International Women's Day and the Kardashian - Jenner demons Deception

March 09, 2018

International Women's Day - Demons - Kardashian's - Jenner's -- all words that should not be used in the same sentence. These demons - yes demons, the Kardashian's and Jenner fake family are just that fake - they are not human, they are demons. 
They are not female, they are not human, they have never been pregnant, they are not pregnant now, their fake babies and children are just that fake. 
All fabricated by using biological suits, and thousands of smaller demons, that are controlled by larger demons. (FORENSIC PROOF we are showing the world). You need to click on every single image - all of them to bring up the full forensics on these demons, to really see what is hiding in plaint sight.
Our open Facebook sites for the world to see these demons reveals

Kardashian - Jenners - demons - fake humans of the Illuminati - NWO Forensic reveals of these demons playing you all

And who are we ??? We are Guardians, we work for God, we are Gods army of angels who have been here watching since the creation of the universe. We are the only ministers of God - the true Heavenly father and creator of this entire universe, of man women and child, of the heavens, clouds, waters, mountains, and every living creature, --- the Vatican are ministers of Satan.
You fools keep failing the tests put before you. You have made demons, fake humans that kill humans, kill animals your idols, your Government's your entertainment industry, you have made the fallen your idols, and you have all bowed down, grovelled, and kissed their feet, while they have devoured your souls, your children's souls and all of humanity.

Take note of the eyes fro one thing with out all the other demon crap going on - it has two eye balls in each eye. You need to click on the image and bring to full size to see the full forensics.
This trash right here all demons, playing you all. A demon posing as a 38 yr old human female, when it is not either, it is a demon. A fake human with the mentality of a 5 yr old. (it is not female, or human- you need to get that through into your heads) wake up from your MK Ultra mind control.
These demons created - invented these stupid filters to fool you all, to hide their demon form, because God's wrath is upon all of these demons, they can not hold human form - they keep morphing into demons, so these parasites of death and destruction create filters to hide their ugly form from the world. If their lips are moving they are lying to the world.
Their true form is under a foot tall. We are showing you through forensics what these demons, these lying killing parasites really look like. 
These parasites - these demons were and are a creation of the Illuminati - NWO. Every word they dribble to you a lie. Every word how they become your idols a lie. 
They were created thousands of years ago, that is how old these lying killing demons are. Created to deceive you, to corrupt you, to fool you all. 
This lying parasite  of a demon Kim Kardashian, a name invented by these lying demons, says it is Queen, it says it is a role model for all children and women. No demon - you are a lying infestation - like a weed, chocking and sucking the life out of everything that comes anywhere near you and your entire lying fake family of demons.
Children fake, babies fake, pregnancies fake - God has waited and waited for you to wake up - to denounce these demons, to have them arrested, and still foolish humans stand idly by and say and do nothing, when the truth is staring them right in the face.
 click on the images to bring to full size, to see the full forensics

These  lying stinking demons have not only made a mockery of the words "International Women's Day" but made a mockery of all humans in its entirety. A mockery of all women in their entirety. Because these parasites are not women, they are having the biggest laugh, on all of humanity, because they manage to fool you all for thousands of years. Right there in that poster a mockery to women, to all of society. These demons look at every avenue, every opportunity to device, to make money of their lies and deception.
Our entire website, Facebook sites are full of thousands of forensics exposing these demons, and God's message to all of humanity.

Every single day, every single minute somewhere in the world a child, a women, a female, a male becomes the victim of these demons - of human trafficking, of rape, of sexual violence, of domestic abuse - of this evil we are showing you. Yes demons are responsible for it all, demons just like these lying parasites of the Kardashian's, or the Trumps, or the Obama's, Oprah Winfrey lying stinking demon. And these parasites have the ordacity to utter International Women's day to promote themselves, to keep trying to sell their lie - their lie that they are human when they are not. These demons kill, you need to wake up to what God has shouted, what our Guardians have shouted for thousands of years. 

 All demons playing you all.

 Want to see more of these fake babies and children, how they fake these pregnancies then go to this link HERE on our website

 click on every single image - you need to click on every image to bring to full size to see the full forensics. You will not see full what is hiding in plain sight unless you do.
Demon Alba taking its fake baby for a walk. Not human - the forensics and truth is being put before your very eyes. These demons have to keep selling the lie they are human when they are not. They have to keep plastering their lies all of the web, don't forget here the internet is controled by demons, CERN control the internet, and CERN are the Illuminati demons. They invent an entire history for these demons, fake parents, fake families, fake husbands, fake children, fake pregnancies. 
And they have to keep selling the lie, by posting their fake BS everywhere. These demons have to do a hour by hour or day by day post of their BS fake lives to keep selling the lie to the world.
Surely you all are not that stupid - or are you??? Well you have bowed down to these parasites and drunk up every lie they have sold you like it was your last drop of water.
NO people not humans - demons - Alba has always been a demon, not female not even human. 
Alba like the Kardashian's are fake humans that are demons, a creation of the Illuminati demons - to deceive all of humanity. These things - parasites are not only demons, fabricated humans, the Illuminati made them into idols for the entire world to worship. Worshiping false idols - so in turn you are selling your soul and your children's souls to demons. That is the message to humanity - to humans our Guardians with God - we have been warning and shouting to humans for centuries, and still you ruse to listen, so now demons have devoured your souls.

Wikileaks and Assange lying stinking demons - creation of the Illuminati NWO playing you all, being payed over 2.9 million in bitcoin (27283301500.00 US Dollars run by the Illuminati NWO State Department and John Kerry demon crap)

for their lies and deception to all of humanity.

More of these demons playing dress up as humans - or who have sold their soul to demons and who are now dead and a demon lives there is HERE

 SATAN has really played you fools, because you allowed the demons to devour you, you refused to listen to our Guardians and God. Your foolishness and ignorance is now your downfall.

God - Jesus Christ - All of Gods Angels are here

This is us God's Guardians and our message to all of humanity. God's test to all of humanity which you have failed, but not denouncing these false idols and everything they represent, these demons and fallen and all they represent, you will be turned into a beast and demon until God ends this entire universe to begin again. Right now the clock is counting down to the end.
God shouted we are in Revelations, and you ignored every single warning and message we showed the world. 
God is choosing who he is saving from this dying shithole earth. 
Yes earth is dying, because of the gluttoney of humans. Because you all chose the evil of demons. You had a choice fight that evil, denounce that evil, or let it devour your souls and become a demon and beast. 

99% of what is put in your demon Illuminati NWO run media is a lie, a lie to deceive you all, to keep you worshiping these false idols, you are all still being tested, all of you. And very few have passed the test. So you will suffer the same fate as these demons, destruction. 
You are seeing God's wrath - and revelations unfolding all over the world, and still you ignore every single message and warning. 

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