Vanity Fair fallen Angel - fake human - Demon deception photoshoot

January 28, 2018

Vanity Fair fallen Angel - fake human - Demon deception photo-shoot. Not a human in sight. All of them are the fallen - fooling you all. This is how the deception by the fallen who are demons and beasts is done, and then you have another demonic entity, who are demons - fake humans playing you all.
Demons kill, if you haven't woken up to that yet. The fallen use demons to do their dirty work. 
The fallen can not kill a human, so they use demons to do the killing for them. 
 (you need to click on the poster - forensic reveals to see the full forensics and what is really hiding in plain sight)
There is more forensics reveal of the photo-shoot in the video below. 

(if you want to watch this video add free, much better quality in HD than youtube, go to our VIMEO )

These demonic entities begun the deception thousands of years ago, getting you to worship them as Gods, Princes, Princess's Queens, Kings, false idols, slowly putting you under their control and spell.
These things created the entire entertainment industry, your media, Governments so you would keep worshiping them, a sin against God. 
These demons created, own and control all of your social media, and your kids are their prey, humans are these demons prey. 
Social media and concerts are a demons hunting ground, they can steal millions of souls an hour.
These fake - false idols social media pages come fully demonized, to travel straight to your mobile phone, right into your home. 
To kill you and your entire family. We have shouted this for years, and showed the world the proof of this happening, and still you all ignored the truth of not only us - Gods angels - Gods Guardians, but you ignored God. 
When you worshiped these demons, they stole your soul, then demons took over the human form, or begun to create their own human form, just as the fallen have done for thousands of years. 
God and all the Angels are here, as we have shouted. Video link HERE
And yes Jamie Dornan is Lucifer - a fallen one - demon and eight different beasts.
Demons need a human to exist in this dimension, for thousands of years demons through the fallen angels have been stealing souls, corrupting souls, using mind control and for decades MK Ultra mind control to corrupt and control humans. 

In the photo-shoot below and above - the fallen can not hold human form for long periods of time before changing back into demons and beasts. It is the same for demons.
We have shown you what Gods wants you to see and know. We see the demons and fallen and fake humans, we use forensics to be able to show the world what is hiding in plain sight.
We can expose anyone, or anything as a demon, fallen one, or fake human, as abilities as Guardians and being part of Gods army of Angles. 
We are showing the world the wrath of God - God and our Guardians Judgement upon the entire world. 
God and our Guardians shouted loud, we warned you all, and you did not listen to God and his army of Angels.
We showed you how those who continued to worship the fallen and demons, these false idols would now become beasts and demons.
Entire countries, entire cities now wiped out with demons  and fake humans. (you need to click on the poster - forensic reveals to see the full forensics and what is really hiding in plain sight)
 God and his army of Angels have already won against this evil - against the fallen and demons. We are Gods army of Angels, we work for and with God every day and night, fighting this evil that has hijacked this dimension and world.
This demons and fallen and anyone who worships them are being exposed by God and his army of Angels. 
The fallen and demons - fake humans - love fame, money, greed, attention, adulation, they made themselves idols, false Gods, false principalities, false churches - Vatican, false Governments.
Yes the fallen and demons did. (you need to click on the poster - forensic reveals to see the full forensics and what is really hiding in plain sight)
 (you need to click on the poster - forensic reveals to see the full forensics and what is really hiding in plain sight)
The circles put in the picture by the demon media are actually highlighting the demons, yes demons. Your demon run media tried to fool you with covering this up as a photo-shop fail. The red squares are from our forensics highlighting even more demons sitting right there for you all to see. But in reality the entire image and fake human, is a demon and fallen one. 

 Two fallen Angels right there. For those who do not know - the Fallen are all male, they are not female, but have spent centuries posing as women, when they are not. Nicole Kidman is a fallen one, it is a male, not female, it has never been pregnant, its fake children are all demons, not even children. Alexander Skarsgård is a fallen one. These things have fooled you all, and you bowed at their feet worshiping them. Still bowing at their feet. These fallen - and demons look nothing like the image that they project to you in the media and in life. We are showing you what these things look like.
The full exposure of Kidman fallen Angel - demon is HERE

Fake babies - these are not babies or children, they are demons, all of these things are demons - fake humans , fooling you all.

The full exposure of the Kardashian - Jenner - Disks - demons - fake humans is HERE
The full exposure of Lucifer who is Jamie Dornan is HERE

Taylor Swift is dead, a demon and fallen angel are using her image, her entire family gone, sold their souls to Satan. This is how these demons reach your kids to steal their souls. To kill your children and entire families, taking over their images. Demon - Taylor Swift has just bought out tw0 new songs and videos, depicting just that. More in the video at the top of this article.

The fake Royal family who are all demons and the fallen exposure is HERE

God and all the Angels are here, as we have shouted. Video link HERE
These fallen, and demons have spent centuries, to set out and destroy all faith in God. 
We see the words that are spoken, the messages that are put int the media, your entertainment industry, to destroy all existence of God and the fact that God did create the entire universe, man and women. These demons and the fallen have set out to destroy how humans and the world really evolved. Don't forget the fallen have controlled history for centuries, and have done this through the Vatican which is a church to worship demons and Satan.
The Roman Catholic Church goes back thousands of years, set up by demons, to fool and deceive the entire world, to get you to worship demons.
It was only last year, the Vatican - Pope who is a demon, all demons stood in the media, before the entire world, and denounced God and Jesus Christ, and said their God is Lucifer.
The Vatican and all its demons, demon Pope - live like Kings, pay no taxes, rob the world blind, doing it all lying to the entire world being demons. 

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