The Greatest Showman - Hugh Jackman demon deception

December 30, 2017

The Greatest Showman  - Hugh Jackman demon deception. Yes people we have done the forensics going back 160 years, and Ringling Brothers - Barnum and Baily circus were all demons. 
The forensics to which we specialize in, along with demons, shows this. The proof right before your eyes.
All the crew in the 2017 movie the Greatest Showman - all demons, the human killed now being used by demons or under control of demons. 
Hugh Jackman now a demon. Zack Efferman now a demon. 
The forensics shows this. 
You are being played by demons that kill, when are you going to wake up. (click on any image for full size forensics view to reveal more. You are going to see even more if you click on the images)

 We are in the process of doing a second video, which will only be uploaded to VIMEO, it will have more forensics in it that this video, and article. We have much more forensics to publish, and what we are still to publish is going to shock the world. 
As we said, we do not get paid for the work we do. Our work is for God. 

The Greatest Showman demon deception - Hugh Jackman from GUÄRDIÄŇ -custode-di-dio on Vimeo.
This video that is on VIMEO is not the same as the one on Youtube, it has even more forensics in it, and another world exclusive the world needs to know about. It will blow you all away.
As we said only available on VIMEO at this time. VIMEO is free to watch videos on, add free and better quality than Youtube is.
 There are five new pieces of Forensics in this video, mixed throughout the video. One has to do with the Zika virus, which is not even a virus, which we expose in this video, and it is linked to Barnum and Baily 160 plus years ago.

We are part of Gods army, anyone who has read our articles, watched our videos knows who we are, and our abilities.
These demons get paid millions to keep up their lies, to keep up their deception, to keep up their killing sprees, and doing it all living like Kings. 
As we said we do not get paid for the work we do, we have no funding, not even as Ministers for God, zero funding.
We don't have any material wealth, we don't take fancy holidays, we don't live a fancy lifestyle, it is simple, our work is for God. 

As we have shouted the entertainment industry is owned and controlled by the Illuminati demons, Yes demons, demons that are thousands of years old.
The main stream media, your entire Governments world wide the same thing, it has been a world wide demon take over for centuries, you have all been so ignorant to want to see the truth when it is put in front of you, brainwashed by the demon run media, keeping you dumbed down, keeping you as their slaves. 
Click on the posters, pictures, to view in full and to reveal more forensics, you will not see it unless you bring the posters to full size.

Hugh Jackman is part of the Illuminati demons, he is a liar and put on artist, demon, fake human, and yes IT -demon is one the Greatest Liars and Put on Artist in the world, next to Jamie Dornan who is Lucifer.
You want to be part of the major entertainment industry, well you better be ready to sell your soul to demons and be killed, because that is how it works.
The human is killed, demons use your image, and there is more than one demon using that image as we explain in the video.  
As we said we have gone back 160 years to show the forensics, all demons, not even human. There is more to this picture which is in the video above, showing you fake humans, disappearing before your very eyes, demon heads, hands, legs, arms, exactly what the Kardashians are, what we have shouted and showed you thousands of times. (click on any image for full size forensics view to reveal more. You are going to see even more if you click on the images)

 You have to click on the images to bring to full size to see the full forensics, otherwise you will not see it, And get off your mobile phone, use a tablet or computer, not a phone. Your mobile phones are now full demonized, full of demons, since you have all been on these fake human, demons social media sites.

Go to our Facebook pages we have so much forensics published on there not on this website of in videos. The truth right before your eyes. Truth that is silenced in the main stream media.
We also have videos on VIMEO because Youtube will not allow us to publish them, they are stopping the truth, Youtube is owned and run by the Illuminati demons.

Demons kill, it is that simple, we explain what happens in great detail in the video. 
Demons can also put you under control while they slowly kill you, and your entire family. You will be under MK Ultra mind control.
The same thing can happen to animals.
Demons can take over an object, car, plane etc. It depends on what type of demon it is. There are thousands of different types of demons.
The fallen Angels were made into beasts - demons - by God, they are more than one demon.

Jamie Dornan is Lucifer - Satan and is 8 different beasts, and demons can not hold the human form they hijack for long periods of time, they start to morph into demons.
Then you have what is best described as worker demons, thousands of smaller demons which project the image to you of a fake human, even a fake baby, or child, when they are not human, they are demons. 
This is what the Kardashians do, what Jennifer Lopez does, Beyonce and Jay Z do to name just a few. They are all demons, not even human. Their fake children all demons, we have published the forensics.
Their real selves is about a foot tall or even less, and ugly and grotesque, we have shown you this, what they really look like in our forensics.

We have shown you the forensics of buildings and cars covered in demons in 2017, and going back 200 years.
We have shown you demons responsible for murders, terrorist attacks, plane crashes, car crashes, these things leave their demon marks on everything they are near, or touch. 
 As we are showing you, demons in the smoke, demons caused this accident. We are publishing a video on this showing more forensics, which is going to shock you all. As we have shouted, millions of times, and you are still not listening, demon world wide take over. 
Demons want humans dead, and destroy all of humanity.
Demons are addicted to the spotlight, to wealth, fame, attention, greed, corruption, violence, sexual violence, all pornography, rape and torture of children and humans. Yes people demons. 

We work for God and we specialize in demons, and Forensics for God.
God is with us every day exposing these demons.
We are not only part of Gods army but we are Ministers of the highest order. Our authority straight from God, and our authority over rules the Vatican. The Vatican are all demons.
We hunt demons, Fallen Angels, beasts, fake humans.
God see's through our eyes.
We also carry the mark of God and the Angels.
The Arch Angels are our protectors. We have showed you live video footage of our Angels, God, Jesus, and the Arch Angels.
These demons - fallen Angels - are trying to erase history, erase God, erase that Angels - Fallen Angels and Jesus Christ are real.
These demons who are the Illuminati are trying to erase that God created the universe and Humans.
We are witnessing the lies of the demon run media, every day, running their destruction to humanity, destruction to human life and keeping up these demons lies.
The demon run media with not publish the truth, they are keeping you a human as demon slaves, and God is waiting for you to wake up, stand up to these demons. You do have the power, you just don't realize it.
By denouncing and exposing these demons, you take away their power.
We have had run in's with Lucifer many times, and this fallen one has never won, it has lost every time.
We have had run in's with demons many times, and those demons have always lost, every time they have lost, because we have God by our side, we have the Archangels in us, by our sides, day and night, they are with us day and night along with God.

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