Prince Harry - Megan Markel - Demons - fake Humans - 666

October 01, 2017

  Prince Harry - Megan Markel - Demons - fake Humans - 666
Guardians who work for God - we have been exposing with God for centuries, the demons hiding in plain sight that are posing as humans, when they are not. These things are either demons or the fallen. Demons kill humans and even animals, and demons take over the human form.
Demons and the fallen made themselves Gods, Kings, Queens, Princess, Princess's, your Government, even when God exposed this thousands of years ago, through Revelations, fools ignored God allowing for these demons to continue their killing spree until this very day in 2017.

Video footage of these demons morphing before your very eyes. 

This video is longer than the first, with more forensic reveals in it.

This is not the first time we have exposed demon Harry - fake Prince as a demon - 666, a fallen one.
Megan Markel is not a human, it is many demons making up the image of a human.
Demons kill humans, and the proof to the amount of demons making up the images of fake humans Harry and Megan are in that video above.
We have been trying to explain  to people,  there are many demons making up just one image of a fake human, and these demons also change bodies. 

 This fake Royal family - demons - fake humans were named in the Paradise papers in a world wide forensic investigation from our work, published and aired in the UK by Panorama on December 4 2017. Hiding their assets and money in offshore accounts, paying zero taxes, and living it up on money they steal from their own countries, and this demon Royal family had their Parliament help them do this. There were over 2,000 names exposed world wide, and all of those parasites have been exposed by us as being demons, fake humans. 
The entire Royal family of England and other principalities are demons. Princess Dianne was made into a demon by this demonic family. 
So when these fake humans - demons visit hospitals, the children are made into demons, basically these demons have already begun to kill these children as soon as they came into contact with them.
It is the same for anyone else that comes into contact with them, they are demonized, either fast or slow and then killed, their human image is them stolen by demons. 
Kate who is married to demon William is not as yet a full demon, but she will be after she has finished bearing demon spawn to this demonic family, just as Dianna was. The proof is in the video above along with forensics. 
It is not the first time this demonic family has been exposed as demons, God has been exposing this for centuries, you just have not been listening. It is well detailed in Revelations which we have in the video above. God has been shouting this with his Guardians.
Instead you made these demons who kill, your idols. The deception is beyond criminal. 

It is fools who go against God, Gods words and keep worshiping these demons. The media that is owned and controlled by the Illuminati demons, keep up the lies, deception and the killing spree of these demons. You need to click on the images below to bring to full size to see the full forensic exposure.

 The picture above is over 200 years old, the Nazi German - English fake Royal family. These things, all of them are demons. 
These things have played you all for centuries. Demons and the fallen made themselves Royalty. And that deception continues to this very day in 2017. Because you have ignored God, our Guardians and what God wants you to see, instead you worship demons and make these things your idols. Demons kill, they kill humans and animals.
We are going to do a 2nd video and forensic exposure on the fake Royals, and we have so much more to show the entire world.

Here is a link people to 

Revelation 1-20 King James Version (KJV) audio and visual scripture for you to listen and see for yourself. We have already filmed live revelations as it has been unfolding, more video to come

 As you can see, the deception from the demon run media is beyond criminal. This demon media, all controlled and owned by the Illuminati demons, keep up demons lies, demons deception, demons killing sprees, demons take over of the world. You can not trust one word that is in the media, because it is owned and run by demons. Demons promoting demons, when they are nothing more than fake humans, all who have pledge a legion to the beast 666. 

Those trips to Africa were not about wild life preservation, but about killing, being on a killing spree. Where these demons can be in their true form and kill. 
It is the lying media who keeps up the deception, to what these things really are. They keep pushing these fake humans and demons onto you, making them idols, the media are just as responsible for the crimes of these demons as these demons are, as your demon Government are.

DON'T forget here, these things are posing as humans, when they are not, it is the same for your Government, they have zero rights, none. So stop giving them any. Stop listening to them. 

You can clearly see the massive beasts that this fake human - Megan Markel is. And we are talking massive beast, fake human - demon Harry also a massive demon and fallen one, so is his brother William, they are both demons, and carry the mark of the beast and 666. Can you now see how the TV series suits this demon is in, posing as a fake human, network owned and run by the Illuminati demons, also makes demons out of anyone that comes into contact with it. And can you now see why these full demons can not have children. The fallen can sire children, the fallen are all male, and all made into demons by God. But Markel is not a fallen, it is a demon, and these sorts of demons can not have children of their own. 

When Princess Diana the mother of these demons died, she was already dead, years before the tunnel crash in Paris. 
Diana was made into a full demon after the birth of demon Harry. 
The forensics proof is in the video above. 
It is the curse of this family of demons, they have to sacrifice a family member. 
As we said this entire Royal family of fake humans, demons have fooled you all for centuries, robbing you blind, living in luxury - while all this time they have been lying, killing demons.  

All we can say to you all is GOD HELP YOU ALL......what is about to be unleashed on all humans is 666, beasts - killing demons. Fake human demon Harry, has just led the parade at the demon run New World Order of the United Nations, all demons, not even human. 

God is still testing you all, and you keep failing God's test.
Here are our Angels, screen shot from our live video footage, showing the entire world. Link Here

Our VIMEO channel is here

Our videos are still shadowed by Youtube, please go to our playlist which is here

Youtube have deliberately messed with our numbers of people who have watched our videos, we make sure we do regular screen shots. Recently we went from 20 million to under 14,000 in one day. At present we are at 15,700 visits. This is how it works people, the more vists to your channel, the more people get to find our videos through the internet. So Youtube who is owned and run by the Illuminati demons, deliberately shadow our videos, and diminish our video visits, trying to stop our Guardians and God's truth. This is the BS we have to deal with.

When we do an article and video exposing these lying killing demons, the daily mail who follow our website, then go and publish a BS article, pushing their demons - lying killing fake humans onto the world. The daily mail is owned and run by an old family in the UK who are Illuminati demons. 
We highly recommend you go to our Facebook pages and see the demon reveals we have done, there are thousands on there. And it will shock you when you see who are demons, posing as humans.
Elle McPherson is one such demon. It sold its soul in its 20's and has been a demon since. It has never been pregnant, all faked. It's true form is ugly and grotesque, nothing like the image it projects to you in the media. The same goes for Cindy Crawford and her family, and many other once so called super models and the entire modeling industry which is now under control of demons. 
The same goes for the fashion industry, they are all demons still fooling the world. 

 The Kardashian demons, yes people these abominations are not human, they are demons, lying and fooling all of you. click on the image for full view. OJ Simpson is a demon, we did a full exposure on this over a month ago on Facebook, even showing you crime scene pictures of demons that killed. 
We are going to do a full video on this and you will see who was and is the real murderers. 
This picture when viewed in full screen shows you Nicole Simpson Brown is a demon, it was dead long before this entire illusion was orchestrated of the murder.  (Nicole Simpson and OJ Simpson demons are in that picture back left middle - they are demons)
Do not forget, this is how the Kardashain's rose to fame so to speak. Kris Kardashian murdered Nicole Brown Simpson long before the orchestrated murder scene.
As we said we did a massive reveal on Facebook, people were shocked at what we revealed to the world, a crime scene and muderers covered up by Police. 
Still until this very day, that fake human, demon whore, Kim Kardashian milks the publicity for all "IT" can. (demon Kim K is bottom far right, it is not even human, proof before your very eyes, parts of it's body are even missing, and the other parts are ugly demons) The Facebook Link is HERE

If you don't think God gets angry and pissed, then you have never really read and listened to Revelations.

As we said we can expose anything, even demons from paintings centuries old. We are Guardians - who are God's council, and we were abused for telling the world this. God sees all of you fools, and the ones who still spread the lies of the demons for them.

We have only begun to expose Lucifer, his demon wife, and fake children, who are demons, we are not done yet. 
Demons love the attention, the adulation, and they would get none if they told the world who they really were, and what they really look like. These demons have to fake a human form, which they can not keep for long periods of time, without morphing back into a beast. This is the curse by God. 

If you see anyone on any social media, including Youtube pushing Julian Assange or Wikileaks, they expose themselves as demons, or working for the Illuminati, NWO demons. 
Proved 1,000 % with real forensics, Assange and Wikileaks are demons, they work for the Illuminati NWO. Go to our video playlist and you will see video footage of Assange being caught red handed working for the NWO, Illuminati and being a demon. 

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