Ancient Aliens - Extraterrestrials, run your world - you are their slaves and seed of this evil

January 27, 2021


Ancient Aliens - Extraterrestrials - Annunaki, Illuminati, Shadow Government, New World Order, just some of the names your world give this evil, and at the same time you worship them. This evil has been running your world for millions of years.

 Enoch. xix. 2. " So that they sacrifice to devils as to Gods." The devils is an ancient term used to describe someone or something evil. It does not literally mean some sort of devil as in Tasmanian devil, but as a description of something very evil. The same as there is no Satan, it is a made up fictional character. It is all part of the control and deception.

In this correct phrase, it is telling you "the Gods" were evil beings, and people were deceived into worshiping them. And when we are describing the God's mentioned in all the old correct scripts and hieroglyphics describing in great detail, higher beings from another time, and space ruling over mankind, and making them their slaves.  In Enoch 1 it tells you they were fallen angels, extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional entities who made themselves, kings of the earth. These evil ones created many bodies for themselves to use. And they placed themselves into positions of power and wealth.

The ancient script (Enoch 1) and hieroglyphics also showing them in spaceships, using advanced technology, even being able to change their form. They left their higher world which they were not allowed to do. Some of this advanced technology was mind control, through microchips and nanobots. Yes this technology millions of years old, used by the wicked and evil ones, who are not only what you have named the fallen - Annunaki - and Extraterrestrials.

There is a creator, also called The Most High, Lord of Spirits in Enoch 1, and sometimes referred to as The Lord. As we said it was the translators who put in the word God, and Holy in Enoch 1, which is the oldest script found, dating back around 100,000 years. 

Since we were there at the beginning, because of who we are, we can tell you now, there was no religion, none. In Enoch 1 it mentions another higher being - which is meant to say woman and Queen, but the evil of the fallen changed it to a man. When it is meant to say woman, and Queen and ruler, judgment, savior through judgment. It mentions in the earlier pages of Enoch 1 "He saw another figure like unto the son of men". It was a woman, who is like unto a man, the opposite sex. The woman's name is Eesa, in your language you say Teresa, but in the right language it is said Eesa. The T and R are silent. As in many languages around the world letters are silent. It is western society who change the sounding of the original name to conform with what they want it to say.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS was also removed from your Illuminati owned and written bibles, and there are 90 books in Esdras, of script, instructions from the Most High. Again Enoch 1 directly quoted. When reading Esdras and Enoch 1, you will see the correlation. But again even Esdras was changed and manipulated, changing the woman aspect into a man. YESHUA was one of the fallen and had to redeem himself, and Yeshua is a celestial, not flesh and blood as you perceive, but can go into someone and use their body to perform his works. His works are used to conduct evil. Basically what you would in your language call the hit-man of celestials. The Jesus word came in by the translators Pisio family and the fallen, so does the entire made up storyline of Jesus. They wanted you to worship a false idol, and one of the fallen. Then through the chip you all have, and have had for thousands of years, and controlled manipulation, the false story of your bible was created. It is only now that this is being exposed as false, by actual scientific evidence. You lot of fools wont even acknowledge The Creator, so there is no way you were going to even acknowledge Eesa, and who we are, and where we came from, and we are Guardians, from the beginning of creation.

Your bible would have to be one of the most manipulated pieces of fairytale in your controlled history. Yes there is a story to creation, wars, a child who is female, princess, made a queen and rightful ruler. She - us, from the pure world - universe. The key to all pure genetic code. But you are so brainwashed by the lies of the fallen - evil ones you don't want the truth, of the real story. Because you fools are the seed of the wicked ones, and you are making money off those lies. The Vatican are the fallen and extra-terrestrials, of pure evil. They do not in any way represent purity, goodness, KODESH - RIGHTEOUSNESS, of The Guardians, or The Most High. The Vatican and all their followers and supporters are the opposite to purity, they are the seed of corrupted genetics. TThe Vatican have been destroyed, and replaced with old footage and holograms, AI.

And it is The Creator, The Most High, Lord of Spirits. Even Enoch 1 has been changed, wording changed, and put in, that should not be there. There are hundreds of pages missing. Part of what is in your fairytale bible of The Illuminati fallen angels comes from Enoch 1. and we are only talking a very very small amount, mainly quotes. Enoch is mentioned in your bibles of manipulation, and its not for no reason. It is for the wise to search out the truth, well as much as you can find of that truth, which has basically been handcuffed and taken away. Enoch was not a man as such but he was one of the Angels, he was from the higher world - universe. 

7. When therefore iniquity,(evil works),  sin, blasphemy of The Most High,
tyranny, and every evil work, shall increase, and
when transgression, impiety, and uncleanness also
shall increase, then upon them all shall great
punishment be inflicted from The Most High.
9. The Most High - Lord shall go forth in wrath, and
with punishment, that he may execute judgment
upon the universe.

11. Every place of strength^ shall be surrendered
with its inhabitants ; with fire shall it be burnt.
They shall be brought from every part of the universe,
and be cast into a judgment of fire.- They shall
perish in wrath, and by a judgment overpowering
them ^ for ever.

6. Woe to those who build up iniquity (evil works) and
oppression, and who lay the foundation of fraud
for suddenly shall they be subverted, and never
obtain peace.

7. Woe to those who build up their houses with
crime ; for from their very foundations shall their
houses ^ be demolished, and by the sword shall they
themselves fall.
Those, too, who acquire gold and
silver, shall justly and suddenly perish. Woe to you
who are rich, for in your riches have you trusted
but from your riches you shall be removed ; because
you have not remembered the Most High in the
days of your prosperity : [you shall be removed,
because you have not remembered the Most High in
the days of your prosperity.^]

8. You have committed blasphemy and iniquity (evil) ;
and are destined to the day of the effusion of blood,
to the day of darkness, and to the day of the great

9. This I declare and point out to you, that he
who created you will destroy you.

The Beginning Of Calamities

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 16:18 The beginning of sorrows and great mournings and lamentations; the beginning of famine and great death; the beginning of wars, and the powers shall stand in fear; the beginning of evils! when all shall tremble. What shall we do in these circumstances, when these evils and calamities shall come?
EZRA -4- ESDRAS 16:19 Behold, famine and plague, tribulation and anguish are sent as scourges for the amendment and correction of men.
EZRA -4- ESDRAS 16:20 Yet for all these things they shall not turn from their lawless wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourges.

 Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them.

Something to note here, the quotes we have posted in relation to scripture from your manipulated bible of fairy tales has come from elsewhere, and placed into your made up bible, but that is not the original origins of the words, and quotes. It is extraterrestrials who created Christianity and other religions as a form of control. When the real truth of beginnings mentioned in Enoch 1 never ever mentions Christianity or any other religion, full stop. It mentions, laws, and punishment for breaking those laws. It tells you all about the moon being a spaceship going through portholes. It tells you all about the wicked ones, about evil wicked raping, murdering extraterrestrials, and angels, it tells you all about the false gods in your made up bible pushed by evil, so you will worship some false rubbish, its about control ans giving you all false hope.

This wicked and evil have the ability while your sleeping to set your home or bed on fire, to rape women and children while they sleep, then take your memories away from you of that rape. People have videoed this evil with their baby security cameras hovering over their babies cribs. Video footage of this evil standing beside them, or behind them, taken with security cameras. These demons, disembodied spirits, extraterrestrial are everywhere, in your homes, cars, outside, everywhere. Get off your fucking ass's and go find the real truth, we have shown it to you, but you are programmed not to see it.  

 control through microchips

control through nanobots - operation red cell which is covid19

it begun in the late 80-90's. That is how long this evil has been doing this and planning this. The CIA documents in the video and in this link

They can orchestrate anything, fights, car accidents, road rage, fires, cancer, and dam disease they want inside of you and your children. Why the fuck would you want to be part of a world where this pure evil controls that, and always will. That is not a world to live in, that is slavery, on an evil wicked scale. When you see these asholes of the rich and famous, or your false idols, or the wealthy, or even those who have multiple homes, driving around in great big caravans, with 4-wheel drives, with their own TV show, they have been replaced with a clone, and demons use that clone, they are the seed of the wicked, and the wicked ones use them to live in luxury, while others suffer in poverty, and homelessness. They rape children, and stand by and watch them being raped and get off on this sick perversion.

They watch as women are victims of domestic violence, and sit back and laugh, and aid and abet the perpetrators. The Family court one of their evil organizations to commit terrorism. The family court set up by the Freemasons, Illuminati, so was the magistrates, and civil courts, who commit horrendous crimes against victims. Notice its the same crap that is promoted in the media, like the Kardashian demons and Jenners, and yet they were the fallen, demons, and extraterrestrials, arrested recently and destroyed, but just replaced with more lies and deception, to fuck with you all.

This evil are you fucking terrorists, so are your government, hellywood, because of what they are, your courts and corporations are you terrorists, because of what they are, and now you GP and hospitals are your terrorists because of who is controlling them all.  Every thousand years they wipe out humanity, this has been going on for millions of years.

There is no dam heaven, we should know since we don't even come from you evil wicked fucked up world.  Your world you call earth, is pure evil, and you lot worship evil. It is set to go into a black hole and be destroyed, and you the seed of the wicked will be destroyed right along with it.

They have used technology that is billions of years old, to enslave you all, to keep you dumbed down, and keep you as their slaves, and also part of their medical experiments on society.  This evil controls everything, your internet, banking, corporations, stock market, media, medical, hospitals, medicines, schools, courts, governments, you, your pet, child, every single dam thing, including communications networks. You are not using 5g phone technology, you are all still in 3g mode.

Ancient Aliens - Extraterrestrials - Annunaki, Illuminati, for billions of years have decimated other planets and the first of creation, called the pure ones. The universe is more than one, dimensions, portholes. This evil have over the billions - millions of years taken children from other planets and universes as prisoners, killed their parents, and destroyed other planets. There has been a war raging all around you, and you are controlled through microchips not to see it.

 Some of the Annunaki have been arrested by the Intergalactic army - federation, but the war is not over because there are still wicked and evil extraterrestrials out there on the loose. Your world was always set down for destruction, and it can not be changed. It has to take place to replace it with an entirely different pure new world and universe. If this does not happen, then nothing will ever change, it will always been evil and wickedness.

You have all been microchipped, including your brand new baby. Covid 19 is part of that control, and begun back in the late 80's - 90's and was called operation red cell. You have been fed nanobots, through the water you drink, through the food you eat, so have your animals. Microchipping animals had to do  control, and genocide, so did microchipping you and your children. These evil ones have raped children - killed them and eaten them, raped women, used them for medical experiments, and especially impregnating them, splicing their own DNA into the newly created life, they have been also doing the same thing with animals. operation red cell

click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there

Part of the control is through your bible, it was created for the most part by the evil ones, to control you, and so you would worship them as Gods. 90% of your bible is made up, also the Jesus fable, because the real story is not about Jesus, it is about a child and the child was female, and came from another universe and planet, of purity, that is the higher world, which was decimated in a war. This child was imprisoned by the evil ones, and taken across the universe's to your wicked universe, and then made a slave, and prisoner to this very day. This child's parents the rulers of the pure world, and were killed by the evil ones. This child - female, now an adult, has lived many lives, being of immortality, which is from the pure world, of another once universe. That world one of purity, no crime, poverty, or even Government, or your type of fallen ones - evil ones corrupt court systems and corrupt governments. Just a King and Queen ruler, and everything pure.  

She has been persecuted her entire lives, raped, beaten, abused, stolen from. All done by the evil ones, and all those who aided and abetted in that Treason and criminal acts against her to this very day. This is the short version of truth of a child, a princess, now an adult, and rightful ruler, living in poverty, still being abused, and still a victim of terrorism by wickedness. She will die a nobody, and you will never know, or even acknowledge her name or title. She to this very day a victim of this evil and wickedness, and has been for millions of years. She is one of the silent victims of the crimes of the wicked ones.

You as slaves have been programmed to worship evil and its works. You as slaves have been programmed to worship false monarchs and fallen ones, who made themselves into Gods, and other deities.  The good did not win the war, we lost it, all that happened was, they were replaced with the same identity using clones, AI, robotic clones.

When you go to The International Criminal Court's website, a real court, and the rightful legal court system in your world, you will see the list of names, including The UK Monarch, with warrants issued by a real judge for their arrests. Your evil wicked, corrupt Governments and monarchs and even The Vatican on that list will not recognize this court or the judges, lawyers, barristers, and not even legal warrants. So the federation went in and arrested them all, then the wicked ones replaced them with clones.

The Rothchilds part of that evil and wickedness of The Extraterrestrials and fallen ones. Demons and other evil entities, made themselves rulers of your world, still are. part of that wickedness is all your fake monarchs, Governments, Corporations, all of them, they are the same entities. Not human, not female, all their fake children are created and born in labs.


click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there

Kate Middleton and William replaced with clones before the fake marriage, Kate Middleton was never ever female. Demons. They have all been destroyed and replaced. The fake children, just that, not children and born in labs. Dianna Spencer was killed and replaced just after the wedding to Charlse Mountbatten. William and Harry are the product of labs, and created for these evil entities and The Annunaki to use, to rule over you, just as they do with all your Government. All of your Government have been replaced with either clones, AI, Robotic androids with a holographic skin, or with advanced technology holograms which is millions of years in advanced to the technology you have on your world. 

This is technology we used in our world and universe millions of years ago.

click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there

click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there
Demons and the wicked ones, all of them

click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there

7 beasts, means 7 lots of evil ones, Biden is part of the Obama evil, same evil just a different face. And the human entity is dead, and replaced, but they were always the seed of the wicked ones. They still need bodies, so they create them.

click on the pictures to bring to full size view, you will see more of what is really there
Notice how you never ever see any of this filthy shit of The Illuminati above getting or dying from covid19, yet they break the fucked up laws every minute of the day. Its always another class. You never see any of this scum living in poverty, like children in South Africa, etc. nope you seed the seed of the wicked being elevated and worshiped. They are all fucking dead, you fools, they are demons, fallen, extraterrestrials, pure fucking evil and have no souls. The seed of the wicked don't have a soul, they are corrupted genetics. By the way you dont survive covid 19 because its about demons you idiots. 

The Pegasus unit - NWO - Terrorism - Wikileaks - Illuminati Terrorism


World War 3 is here - Illuminati NWO DEMON take over part 1 DULCE bases #Vault7


Enoch 1 / Scriptures CHAP CHAP. XV,
being spiritual, your dwelling is in heaven. (heaven is a tern that was put in there by the translators, because that is not the proper word or description. It is another universe completely.
8. ^ Now the giants, who have been born of spirit  and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits,and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were
created from above; from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth.
9. The spirits of the giants shall he like clouds, which shall oppress, corrupt, fall, contend, and bruise upon earth.

10. They shall cause lamentation. No food shall they eat ; and they shall be thirsty ; they shall be concealed, and shall not^ rise up against the sons of men, and against women; for they come forth during the days of slaughter and destruction.

1. And as to the death of the giants, wheresoever their spirits depart from their bodies, let their flesh,that which is perishable, be without judgment.
Thus shall they perish, until the day of the great consummation of the great world. A destruction shall take place of ^ the Watchers and the impious.
2. And now to the Watchers, who have sent thee to pray for them, who in the beginning were in heaven,
3. Say, In heaven have you been ; secret things, however, have not been manifested to you ; yet
have you known a reprobated mystery.
4. And this you have related to women in the hardness of your heart, and by that mystery have women and mankind multiplied evils upon the earth.
5. Say to them, Never therefore shall you obtain peace.


16. And after this, on the seventh day of the
tenth week, there shall be an everlasting judgment,
which shall be executed upon the Watchers (fallen angels) ; and a spacious eternal new universe shall spring forth in the midst of the angels.

17. The former universe shall depart and pass
away ; a new universe shall appear ; and all the celestial
powers shine with sevenfold splendour for ever.
Afterwards likewise shall there be many weeks,
which shall externally exist in goodness and in

18. Neither shall sin - evil works be named there, for ever andfor ever.^

19. Who is there of all the children of men,
capable of hearing the voice of the Most High without
emotion ?

20. Who is there capable of thinking his thoughts ?


Who capable of contemplating all the workmanship
of The Universe ? Who of comprehending the deeds of
The Universe ?

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