#vaccines are killing you. Operation Red Cell now in full swing - Nanobots

March 07, 2018

#STOP listening to your demon Government they are killing you with #vaccines. Operation Red Cell started in the 90's. Every Government in the world is part of this global terrorism. 
What your demon Government - yes not human, demons run your Government - The Illuminati - NWO does and their plan was implemented in the 90's to put nanobots in every vaccine in the world, in all of the water and food supply, and those vaccines are designed to give you the flu, to give you cancer, to kill you, to make animals sick.
Our Guardians warned you this was going to happen, we shouted this, we produced videos, we have been warning humans for centuries, and you are simply not listening. Your ignorance is now your downfall.
You have given you and your children a death sentence, there is no future for this world, because of the ignorance of this planet earth. 
12 months ago we publish a video with the CIA's classified documents on operation red cell. World War 3 - Nanobots & MK Ultra - Illuminati Psychological warfare. Part 2 
Now this week the Illuminati NWO demon Government put in the demon run media the plan to take place in the next 200 days, they are going to flick that switch of those nanobots, which is made active by your mobile phone, by cell towers, by power lines, and they are going to kill 33 million people in every country around the world.

List of 149 MKULTRA Subprojects 

STOP and we mean STOP getting flu shots, STOP getting vaccines, and tell your demon Government to FUCK OFF, they have zero authority they are demons, and about time you all woke up from the MK Ultra mind control these demons have you under.

And if you haven't understood what we have just told you in the first few paragraphs alone without watching the video evidence. 
These companies, corporations that designed these phones are all owned, and run by the Illuminati NWO - they design these new phones with all these bells and whistles to get you addicted. 
So you foolishly run out and buy the latest phone over and over - and you become more and more addicted to what is really happening every time you use that phone. 
Radio waves are being delivered to your phone - MK Ultra mind control - radio waves to activate nanobots - radio waves to give you cancer, and it goes on and on.  Then on top of that the Illuminati use demons posing as humans to sell you more garbage for your mobile phone, more apps, more social media platforms. 

We have continously shouted this - and the message is in our videos, on our websites - get your kids off social media - get your kids off mobile phones - get your kids of video games.
These tools, these mind control devices are not your built in baby sitter - they are killing your children, they are making you and your children sick.
The Illuminati NWO plans for the entire world, in this video you will see the millions of make shift coffins, the burn centers of DARPA through FEMA camps, this is world wide. 
These are just some of the faces of the demons - who have hijacked the entire world - the faces of the Illuminati - NWO. Go to our Facebook sites - they are open sites, and you will see thousands of demon reveals - demons that are hiding in plain sight - the human dead, no more - a demon lives there - or it was always a fake human and always a demon
Link Here

STOP and we mean STOP getting flu shots, STOP getting vaccines, and tell your demon Government to FUCK OFF, they have zero authority they are demons, and about time you all woke up from the MK Ultra mind control these demons have you under. 
This parasite above - and notice the Illuminati NWO push this parasite as being a Harvard Professor which really means jack shit. But what they dont tell you is this parasite is now being controlled by demons. By the Illuminati NWO who are the demons people. 

Any one who has taken the time to want to really know the truth will know who we are, and our work. And one of the many things we do is expose demons - the Illuminati NWO. If you have been asleep to who we are, then here is a refresher to this link.

This is not China doing this to Australia and the world, this is the Illuminati NWO demons doing this to the world.

Above is the evil of the NWO - Illuminati - demons - who are your Government - your Governments world wide are not human - they are demons - pure evil and they have zero authority - but you have given it to them, you have bowed down and made them idols, your Government.
The world was give many opportunities to denounce these demons, to save humanity and still you ignored our warnings. This is our warning to the world - and who we are.

Did you know - and this medically true, and you can do your own research - a child who gets these vaccines still gets the flu, it still gets croup, and can still get whooping cough, measles, etc, vaccines do not stop these man made diseases. 
Yes all of these things are man made - made in laboratories by the evil Illuminati. 
The Illuminati NWO created the aids virus, they created influenza, SARS virus etc.
In fact a child who has not been vaccinated immune system is being built up to be stronger to fight off infections. 
A grown adult can get all of these virus also. Mumps, measles, whooping cough, the flu etc. And all you are doing by getting a flu shot is pumping your body full of poison, full of nanobots, that are destroying your natural immune system and actually making you sick. 

There are plenty of natural remedies out there for many things, and yes one such remedy that has been used for thousands of years is Hemp oil. In hemp oil the HTC is removed.  Why do you think your demon Government have blocked the use of it, in most states or countries world wide.
Because they don't want you to get cured from something so natural and simple as this oil. A child that is suffering seizures and pain, can have this lessened, or even cured. 
It has been used to cure cancer, and other illnesses. 
In fact legally your demon run Government has no right to stop you using this oil. 
When your demon run Government want you to stop doing something, they pass a law so ludicrous, so illegal to stop you from your actual rights.

 One of the MOST brave scientists of our time, Dr. Judy Mikovits, NAILS IT! ...The HPV vaccines have been nothing but a scourge on humanity. 40,000+ injured last year alone - Yes, these medical poisons must be outlawed, at LONG LAST. Join our movement of informed parents who are learning EVERYTHING they need to know to protect their loved ones. Go to this link to watch the video of Dr Judy Mikovits exposing the lies of Gardasil, if you watch the video at the top, there is more data in there from another scientist also exposing the lies of your demon run Government regarding Gardasil. 
The 2nd link to watch the video of this Scientist exposing how vaccines are killing you is HERE

Go to this link VACCINES REVEALED and see the scientists and doctors exposing the poisons of vaccines and how they are killing you. Your demon run Governments are more than aware of these killing machines, because your demon run Government have created them.

 McDonald's are killing you and your children, and they will give you a free ice-cream in the bargain.
Do not forget here McDonald's are part of the Illuminati NWO. These parasites will stop at nothing to get to you and your families.

The plan of the NWO - Illuminati demons is to kill billions of humans on planet earth. The killing
spree has begun and an end to this entire planet earth. 
These demons are lying to you all and calling it some new disease when really it is demon take over - demons on a killing spree, demons devouring your souls. Our Guardians with God warned all of humanity - all of you, and you have ignored our warnings; and you bowed down and kissed the very feet of those killing you all 'DEMONS" - demons now run your entire Government - entertainment industry - main stream media - hospitals - justice system, law enforcement, you refused to denounce these demons, and expose them as just that demons,
and the fallen, they have zero authority, none - that is all you had to do to take away their power, to stop them, but no you all chose the side of evil -of false idols and all they represent --- gluttony, pride, corruption, greed, death,
destruction, your ignorance is now your down fall, and end to this planet earth.

The Illuminati - NWO - demon Government have put Nanobots in every medication in the world, they are in the water supply, on the food you eat. Those chemtrails you have been seeing all over the world for decades, are dropping nanobots. And still you fools ignore the truth of our Guradians, we have shouted, we have published the truth, and still you fools on social media - yes you fools who operate sock puppet accounts and work for the NWO - demons keep pushing the demons lies, and refuse to share the truth. 
You fools will suffer the same fate as these demons, Gods Wrath and the Wrath of Gods Guardians has begun. 

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