Guardians, God's council Custode di Dio, consiglio

August 16, 2017

Guardians, God's council Custode di Dio, consiglio.  "not even when one shall rise from the dead will they believe..." Luke 16:31 and Gods words. Humans have been fooled and played by demons, and still you ignore God, his Guardians. "None so blind as those who will not see" Gods words.
Guardians are Angels, sent by God to live as humans. We are Seraphim angels, closest to God, we only do the work of God.

We can only reveal ourselves with the blessing of God. 
We do not live in the spotlight, we have no riches, we live a very humble simple life as commanded by God. Guardian's and all Angels are highly intelligent, and have an infinity with animals.  
Guardian's can not die, they are reborn over and over, and have lived thousands of lives doing the work of God.
When you attack a Guardian you attack God, and you will feel the wrath of God and the Arch Angels upon you. 

We with the blessing of God have exposed who we are, we are Guardians - we are Angels living on earth as humans, doing God's work. Lucifer - AKA Jamie Dornan is too much of a coward to stand in the media and tell the world he is actually Lucifer and a demon, and a beast, it's true form ugly and grotesque. 
Lucifer craves the attention, the adulation, and no one would give him any if they saw his true form.

We need to clarify something here, which is very important. Yes Jamie Dornan is the real Lucifer - Satan. BUT - as we have told and actually showed you - Lucifer / Jamie has 8 different demons in him. We showed you the demons on his body, and these demons leave his body, and flow into another human or demon of his choice. 
Barack Obama, is still being used by Lucifer, Obama is a demon, he has never been human, always a demon. Lucifer has also used the body of Mike Pence, we showed you this already in two forensic reveals - Pence also has Lucifer tattoo on it's lower lip, which we showed you. Yes we show you the actual tattoo.
Lucifer has also used the body of the English Royal family.
We have explained this in previous videos and articles, and if you had actually took the time to watch any of these and read the articles you would already know this. 
As we said how long have you got for us to explain the truth in full detail. It would takes us years and years to do so, because the Illuminati and demons have bent the truth, deceived and lied to you for centuries, keeping all humans dumbed down to the truth, you have always been their slaves only. 
In this link we do have video footage of Obama taken August 2017- shape shifting into a demon, his entire family shape shifting.
We have previous video footage from years ago of Obama, the Bush's, all demons shape shifting in a press interview   

In the videos above we explain to you in detail that we are Seraphim Angels, Guardians, God's council on earth.
We have never been able to reveal this before. But as end of days are now here, God has allowed us to reveal ourselves to the world.
In the video below, it also explains the world take over of the Illuminati, NWO, who are demons. Our Guardians started the human rights name ANONYMOUS 300 years ago, and now in 2017 it has been completely taken over by the Illuminati demons. We have dissociated ourselves with the name. We just need to clarify this. We are foremost Guardians which is also in the video. 

We have disabled all comments on our videos because of trolls, abuse, spam, and Illuminati demons constantly spamming us.

As Guardian's we have known Lucifer since creation, and Jamie Dornan is Lucifer - Satan fooling all of you.  
Jamie has already paid Alexandria one of God's Guardians - An angel a visit, since being exposed to the world by God, and his Guaridans. And Lucifer felt the wrath of God and the Arch Angels for doing so. Lucifer and all the fallen do not have all their full Angel powers anymore, they were stripped from them by God, that is why they use demons to do their dirty work.
All of these demons are cowards hiding as fake humans, too scared to tell the world they are lying killing demons, they just keep up the deception to the entire world, and humans are letting them. 
Humans' through the conception of the universe by God have been their own downfall. 

Angels, God and the Fallen we all communicate through thought. We can transport our entire selves to any location through thought. We can also shut out a visit, such as a fallen one also by thought, we block out their image they project to us, this is the easy way to explain this. So our Physical selves can be in one location and our Angel self can be in another location, all done through thought.

Jesus was, and is a Guardian, a Seraphim Angel, God sent Jesus to earth to live as a human, to do God's work. 
Seraphim angels are the highest order of angels, and the only angels that are male and female, all other angels are male. 
God see's through our eyes, we are God's eyes and ears on earth, and still humans do not believe, you will all be responsible for your own downfall and demise. 
Jesus is not coming back to earth, Alexandria is here in his place. 

God has sent Alexandria a Guardian to do the work Jesus once did. And the demons have come after Alexandria, and God and the Arch Angels have come to her protection many times in the last year, now a veil of protection is all around her. 
Alexandria like all Guardians carry the mark of an Angel given to them by God. 
Jesus was not a messiah, he was, and is always a Guardian, an Angel. All Guardian's sit on the left, and right hand of God, as do the Arch Angels, who watch over all Angels and God. 
There are seven levels of heaven, the highest level of heaven is where Guardians, and Arch Angels reside. God the only one true creator of the universe, animals, man and women, lord and ruler of all in heaven, is the only Messiah. 

There are Seraphimi demons, and Seraphim Angels. both are different. An Angel knows the difference, which we have been showing the world for centuries. Seraphimi demons have different levels, and are the lowest form of demons. There are thousands of different types of demons, and demons do have different levels of power. 
Seraphimi demons are what is best described as the slave worker demons, and millions of those demons are used to make up the image of a fake human, there is always higher levels of demons in that fake body that need to control all of these demons. 
The Seraphimi demon forms are at the end of this article in pictures we have revealed to you.
When a human body is taken over by demons, and they kill the human, these demons continue to use the body, but it does begin to break down, so demons create clones. Clones also have a use by date. Clones are made up up lower level demons. 

There are no such thing as Aliens, the Aliens are demons, fallen Angels who can shape-shift into anything, including objects. 
NASA was created and run by demons, who are lying and fooling all of you with their lies and deception.

The black rings you have been seeing in the sky for the last few years are demonic portholes, and as the veil becomes more unstable, more and more of these portholes are appearing all over the world, and very evil demons are entering this universe. 
If you believe one word of dribble coming from the mouth of your Government, NASA, mainstream media who are all demons, then you are fools. Their own purpose is lies, deception, death, destruction. 

It is humans that have twisted for thousands of years the words of God, and scripture. The book of Enoch, original scripture is the closest scripture yet. And when read and interpreted the right way, it talks of the Guardians - Seraphim - Angels and how Jesus is one of them. Seraphim angles that live as humans, have limited angel powers, and it is the Arch Angels and God who watch over us. 
These are the true words of God. 

Man has being corrupted by fallen angels and demons. Satan roams about the Earth seeking whom he can devour.  "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" words of God and his Guardians

Lucifer has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years. Lucifer is Satan. Lucifer has not changed in looks as a human in all those years. Satan carries the marks, a curse by God.
Jamie Dornan is Satan, his body covered in the marks only Satan, a fallen, cursed by God carry. No other fallen carries these exact marks, only Lucifer - Satan does. 
God cursed Lucifer, and all of his generations to come, he cursed all the offspring of the fallen. They would be cursed as beast until the judgment day of our Heavenly father, our creator, and the Arch Angels and they would burn in sulfa for all of their evil and wickedness. 

That judgment is now upon the world.
This universe God created will end in fire and sulfa on the 23rd September 2017, to end the reign of wickedness, murder, destruction of the fallen and all demons. 

Demons have been able to fool humans for centuries, because humans are easily corrupted by demons. Demons over the years and the fallen have kept humans dumbed down, humans are now the slaves of demons and you didn't even know this. Demons have been killing humans for centuries, feeding of them, feeding off animals. 

Right now demons are on a killing spree, they know God and his Angels are here right now, demons are demonizing, and killing as many humans as they can, so those will not be welcome in God's new universe and Kingdom he has already created.
In God's new Kingdom there are no world leaders, no principalities, these are all self made titles made by the fallen and the demons they control. 
God does not recognized any of your Government, any of you Principalities, or the Vatican or these self entitled churches are in fact run by demons, the fallen, their God is Satan.

God does not recognize these fake humans who stand in your media as part of Hollywood, or the music industry, in fact they are all demons, demons control all of this, they always have, you have just been too blind to see the truth, and when you are blinded to the truth you are an easy mark for demon take over, and then to kill you and your entire family. 

There are those that sell their souls and entire family bloodline to demons. These are your principalities, Government - fake leaders who do this.  Those in the music industry, TV, acting, Hollywood, they make a pack with the Fallen, with demons, and their entire families will now fall under the curse that God put upon all of them. 
Demons kill these once humans, and demons take over the human form. The Kardashians, The Trumps, Jay Z, Beyonce, Mark Zuckleberg, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, the list is endless, and all of these once humans entire families now dead, now taken over by demons. Their fake children are demons. Some of these fake humans have always been demons, fooling the entire world, Jessica Alba is one such demon, with it's entire fake family. The entire fashion industry, modeling industry, now demons, these fake women and men are no more they are now demons. 

If it is in the media it is a demon. Twitter and Youtube, all social media under full control of demons, it was invented by demons, to fool all of you, to kill you and your entire families. Demons travel through phone and power lines, they go through walls. They travel through radio waves, through your computer systems into your speakers, right into your homes. 
Are you starting to wake up to how they are targeting your children. 
We have seen the Illuminati  who are demons actually advertising for teens upwards to join their organization, become rich. All lies people, their intention is one of pure evil, to keep humans as slaves for demons, then to be killed. We have already produced videos, will forensic proof what these demons are doing to children and humans they keep as slaves. And it is beyond horrific.
The evil that is being conducted on social media is so destructive, to you and your entire family, it is a killing field. 

These demons products they push onto the world, come fully demonized, to be bought right into your home, to kill you and your entire family, to kill your baby. STOP buying these demons products, God is waiting for you to publicly denounce these demons, and you still fail God by not doing so, by not denouncing these demons you then choose the side of Satan and you are killed by demons. God is testing you all, so is Satan, Satan is testing your weakness, how you hunger for greed and power, if you choose these things you will be killed by demons. 

Satan has lost control of being the demon leader, there has been a massive demon war going on, a war with Guardians - Arch Angles - God against evil, against demons and the fallen. And you didn't even see we were fighting to save as many humans as we could before God ends this universe. Because you as a human have lost all faith in God. Or you have already been demonized by demons, ready to be killed at their whim.  

Your entire Government, main stream media, corporations, Hollywood, music industry are all demons, or under control of demons, being demonized. Millions of humans have been killed by demons, they image now being used by demons, and still you ignore God. By ignoring God and his Guardians you choose the side of Satan, you will not be saved by God in his new Kingdom. 

These fake humans - demons, are flocking to Italy at the moment as end of days nears, and the demonic energy in Italy and France is at a world wide high.
The Ifal tower right now and all of Paris and France is covered in demons. The Ifal tower was built on Satanic ground and it also acts as a porthole for demons. 

The dead are rising in Italy, and we mean the very evil dead are rising as the veil is shattering between this universe, and where demons are trapped. 
This week the veil shattered, we heard it break, and God made his presence known to all demons, and the Fallen. This was Monday, and since then there has been a massive war of demons and angels taking place. Angels and God are burning this evil in sulfa, these demons are on a killing spree. 

Demons can be on the other side of the world in minutes. So can angels. Both demons and angels communicate through thought.
If we want to communicate with God or Arch Angels we use thought to do so. Every day, all day we communicate with them.  
Demons can smell fear, and they feed of fear. 
The Arch of Baal was also taken to the mountains of Verona where these demons are flocking to worship. 
The Arch is a demon gateway. 

This is a very short, simplified summery, the full summery - well how long have you got?
For most they don't want to know the truth. Even those who say they are Christians don't want the truth.
There are millions of Christians right now who are following a false God of Lucifer and demons.
We have already exposed this.

God through his Guardian's have told humans to get their kids off all social media, your kids are being targeted by the Illuminati to be kidnapped, and kept as slaves for demons. Over 1 million children go missing a year, to never be seen again, this is the work of demons. Demons are the Illuminati, the Illuminati goes back to Roman times. Your children are being taken to sites around the world called DULCE bases, and the most wicked evil is being conducted there. 
If you as a parent you are not listening, and take responsibility of your children, your children and your entire families will be killed by demons. Your smart phones are being tracked by demons.
All social media is a demon hunting and killing ground.
The technology that was used to create social media, smart phones, computers, all technology, was technology stolen from God by the fallen. 
This technology does not belong to humans, it belongs to God. 

Planet earth is not the only planet in the solar system that is identical to earth. When God created the universe, he did not just created one earth, he created many. And all those planets have humans on them, and these planets have also been destroyed and over run with demons, demons who have killed humans.
This is why God is destroying the entire universe to rid this evil from the universe he created.
Mars was identical to earth, before demons destroyed it. Mars has blue skys, and breathable air, it is demons who are your Government, and NASA who have lied to you. 
Just as earth has been destroyed by demons, and is dying. 
Earth's use by date is on borrowed time, it can not be saved. As Guardian's we have already published the forensic proof of this in videos and previous articles on our other sites world wide. 

These Solar Eclipse's are a massive deception to you all. You are being fooled and lied to by demons. These Solar Eclipses are not what your lying demon Government and Lying Demon NASA are telling you, these Eclipses have to do with evil and nothing more.

We could keep on going from God's truth on all the wicked lies your Government's world wide who are evil demons. They are the ones who have lied, deceived, tricked humans for centuries. Demons digging up the dead in archaeological digs, and none of this is for good, all of it is for evil and nothing more. 
Demons have controlled history, trying to rewrite it, fed you lies about evolution, and creation. God is creation of all. 
As said demons - the fallen have kept humans dumbed down as slaves for centuries - still lying to you all, still controlling everything.
The Pyramids which are world wide, are not what your lying Demon Government are telling you. These Pyramids were created by the fallen and demons. The energy that comes from these pyramids all connects world wide, to allow evil to rise. 

The so called Bible - God laughs at this trickery and rubbish, that has been altered many times. Put it this way about 10% is close to the truth, the rest is fabricated rubbish by demons. And we should know, we have been by God's side through it all.
The Book of Enoch, and we are talking about the original scripture is the closest to truth yet. The fake church of the Vatican will not recognize this book, now you know why.

Do not forget, for centuries, going back to 4,000 years demons and the fallen have controlled much. 
As we have said the Vatican has always been a demon - Satanic organization of wickedness. 
Wake up - look at how this fake church created their own principality - wrapped in gold and riches, sexually abusing children, blood ritual sacrifices, 30 ft high statues of Satan through their church. Are you really that blind and corrupted by evil that you can not see the truth when put in front of you. 
This fake church does not represent God, or our brother a Guardian - Jesus in any form.
God and all Angels are against riches, greed, gluttony, ritual sacrifices, and sexually abusing children, or any human, we are against the abuse of animals, the blood sports, it is demons who do this.
God is against all of these churches, who are fake, who are run by demons, still fooling humans.

Look at how demons created this Sharia Law, then try and tell the world this is God's will these things should be done. All Lies, none of this is God's will and accepted by God. 
When these evil fake humans want to commit atrocities against humans - slapping God in the face - they use the words "It was God's will". NO it was not God's will, it was the will of demons, controlling corrupted humans, or demons that have killed that human, now taken over their form. It has been this way for thousands of years.  

Lord SHIVA - and the Kings and Queens of the East, West, world wide for thousands of years have been the fallen or demons. Yes they fooled you all. 
The fallen made themselves Kings and Queens, rulers with demons by their side, and nothing has changed in 2017, the same deception, same lies, same trickery by the fallen and demons. 
And still human's ignore God's warning, God's truth - his Guardian's. 
As we have said, Humans are their own down fall, because they are tempted by the wickedness of demons and the fallen. Look how you all fell for Fifty Shades of Grey - Demons and nothing more. Jamie Dornan is Lucifer, a fallen.    

The beginning and the end of the Universe is Antarctica, this is where God started creation. One location in Antarctica is also God's prison for fallen angels until this very day. 

Are you now waking up to what your demon Government have been doing in Antarctic for decades. They have been trying to find a way to break through God's prison and free, the fallen, the wicked fallen ones.
Angels have been protecting Antarctica for God, it is demons who are your Government who have been trying to destroy those Angels. Your demon Government have imprisoned a number of God's Angels, using their angel powers for wickedness and evil. 
You can not kill an Angel, but you can if you know the right means, imprison an angel. And you will feel the wrath of God for doing so. Are you beginning to understand what is going on.
There has been an angelic war going on against demons and evil for centuries.  
Your Government who are demons only made one mission to the moon, all other missions have been green screened, faked. Buzz Aldrin has been caught red handed with video evidence lying about missions to the moon. BUZZ Aldrin is now a lying demon. 
Anyone associated with NASA is a demon.

Your demon Government have technology stolen from God, that is hundreds, to a thousand years more advanced than what your demon Government tell you. None of this technology belongs to them, it belongs to God, it was stolen from God by the Fallen, and was not mean for use by humans. God saw that humans could not be trusted with his technology, because they were too easily corrupted by demons and the fallen. 

Julian Assange and all of Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and anyone associated with them are, lying, demons, deceiving and fooling all of you. Their task was to create International and domestic terrorism, fear, destruction for demons. We have already published the forensic proof of this.
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Trump, Mike Pence, all their fake children, and all of your fake Government, every single one of them are demons. There were those who were being demoninzed, who are now demons. Government's police, courts all over the world are demons, all of your media are demons. Lying to you all to keep up the deception. 
The head of your law enforcement, courts are all lying demons.
Anonymous was started over 300 years ago by our Guardians, now it has been completely taken over by demons.
The child abusers, child molesters, sexual abusers, of all humans, are demons, or they are under control. of demons, we have already published forensic proof of this. 

Pizza Gate was fabricated by demons, by Julian Assange - Wikileaks who are demons. It was a cruel Psyop conducted by demons.
A million children that are kidnapped, never seen again, or children being sexually abused has nothing to do with pizza, and everything to do with demons, the Illuminati, DULCE bases world wide. 
This has been going on for centuries. 
We have already published the evidence of this, and still humans ignore the truth of God, and his Guardians.   

As we said demons and Fallen ones do not need money, their mission is to destroy what God created. And God also created humans. Demons have set out to destroy all human life. 
Anyone who is a million - billionaire is a higher level demon or is controlling the fake humans, and we mean all of them. And these demons have been conducting the most evil destruction on the world. Bill Gates and his demon wife all demons, killing demons, and this pair have killed millions world wide. This pair of evil have created vaccines and diseases to kill humans. They are part of the Illuminati NWO, demon evil.

We are going to share some pictures of our angels, and God we have taken with high resolution cameras, so you can see our angel form, and the veil of angels all around one of our Guardian's who now does the work of Jesus, who is also a Guardian - a Seraphim Angel. 
We are going to show you the demons in the sky above where Alexandria lives. 
We have only taken the pictures today with the blessing of God, and the angels have shown them selves for you to see.
We are going to show you God's stairway to heaven, which God has allowed us to show you. God's gateway straight to Alexandria. Alexandria is God's daughter, all angels are God's children.  
These are the Angels, and Arch Angels, and God protecting Alexandria, God has permitted for us to show you this, as end of days are now upon the entire universe. We will post these in a separate post in the coming days. 19th August 2017. 

Jamie Dornan's Lucifer has already paid Alexandria a visit and he has felt the wrath of God and the Arch Angels for doing so.
Alexandria in the past has been harmed by demons, and humans, and those have felt the wrath of God, and they are now no more. 
Just as those who harmed Jesus - also a Guardian -  and another of God's children, God took revenge on all of those who harmed Jesus.
You harm an Angel who are also Guardian's, in anyway, and you will feel the wrath of God, and the Arch Angels, it has been this way since the beginning.  

In the last two weeks we have exposed a demon in the USA posing as a paster. We show you below in a forensic reveal - Fake Human - Fake Pastor Texas #RobertJeffress who performed a service for Demon #Trump at his inauguration says 'God has given the president authority to take out #KimJong-Un' Another lying demon exposed. (Trump, Melina Trump it's entire family are demons, they are not humans, they have zero authority, so stop giving it to them.)
You are failing God by not denouncing these demons, denouncing your fake Government, fake churches. God has no church, you do not need to go to a church to speak and prey to God.
We can tell you, God did not tell this demon to kill millions of innocent Men, Women, children and babies. God does not support demons, God exposes them, just as he exposed this fake pastor, who has killed thousands.

Anyone who is part of this fake pastors congregation, has gone near it it, is now dead, and demons have taken over the human form. 

Every single thing in the Vatican is a demon, and we mean everyone. Anyone who has had contact with the Vatican, now either being demonized or  dead, and now demons. God has exposed this. The Vatican has always been demons, since conception, their God has always been Satan and demons. 

Every terrorist attack world wide has been executed by Demons - Your Government. The recent Barcelona terrorist attacks were demons - your fake Government. 
Your Demon Government all of them - who are demons are the ones conducting terrorist attacks.
These demons have even made video games about terrorist attacks, with date and locations in the games, these attacks have not even taken place when the videos were bought out, then a few years later there is a terrorist attack identical in every way to the games these demons are bringing out. We have previously published these games showing the world what is happening. 

These attacks are a revenge against God and the Arch Angels - and us Guardian's. When we extinguish demons, demons take their revenge on humans and God. 
God and his angels have extinguished millions of demons, including your fake Government's. BUT - demons have created clones to replace the demons taken out by God and his Angels.
We have shown you the difference with clones in previous pictures and articles. Clones are made up of lower level demons, there is a difference in the fake human these demons are trying to fool the world with.
You will also see clones doing stupid things in the media, this is like a malfunction of demons that control these clones. This is the best way to describe this. 

FYI people your entire main stream media is owned and run by demons. Promoting demons, running Pyops on all humans left on the planet, keeping up the lies, deception and destruction of these killing demons. The Daily Mail one of the biggest online demon - Illuminati run bullshit rags in the world, it only promotes it's demons, while running domestic and international terrorism with the lies it pumps out on a daily basis. 

Humans are slaves of Demons, food for them, and nothing more in 2017.

If you want to view more of the demons posing as humans, hiding in plain sight then Go to our Facebook sites, our websites. Watch the videos, that expose demons, this is some of the work we do for God.

Wake up before it is too late. Before demons kill you and your entire family. 

You need to click on the images to bring to full size to see the demon reveals. 

Jennifer Lopez is a fake human, it has been a demon for many years. It has fake children, these are not flesh and blood human children, they are demons. We have done a full exposure on this demon on Facebook with many forensic reveals. In a mirror a demon reveals it's self, demons love their own reflection and it is also their down fall to being exposed. As you can see this thing is not a human, you would have to be completely blind and ignorant to the truth, to not see this, or just another demon lying to the world, trying to cover up this deception. Everything these demons touch is demonized, they are walking killing machines, their social media sites killing sites, their concerts, everything they touch is a killing field, and humans are their prey. 

Jessica Alba demon fake human and its demon spawn of fake human children. These are demons they are not human children. You need to start waking up, this demon works for demons who created baby product to demonize and kill your babies and toddlers, demons love little children and babies because their blood is pure. 

Katy Perry and her entire family are dead, this thing is now a massive killing demon

The Jenner and Kardashians all demons - not a human in sight, fooling the entire world
killing millions in the process, killing your children. There are thousands of more reveals on our Facebook open page for the world to see, what God is exposing. Fake humans, only demons killing humans. Demons have zero rights so stop giving it to them. Denounce these fake idols, these faker humans, demons posing as humans. 

You need to click on every image to bring to full size to reveal more forensic detail.You will see clearly the car full of demons. Even the hills and road are demons everywhere.
You need to click on every image to bring to full size to reveal more forensic detail.You will see the entire background is demons, these things are not human, they are demons.

The Kardashian's and we are referring to all of them, are all fake humans. They are demons.
Demons whores, the lowest form of demon. Anyone associated with them demons.
Anyone promoting them are demons. These things are the scum of the earth.
Everything they do is against God and his Angels. There is a reason they are fake humans,
their human form taken out by our Angels. Now they are nothing more than fake human clones.
The evidence is before your eyes.
Every single thing at the MTV music awards are demons, they are not even human.
Human's that are left in the universe are under control of demons, or now dead.
Demons have played and fooled you all, sucking you in with their lies and deception, while
slowly killing you and your entire families.

If these things lips are moving they are lying their asses off.
These demons will all burn in sulfur on the final day of judgment when God ends this entire
universe, to rid the world, universe of such evil and abominations.
These things are abominations, unclean spirits of demons and nothing more.

These whore put on a fake image in the media, all controlled by demons. Their ugly gross
form can easily be exposed by us to show the world.

Demons can not have babies, these are fake children,
they are demons. The red bloodline down it's face
is this demon drinking the blood of those around it,
demonizing and killing humans. 

Take note that part of these fake children's - demons legs are partly missing. Demon's are making up the images of these fake humans.
Click on the image for full reveal. The fuzziness around the edges, and on the image are millions of demons, even the ground is demonized, everything around them is demonized, and when humans are near these things, demons jump onto a human, then you and your family are killed. 
You need to click on every image to bring to full size to reveal more forensic detail.

Look at the right hand fingers, joined together and part of the fingers are missing. The fuzziness are demons, making up this image of a fake human. Only demon crap and nothing more.

Look at the circled area. demon fingers, and there is a demon face on the where hub of the car next to this fake human demon. 
You need to click on the images for full reveal. As you can see another lying Kardashian fake human - only demon here. We don't even know what body part that is sticking out of it's face. That image of this fake human is made up of millions of little demons.

The entire Royal family are demons, and we mean all of them, they always have been. These principalities are not recognized by God, they are self named by the fallen and demons, they have been for centuries. God cursed all these Royal families, and that curse is continued through every generation.
Mark Zuckleberg is dead so is it's wife and children. It's image is being used by demons, it's entire family are demons. Zuckleberg is a Rockefeller, one of the original Illuminati demon families. The technology to develop Facebook came from demons, the fallen. It was, and is technology stolen from God. Zuckleberg has the brains of a fly, it has been demons controlling it the entire time.
Facebook is a killing field, and they want your children. Unfortunately all social media is owned and run by demons. Created as a way to deceive, control, and kill humans.

To see more of this demon and it's demon family and fake demon children here is the link . This thing is pure evil, it has always been part of the Illuminati demons, it's father and mother mother Illuminati demons. It's father faked it's own death. Its father and this demon were name in a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse, ritual abuse and murder of children. As we said pure walking evil. Keith Urbun is dead, it is now a demon, this thing killed Keith Urbun.

Demon claw hand, click on the image for more detailed forensic reveal. It is not a human, it is a lying, killing demon. Pure evil. You need to click on every image to bring to full size to reveal more forensic detail.

Pure evil, Rupert Murdoch, is the walking dead. It is not even alive it is dead, has been for years. It is an Illuminati demon, killing millions. It's entire family are demons, lying to you, running Sysops on all humans, killing them in the process.
These fake humans are demons from the Middle East, the Cobra is their demon spirit, Lord Shiva one such demon. Not a God but a demon fooling all humans.

Melina Trump fake Human, nothing more than a massive lying, killing demon who loves dressing up in $100,000 designer outfits, from it's demon head to its demon fake toes. Every single thing that comes into contact with this demon is demonized and killed. We have seen this thing visiting children's hospitals, reason to drink the blood of the children there, these children will then be killed. Demons prefer the blood of babies and children because it is pure.

These fake humans are demons from the Middle East, the Cobra is their demon spirit, Lord Shiva one such demon. Not a God but a demon fooling all humans.

Demon Obama fake human's demon fake demon daughter. Window full of massive demons.
Not human all demons. You are paying fro demons to go to University so they can demonize and kill all the children there. The kid to the right, already demonized, dead. 
Demons and all this fake families security you pay for are all demons. The demons are everywhere in that still shot from a video.  Demons having demon security, to keep up the deception to the world. Did you watch the video of this fake human, having a friek out recently at a concert. We have the video, watch the video at slowest speed only, then do frame by frame, and watch this thing turn into a massive ugly demon. Demons coming out of it everywhere.

This is the friek out video, down load and watch using VLC media player. change the speed to the slowest speed, then do frame by frame using tools supplied in VLC, and watch the demon friek show.

This video was from just a few days ago, Demon Obama and demon family, demon security doing the Harvard University shuffle. A massive bullshit decepetion to you all. Again watch the video using VLC media player at slowest speed only then do frame by frame, you will see them all shape shift in and out of demon and fake human form. In in still format in full screen you can see the demons everywhere, trees, buildings, and from the still first frame you can see Obama and security in part demon form. (by using the player in this post in full screen, go to the right corner and settings, change speed to the slowest speed and you will see these things change into demons. It is right before your eyes. In VLC player you can do frame by frame to see even more. )

Dwayne Johnson is a demon, the human was demonized from 2012, in 2017 it is now 
a full demon. The real Dwayne is dead, it is nothing more than a lying demon. A Fallen one is using this body. God made the fallen into demons, that was the curse of God upon them all. 

As you can clearly see this is not a flesh and blood human, it is a demon. It's entire body is made up of demons, which you can visibly see. There are also three sets of eyes down the torso.
This is the new tattoo demon Johnson unveiled in the last few weeks. This tattoo represents Satan, the beast, and the Serpent demon. The serpent demon as it is depicted here with the 
beast represents Satan and Lucifer. Basically this demon is showing it's loyalty to Satan and demons.
If you click in the image, you will see smaller demons throughout the tattoo. We will do a separate post showing you more of the demons hiding in plain sight in this tattoo alone, exposed using forensics so humans can see. As Guardian's we do not need forensics to see demons, we use it to show you. We see the demons everywhere, fooling all humans, killing you slowly. 

And for those few on on our videos who abused us, when we exposed Steve Quayle and Henry Gruver and his team as now demons, you will feel the wrath of God. Henry Gruver has always been a demon, the proof before your eyes.
You expose yourself as demon trolls. Henry Gruver does not walk with God because it is a lying stinking demon. God exposed this to the world. There are no Aliens, only demons playing dress-up, fooling all of you.
Until this year we had never heard of Steve Quayle, it was God who exposed this demon liar, and wanted us - God's Guardians to show the world.
God exposed Steve Quayle as a demon, with us his Guardians, who are Angels. The proof was presented by God, and you also abused God. You all expose yourselves as lying demons.
God and his Guardians have seen the lies and Garbage Steve Quayle is telling the world. Lies and deceit, the same as the demon Government that has taken over the world.
Steve Quayle works for the Illuminati demons, he even signed a TV deal with them. God and his Guardian's see everything.
Steve Quayle and Henry Grover demons job is to fee you the Illuminati demons version of truth, and we and God see the utter lies these pair of demons and their team are feeding all of you. They are contributing in the destruction of Humanity and Gods once Kingdom. This lot are not welcome in God's new Kingdom he has already made.

It is God, his Guardians, the Arch Angels who recently prevented a blood bath of death by demons, on millions of innocent humans. Alexandria begged God to intervene. God showed Alexandria over a month before what was to come, including the date.
Alexandria a Guardian - Seraphim Angel asked God to save these humans, a selfless act.
God has his own army of Angels, he always has, and we are part of that army, slaying demons so to speak, exposing demons, throughout the entire universe. Angels do not sit down and do TV interviews and TV shows, that is demons who love the attention, to keep up their lies to the world.

Alexandria does the work of Jesus, and all humans can do is abuse God and his Angels for our sacrifice to Humans. Those humans who abuse God and his Angels, lost souls, under control of demons, and even demons by now, just as Steve Quayle is.
Steve Quayles youtube channels are full of fake likes by the Illuminati demons. Demons are the ones on his site commenting, putting this lying demon up on a thrown. Youtube is owned by the Illuminati demons, they fake the numbers on their channels which are run by demons. You will see the numbers in the high tens of thousands to millions in a very short period of time. That is because those numbers are faked, the comments are done by bots, social media bots, employed by the Illuminati demons, to pump up these accounts, to keep feeding out their lies and deception to the world.

Henry Gruver - demon - this is not a human. This is a lying demon exposed by God.
If you pay attention you can see demon face and eyes in the top left background also. 

If you click on the image above you will bring it to full size, to expose that this once human
is no more, it is now dead, and it's image is being used by demons.

A fallen one
A Fallen one is using this body. God made the fallen into demons, that was the curse of God upon them all. 

There is more than one massive demon inside of Justin Bieber using his body.
His tattoos all represent demons. You can see two eyes under his pecs and another
two eyes further down its stomach. This is a fake human, only a massive demon.
The demon marks are everywhere. A Fallen one is using this body. God made the fallen into demons, that was the curse of God upon them all. 
The Fallen are all male. 

Demon - everything is fake - fake teeth - fake smile - contact lenses
wigs. All fake - it is a fake human - only a demon fooling you all.

Elle McPherson sold her soul to demons a long time ago, in it's 20's.
In 2017 this thing is no more. Demons are now using this image.
The thing you see in the media now, fake human, only a lying demon.
 As you can see part of this fake humans legs are missing

Part of it's hand are missing, a massive demon in it's neck controlling it. Fake human, only
a demon now. Lying to the world. 

There is more than one massive demon inside of Justin Bieber using his body.
His tattoos all represent demons. You can see two eyes under his pecs and another
two eyes further down its stomach. This is a fake human, only a massive demon.
The demon marks are everywhere. A Fallen one is using this body. God made the fallen into demons, that was the curse of God upon them all. 

Babny Luna Legend is a massive demon, so are their dogs.
John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen both now demons. They were
demonized before this demon baby was born, now full demons.
If their lips are moving they are lying to the world.

George Pell Pedophile Cardinal, Vatican, as you can see it is a massive demon
the entire Vatican is. Nothing but lying demons, who your lying demon Government
give hundreds of millions of dollars to, money these demons steal from you, so these demons
can live like royalty, while lying and killing millions.

Demons can not have babies, they fake pregnancies, these spawn are demons. Beyonce demon has been a demon since it was a baby, it has never been pregnant, all faked, its demons fake children and babies, just that all demons. If you look closely you will see these fake babies are nothing more than demons, demon hands, feet, eyes missing. 
Beyonce is not a human it is a demon killing millions with it's products and at it's concerts. Anywhere these demons go, they leave a trail of death. 

 Do you see the red line down these demons - fake humans faces, that is them demonizing
all those innocent children in that basketball stadium. Concerts, basketball events, football,
rallies are a demons feeding ground killing millions. 
Human bodies now taken over by demons are desposed of
by DARPA - through FEMMA camps and burn sites all 
run and owned by the Illuminati - demons - the US Government.
These sites are world wide. This is how they dispose of the bodies,
once all the blood is drained, and drunk by demons. Yes demons drink the blood of humans and animals. 

The circles are there for a reason. Green is a massive demon which we highlighted to show
you what is really hiding in plain sight. White more demons that are being used too project
an image to you of a fake human, walking dead. This thing is not a human, wake up. 

The Hands another dead give away to fake humans - walking dead - demons. 
The fuzy things are little demons, projecting an image to you of a dead person, the walking dead
who is now a demon. A much larger demon is controlling the small demons. The larger demon is circled in Green. We enhanced the lighting to show you what is really hiding in plain sight and 
these things are not human - there is no human here only a massive demon that kills. 

The circles are there for a reason. Green is a massive demon which we highlighted to show
you what is really hiding in plain sight. White more demons that are being used too project
an image to you of a fake human, walking dead. This thing is not a human, wake up. 

Jay Z dead, fake human - walking dead. This is not a human, wake up. God and our real Angels are waiting for you to all wake up and PUBLICLY DENOUNCE THESE DEMONS. 

You might want to wake up and take notice of the massive demons with horns top left and right of the demon reveal. Middle - Beyonce demon's true form showing - below is what it them turns into. Beyonce is not human, it is a massive 
shape-shifting killing demon. Jay Z not human, dead, and demons are projecting an image to you off dead people, while these real demons kill you all. 

This is Beyonce demon's true form. This is who this fake human really is. A shape shifting massive
killing demon. God and Guardian's expose this to the world. Beyonce demon has killed 
millions world wide and it continues to kill millions, keeping up the demons lies and deception
Jay - Z the same thing - killing machines - their concerts are their feeding grounds. 

"not even when one shall rise from the dead will they believe..." Luke 16:31

9) A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand,
10) they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. 
They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.
11) And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” Revelation 14:9-11

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

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