Gods weapon against Demons and their weapon of mass destruction at CERN the Illuminati demons

September 27, 2017

CERN did not set off their Hadron Callider at full power - Cern have not yet carried out their complete shattering of the veil to let every demon into the universe. CERN are the Illuminati demons. The Hadron Callider is a weapon, the greatest weapon ever made in the history of the Universe. 
Since Sunday the 23 or the 24th of September 2017 depending on your time zone, Gods Mega star has been iunder attack by spaceships and evil of the Illuminati Government.
We have live video footage of this taking place right up until Wednesday 27th September 2017.
CERN also invented the INTERNET, and they are also control it all. 
Do not forget the Hadron Callider cost trillions of dollars, money that has been stolen by your demon Governments from you, it took 18 years to make, with technology stolen from God, technology that is hundreds of years more advanced than what is on earth now, well technology your demon Government allows you to see and know about. 

Gods Mega star is still in the sky, God is using the Demons weapon against them, Gods mega star is his weapon to use against the demons Hadron Callider. 
GOD is not done yet, set back because of demons, who have shit themselves, and running scared from God, and his Guardians, and Gods army, who are here. 
And still you fools would rather abuse God, and God's army, who are here fighting demons, trying to stop the slaughter of humans. Still you would rather keep supporting demons. 
Your entire Government world wide, and mainstream media, entertainment industry - are demons. 

Revelations was written and foretold thousands of years ago, and everything written in revelations leading to the end of the universe has happened. These did not take place for no reason.
God's mega star has been on it's journey for months, it needed to be in the right location when these demons set of their weapon of destruction at full speed, and this did not happen.
Demons have shit themselves.
 We are still in revelations right now. 
The Illuminati demons have missed their window, the 23rd was significant to them for a few different reasons, and this evil goes back thousands of years, and the Arch of Baal is connected to the hadron callider, it is a significant part of this evil they had planned to unleash onto the world. 

The 2,000-year-old Syrian town of Palmyra brought Muslims and Christians together for centuries. What the they won’t tell you is the Jewish history of the Temple of Baal and the abomination that it was for God’s people to be remotely connected to it.
(so basically these people, including Jews were and are still until this very day worshiping demons - Satan - Lucifer)

Baal was a Canaanite god in Old Testament times. The Israelites grieved God by turning from Him and worshiping Baal, creating idols, participating in sexual immorality and sacrificing their children to the pagan deity. The Israelites’ unfaithfulness to God, even after He brought them out of Egypt, incensed the Lord, and on many occasions He gave them over to their enemies. It was their unfaithfulness and Baal worship that ultimately led to their captivity and displacement as a nation.

Since 2015-2016 CERN - the Illuminati demons and other hadron calliders around the world have been letting loose evil into this universe, causing catastrophic destruction, all with the blessing of your Illuminati demon, evil, criminal Governments. 
Australia alone has two hadron calliders, not as big as CERN in Swtizerland, but big enough to conduct evil and destruction.
Your demon Governments - criminals who have zero authority - none, have been stealing billions of dollars from your countries to build these weapons of evil and destruction. 
They have built spaceships, more advanced than any technology they have ever told you about, again stealing money from your countries, destroying your health services, and other social services to pay for this evil.
Again this evil that is your Government are demons, they are the walking dead, and have no authority, absolutely none, they are not your Government, they are nothing more than criminals, who are demonic pieces of shit who have hijacked like terrorists your countries. Yes terrorists, criminals, demons, the walking dead are running the world, killing humans, kidnapping children to use for all sorts of evil.

Our Guardians filmed live in the sky, with live video footage of the events of revelations: The Angel field was the signing of the trumpets of the angels, and this happened many times including Saturday the 23rd September 2017.
Then there was God's gateway opening and the dead rising in heaven.
The dragons, the child, the Prince, and we filmed all of this live, our videos are in this link with live video footage, including live video footage of real Angels and the real God.
And still the demon trolls come in like the fools they are and abused us, made threats, and spammed us for showing you the truth of God.
Illuminati NWO Demons take over of the world.
Please watch this video documentry, it exposes the Illuminati
NWO - demons plans going back centries.

For years we have been exposing with God the demons hiding in plain  sight, how they have hijacked the entire world, how there are no Aliens only demons and fallen Angels fooling you all. We even made a video documentary, with video footage over 60 years old, documents centuries old showing how the Illuminati demons - the NWO had a plan in motion for thousands of years to take over the world. We showed you video footage of your demon Government shapeshifting live on camera. Men died exposing the truth to the world, this truth we shared with you all.
Truth that is shadowed on Youtube who are the Illuminati demons, trying to stop you from seeing what is really going on.

Google plus, social media is now controlled by the Illuminati demons, and bot accounts dominate Google Plus, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, snap-chat and twitter - pumping out the demons and Illuminati lies for them still, still deflecting from the truth, still aiding in the slaughter of humans, still aiding in the slaughter of your planet, still aiding in the slaughter of millions of soldiers world wide, who have been led to their deaths by your demon Government, soldiers who are now demons. Yes they have been turned into demons. This is done at DARPA Illuminati run bases all over the world. 

The Illuminati are still on all social media with adds trying to get you and your children to join the Illuminati NWO demons. People wake up, you are killed when you do this, and demons use your image. Your children are kept at DULCE bases and used for all sorts of evil. We have made three video documentaries exposing this.  

You might want to go and buy yourselves a monitor that tests for radiation, because for weeks radiation levels are peaking, these demons are letting radiation into the atmosphere at world high levels. Australia is very high right now, especially in the last 3 weeks. 
Do not forget the demon of destruction is running Australia, the demon who is playing you all, that demon is Australia's Prime Minister, it is not human, it is the walking dead. The entire Australian Government are the Illuminati, and are now demons, like the rest of your Governments world wide playing dress-up as humans when  they are not. 

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