Grammies 2018 demon - fallen angel deception world exclusive

January 29, 2018

Grammies 2018 demon -  fallen angel deception, not a human in sight. You are all kissing the feet, worshiping these fake, and false idols, who are lying killing demons, and fallen angels. 
Demons who's true form is less than a foot tall.
You are worshiping demons who are killing humans, killing your children, killing all of humanity.
Forensic proof before your very eyes.

We will publish this video on our paid VIP site on VIMEO tomorrow, HD quality
and add free. Youtube deliberately diminish the quality of our videos to stop the truth from being shown to the world. Youtube are the Illuminati demons if you haven't woken up to that fact.
There are forensic pictures below also exposing these demons you are worshiping and kissing their feet.
You have to click on all of the images to see the full forensics reveal - otherwise you will not see the full reveal of these demons - fake humans that you are kissing - worshiping them - kissing their ass. Everywhere these demon parasites go they leave a trail of demons - a trail of death and destruction. Concerts their feeding ground. Cant sing - it projects a sound to you putting you all under its control. It sounds nothing like the sound it fabricates to you.
Are you so ignorant and blind to the truth when it is put right in front of your very eyes. 
How much longer are you going to run from the truth, what is happening, what has been happening for centuries, and what is taking place right now, which is revelations. 
You can not run fast enough, or far enough, to escape being slaughtered by these demons, if you do not wake up, and stop worshiping them, and publicly denounce them. 

The human that once was is no more, or was never human in the first place. If it was a human, it sold its soul, it is now dead, and a demon is using its image. 
It is demons and the fallen living like kings, demonic entities, beasts and demons. 
These demonic parasites created, own and control your entire entertainment industry, all of your media, your entire Government, NASA, and now law enforcement, and military all over the world.
These demons and fallen control and run your justice system, made illegally laws to enslave you. Every law made is illegal. 
They made Government to keep you as slaves while they live like kings and rule over humans. Your entire Government has zero authority none, God waited for you to denounce them, you ignored the warning by God. Now Gods wrath is here as written thousands of years ago, now Gods wrath has been unleashed across the world. 

The fallen and demons are addicted to fame, attention, wealth, greed, corruption, adulation, hell they are constantly throwing themselves parties, giving themselves awards.
And these parasites are world class liars and put on artists. 
All of these award shows are all demons and fallen angels, demons, giving demons awards. 
We told the entire world who we are, God allowed us to do this months ago. Gods army of Angels, Angels who have lived on earth for thousands of years, the highest order of Angels, Gods eyes and ears on earth. We move from this dimension to Gods heaven another dimension. And still we are abused, threatened, dissed, paid trolls who are sock puppets, and now demons, try and discredit not only God, Jesus, and Gods army of Angels, but they are destroying your faith in God, destroying humanity. 
God is not a women called Venus - that is rubbish, and crap put in comments by paid trolls who have sold their souls, and have now felt the wrath of God through our Angels. 
God and his army of Angels do not get paid to save humans, to stop these demons, and yet humans continue to abuse God, and worship demons and fallen angels, you are worshiping evil personification that kills humans, that kills this entire universe. Has killed and slaughtered billions over the centuries.
 If you want to see the full forensics of these demons, fake humans, you have to click on the image and bring to full size, otherwise you will still not see the full reveal, and more of what is hiding in plain sight.

Beyonce - Jay Z, Blue Ivy and its other demon spawn twins are just that demons. Blue Ivy is a fake child, in reality it is an adult demon, well more than one. This fake child is channeling evil that was entombed thousands of years ago. 
It is the same for these other demon parasites in this fake family of pure evil.  
We have posted video footage of this demon parasite Beyonce morphing into different demons, evil evil demons, the video is on Vimeo because Youtube will not allow the video, it is exposes these demon parasites and the evil incarnated they really are.
In a 5 second video clip from the Grammies demon Blue Ivy morphed into different demons, so did demon Beyonce and demon Jay Z, that took 5 seconds to happen. That is how fast these things morph. With a lot of hard work we broke down the video using forensics to show this happening.  
In this forensic reveal demon Beyonce and demon Jay Z are channeling demons, entities that died centuries ago.

In this forensic reveal demon Beyonce and demon Jay Z are channeling demons, entities that died centuries ago. Different entities from the picture above which you can clearly see.

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