human, they are demons. They can not own property, trademark anything, drive a car.
All of their social media sites come fully loaded with demons, to kill anyone who comes to their sites. 
It is the same with their products they peddle for the Illuminati - demons.
Khloé Kardashian @KimKardashian @DailyMail
All of their products come fully demonized, to kill as many humans as possible and to use their image.
These fake children, and fake babies are just that, fake - fabricated - they are demons only.
click on the images for full size, they also expose more forensics of these fake humans - demons fooling you all.
Watch the video the forensic proof is right there for you to see. 

click on the images to see the full forensics

Kardashian - Jenners are demons - fake humans for the Illuminati - NWO from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
 The Quality on VIMEO is perfect HD, add free. Youtube deliberately diminish the quality of our videos, so we recomend watching on VIMEO

  Not human - not female - the walking dead - demons - the human image is all faked, and you sheep have bought these demons lies hook line and sinker. While this shit has devoured your souls. Fake children that are demons - fake pregnancies - fake babies, fake families. Wake the hell up sheep they are not real - OK - fake humans - the walking dead, evil unleashed from the underground, the gates to hell are now open, and these parasites come from hell to devour your souls and kill you all.

In this forensic reveal, again shows fake pregnancy and they are all demons.  all pictures come from the demon run media, and these pictures are taken on the same day, or consecutive days.
You need to click on every single image to bring up the full forensics. You will not see the full reveal unless you do. 

You have to click on every single image to bring to full size to see the full forensics of these demons playing you all. You will not see the full forensics unless you do

The Illuminati demons own and control all of the media, all the media publications - they put demons - fake humans - fake women - fake men on the front cover - inside their demon run publications. These things - parasites are not even women, the demons have a demonic parasite posing as a women, female, when it is not - there are no humans on the front covers of any media publications world wide, or even inside their demon crap - there are only demons, this is how they keep up the deception to the entire world. 
As we tell you click on every single image to bring to full size - to bring up the full forensics. Get off these parasites social media sites, stop buying their demon laced products, warn your friends, your family, and especially your children. Demons kill. 

 "Ask and you shall receive". Yesterday we posted that this demon and its demon spawn fake child - part of the body was missing. Well today the demon run media give us a gift. Yes they monitor what we post on these demon parasites. And this picture posted by the demon run media today, is even more revealing in detail that yesterdays trash. As you can clearly see - unless you are so blinded by the truth , and your already possessed and taken over by a demon - these things in this forensics reveal are demons - they are not humans - not a baby - not a child - demons, full blown demons, and in this forensics reveal they are morphing.

Fake babies - fake pregnancies - fake humans - all demons. These things belong to the Illuminati - NWO demons - that is what they are. And their true form is less than a foot tall. Their purpose is to kill you - to have you the human bow down to them - make them your idols - so they can steal your souls. That is how demons work - they feed of souls, and they need souls to exist in this dimension.
Now with God's Wrath these demons are not able to maintain this human form, they keep changing into demons. 
It takes more than one large demon to make up the image of a fake human - and many more little demons to project the image of the fake human to you. 

 Demon- not a baby - a demon - fake pregnancy because they are all demons, these parasites are not human - wake up sheep

A demon baby shower - for a demon - fake human - faking a pregnancy - cost millions - paid for, and sponsored by a demon owned, and run, corporation - AMAZON - part of the Illuminati demons - come on wake up sheep

Forensic can expose anything - hiding in plain sight - just as the real truth of God and his Guardians can. That is what we are showing you - the truth what is really hiding in plain sight - what is killing you - and to show you this we have to use forensics. Click on every single image to bring to full size view - that is where the full forensics of these demons is.
These fake children that are really demons, now have birth

You need to click on the images to see the full forensics - to bring to full size view other wise 
you will miss what is still hiding in plain sight. Dirty lying, stinking killing demons.
As sin against God and all of humanity

#Tokyo your screwed the Kardashian demon soul sucking vampires have arrive and boy have they bought a bag of vampires with them. (we are deadly series, forensics reveal) END GAME --- Miami, Tokyo, London https://www.facebook.com/50ShadesofAbuseNOMORE/posts/1988471218074767 wake up sheep, these fake humans are soul sucking demon vampires. You think demon vampires are not real, well we are here to tell you they are, and this fake family, who are demons are just that. 
 As we have shown you through Forensics - fake children that are demons - fake pregnancies - never pregnant in the first place. And demons and fallen hiding in Plain sight - fooling you all. The Kardashians were always demons - always - they are not human - they are vampire soul sucking demons. Candice Swanepoel is the same - not human - not even female - it is a fallen one.
 Not human - all demons and the fallen. A fallen one who are all male is now using the image of 
now dead Jennifer Laurence. The human is dead, gone, a demon now lives there. Anyone in contact with these things is killed, like the guy in the picture above - its now a demon.

Click on any image to see full size, and see even more forensics. You need to bring the pictures to full size to see the full forensic reveal on these fake humans - demons.
The fake baby these demons are trying to fool you with, at least 6 months old, wake up, that is not a new born baby, it is not even a baby, its a demon
you have to click on the images to bring to full size to see the full forensic reveal
of these demons - fake humans playing you all.

 VOGUE is an Illuminati - demon run and owned rag of deception. It was started by demons to promote their own. To push demons and the fallen onto the world as humans when they are not.
And this is the crap they put on the covers and inside, demons - fake humans , vampire sucking demons, who's true form is less than a foot tall.

These vampire demons are so ugly - less than a foot tall is their true form, they have to now post their pictures using stupid filters, because they can no longer hide their true ugly self, because of the wrath of God. Not pregnant - not even a female, not even a human. Its a demon less than a foot tall.

Take note of the demon breasts, look where the nipple area is, almost under the arm What is happening here is - these demons are projecting this image to you of a fake human, nothing about this demonic garbage is real.
How loud do we have to shout with God ??? This parasite is not a real human - it is a demon - ugly and grotesque - the size of you hand. It projects an image to you of a fake body - fake every thing, it is not even a female. Illuminati demon cash cow. The Illuminati are the demons and fallen angels going back thousands of years.
take note image left right breast facing you. The fake breast a demon, and almost gone. What is happening here is - these demons are projecting this image to you of a fake human, nothing about this demonic garbage is real.
 take note image left right breast facing you. The fake breast a demon, and almost gone.
 You have to click on the images to bring up the full forensics reveal of these demons, otherwise you will not see it.
You have to click on the images to bring up the full forensic reveal of these fake humans
fake children, fake babies, nothing more than demons.

As we have said this parasite is not human, it is not a person, a women, it is a foot high demon. It projects an image to you of a fake human, while killing humans. demons kill, wake up. 
It is a killing machine, its entire social media sites are, every product it peddles is. 
Fake from head to toe, it is not a 10 as the demon run media are trying to sell you in their bullshit article. It is 666 - Illuminati demon cash cow. 
It is not female, it has never been pregnant, a medical impossibility, are you waking up yet, or are you going to continue to kiss this demon parasites feet while it kills you and your entire family???

click on the image for full forensics reveal of this spawn of evil 
Right there is a demon child - yes demon people, not a baby - not a child - not a human - a demon. That things smiling for the cameras is demon parasite Josh Altman from a US TV reality show Million dollar listing Los-angeles . All parasites in the show that sold their soul to the Illuminati demons, who are now demons. This is how the Illuminati demons keep up the demon fake baby deception, while bring evil demons back into this universe - this dimension. It is a full adult demon posing in the fake body of a fake baby. 

Not babies - but demons - forensic proof. Those things are not real babies, they are demons posing as a baby

Not human - many demons are using this image of a fake human. It is not even female anymore. Demons and Fallen Angels who are also demons and beasts are using images of 
either a once human that has been killed by demons - or that human was never really human in the
first place. It was a demon or fallen angel fooling you all.  
The demons and fallen are bring back the dead - the dead who died thousands of years ago, also evil dead. And they are using humans who sold their souls to the Illuminati demons to do this as well.
The evil dead from ancient Egypt - that is who this now fake human - demon Bella Hadid is now channeling in the above forensic reveal. 


 It is a fake human - demon. A medical impossibility for these demons pieces of crap to be pregnant, let alone have a baby. Wake up, they are fake humans. The demons to which there are hundreds are projecting an image to you of a fake human. There is always larger demons controlling all of this. These are fake humans. The children they project an image to you off, are just that fake - they are demons playing you all. Fake babies, fake children, fake human beings. Demons can also alter the DNA of anything. 

Khloe Kardashian fake human - it is a demon, more forensics from pictures this demon posted today
21 - 12 - 2017. Click on the images for full size view to see more forensics. It is faking a pregnancy, these things are not even human, they are demons, they can not have babies, it is a medical impossibility.

 You need to click on all the images to bring to full size to view the full forensics
click on the images for full forensic reveal, to see how these demons - fake humans are fooling
the entire world.
This image comes direct from the demon run media 5th Jan 2018 - leaving Jimmy Kimmle. Yes another demon show, the same as Ellen DeGeneres, all demons, fooling you all. The forensic reveal explains what is going on. Fake human, the demons controlling this image of a fake human are in the knees and head, there are also other demons in the hair and rest of the face. Those demons are demons centuries old, projecting an image to you of a fake human. Impossible for this demon to be pregnant, fake pregnancy

The demon Illuminati run media are running fake BS orchestrated by the Illuminati demons who own the fake humans - demons Kardashians, this things fake child has pneumonia, and has spent days on oxygen. People that fake child is a demon, not a child, it is an adult demon posing as a child. We have published the forensics, you are still being played and lied to by this lying trash of demons.
Demons, fake humans, fake children don't get pneumonia. These things get their asses kicked by God, by our army of Angels. When our Angels have a massive win kicking the demon using the fake image of a human to hell, these demons either disapear for awhile, or make up fake medical emergencies, or fake something, just like the fake Paris robbery. All faked to keep the spotlight on these demons.

These things are not human - not female - not pregnant - never been pregnant
a medical impossibility to be pregnant - demons fake humans.

If you go to our Facebook sites you will see even more reveals. We have thousands on there, and we explain how Kylie Jenner demon was taken out by God and his Angels, that's why you have not seen that demon for some time. Notice how its head from very old pictures has been superimposed onto another body, all photo-shopped to keep up the lies and deception. 

You will also notice how these demons image they project to you of a fake human in the public keeps changing, and its not through plastic surgery. It changes daily. Because God and his Angels are winning the war against these demons - they are being taken out by God. So these demons have to keep creating new fake human images to project to you.

If you go to our Facebook sites you will see even more reveals. We have thousands on there and we explain how Kylie Jenner demon was taken out by God and his Angels, that's why you have not seen that demon for some time. Notice how its head from very old pictures has been superimposed onto another body, all photo-shopped to keep up the lies and deception.

 The Illuminati who are the demons going back thousands of years are bring back the evil dead, they are bring demons into this universe, this dimension, and to do that they need a host. They are doing this through fake babies, fake children, taking over humans bodies, but in reality they are all demons.
Full adult demons posing as babies or children when they are not, they are killing, lying demons.
All of the Kardashian spawn are demons, fake children, fake pregnancies. All fake people.
The only demons that can have offspring are the Fallen Angels, but they are not just demons, they are also beasts, and the fallen, they are the combination of three different things. 
A demon is a demon, used by the fallen. There are thousands of different types of demons. 

Our Guardians -ArchAngels, Angels, and God are exposing these demons, hunting them down to kick their ass to hell, so they make up fake stories to keep them in the spotlight, once again.
We are Guardians, we work for God - part of Gods army of Angels, the highest order of Ministers of God. 
We hunt down demons, expose them to the world.

We can expose the Fallen Angels and yes even Lucifer which is Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgård another fallen angel - fallen angels are demons. They can not hold human form for long periods of time, they were cursed by God to walk the earth as beasts until judgement day by God and our Guardians. 
All the fallen are male, all of them, they can have babies, but only with a human, and those children will be demons, beasts, we have shown you the result of the fallen's offspring, we have exposed Jamie Dornan / Lucifer's demon spawn - beast of children. 

Youtube shadow all of our videos, they diminish the quality by 20-30%. We have had many run ins with Youtube with their silly games they play with us. Youtube is owned and run by the Illuminati demons. In one day Youtube changed our site views from just over 20 million to under 17,000. We are not the only ones Youtube do this with. 
Youtube only promote accounts controlled and run by them, they silence the real truth.
Our numbers through our website and other social media is over 20 million visits. 
People also watch our videos straight through our websites rather than through Youtube.
 Click on any image to bring to full size to see more forensics.

We have run ins with Lucifer many times since we have exposed it and other demons and fallen Angels. We have an army of Angels - ArchAngels to fight off this evil of demons. 
Arch Angels are the protectors of Guardians. ArchAngel Michael is the leader of the Angel army - of all the ArchAngels. We communicate through thought.
We have showed you live video footage of our Angels and we have more to still publish. Videos take a lot of time to put together, and our work which we do not get paid for takes up a lot of our time.

Our fight to save humanity, to expose these demons is a 24 hour task.
Fallen angels - demons posing as As astronauts from the NASA Apollo moon landing. We still have material we have not published on the fake moon landings, and the evil that is being conducted on Mars by these demons. That will be in another video.

Secret Space Program run by the Illuminati NWO demons -  no aliens,  demons are aliens.
There are ZERO aliens, the aliens are the demons. The Illuminati caught red handed faking missions to the moon. The video forensic proof before your very eyes, .  Fallen Angels - demons posing as astronauts from the fake Apollo Moon landing caught red handed in the forensics.
The Illuminati NWO - NASA who are the demons, faked the moon landing, the forensic proof is in this video. 

We are Guardians - we work for God - part of Gods army of Angels. We can expose anyone as a demon, under control of demons, demons - this is our ability as Guardians, we can expose this even from a video, pictures, in person.

6 times and told us we would have to go to court to get the video up. Youtube is owned and controlled by the Illuminati demons, they do not want you to see the truth about Beyonce, who is a massive stinking demon, its entire family are, its fake children all demons. 
It has never been pregnant, all faked to keep up the demon deception to the entire world. We have an article on our website exposing the fake twins it said it had, those babies are not babies they are demons, we exposed this through forensics. 
We do have other videos on Beyonce, different to this exposing this demon also. 

We have so much forensics we never publish in videos, we publish the pictures and post them to Facebook, to the net through our websites and other social media.
We are the only ones in the world exposing this to the world, we are the only ones with the ability to show you, being Guardians and part of Gods army of angels.

If you don't think God gets angry and pissed, then you have never really read and listened to Revelations.

We work for God and we specialize in demons, and Forensics for God.
God is with us every day exposing these demons.
We are not only part of Gods army but we are Ministers of the highest order. Our authority straight from God, and our authority over rules the Vatican. The Vatican are all demons.
We hunt demons, Fallen Angels, beasts, fake humans.
God see's through our eyes.
We also carry the mark of God and the Angels.
The Arch Angels are our protectors. We have showed you live video footage of our Angels, God, Jesus, and the Arch Angels.
These demons - fallen Angels - are trying to erase history, erase God, erase that Angels - Fallen Angels and Jesus Christ are real.
These demons who are the Illuminati are trying to erase that God created the universe and Humans.
We are witnessing the lies of the demon run media, every day, running their destruction to humanity, destruction to human life and keeping up these demons lies.
The demon run media with not publish the truth, they are keeping you a human as demon slaves, and God is waiting for you to wake up, stand up to these demons. You do have the power, you just don't realize it.
By denouncing and exposing these demons, you take away their power.
We have had run in's with Lucifer many times, and this fallen one has never won, it has lost every time.
We have had run in's with demons many times, and those demons have always lost, every time they have lost, because we have God by our side, we have the Archangels in us, by our sides, day and night, they are with us day and night along with God.

Our Guardians work tirelessly to bring the world the truth, of the demon take over, of its destruction of planet earth by demons - Fallen Angels, just as demons - Fallen Angels have destroyed Mars and other planets in the solar system, identical to Earth. God did not just create one earth, God created many. It is the Illuminati who named these other planets and are trying to deceive you with Aliens. 
There are no aliens anywhere in the solar system or other dimensions, there are just demons, and the Fallen posing as Aliens, we should know, we are Gods Army of Angels, fighting to save humanity, we are fighting these demons. 
As we have said we are not paid, we have no funding to expose the truth, to bring the truth to the entire world. We have no material wealth, we work for God. God is our wealth.

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