December 25, 2020


The story narrated in your bibles, mostly a fairytale, some truth, but mainly fiction. That is not the real story of time, and existence, or of Eesa/ MessiYah who is female. It was the fallen who made up the contents of the bible you worship, their is a real stroy, but not the one you worship, you worship the lies of the fallen.

There is no dam Satan, none, another made up character in the fairytail. Eesa - MessiYah female, real, not from this universe or planet. The rightful aire, with no kingdom, or power, a prisoner, who you - the seed of the wicked treated like shit under your feet. The federation and her army came to rescue her to take her back to her universe and world, but that is not happening, and she is still trapped in your evil shit hole of a fake world. Even she does not not know why she is still here in your fucking hell hole.

You are all dead and replaced. It has only just turned the 25th December today, and the year is only 2019. All of you were the seed of the wicked, the wicked are fallen angels. we hear every thing you say about our Holy Ones. Last night the mocking of our Holy Ones by the seed of wickedness. The weapons are in place to end it all before your fake new year comes. An army of millions here in this fake world. You can not stop what the creator ordained. What was ordained by YAH. To destroy it all.

Time is suspended, it has not changed, it is still the real December 25th not the 27th December 2019 and not 2021, it will not reach 2021 for any of you, it is now the 25th December 2015. It is not the 31st of Dec, it is still the 25th Dec. 

The same day your earth was destroyed before, And is going to happen again. The Lord suspended time to complete the tasks that are being done.  September 17 2017

The Lord has been turning back time, changing day into night, night into day, right under your noses. Instead of listening to The Holy One's , us, we are here, you listening to wicked, to fake news. 

Your news fake and old from years ago, being controlled by ADONI and AI, from a satellite on what you think is the moon, but its not. It controls everything, your banks, news, your fake politics. ADONI said he was taking it all from you, and that is what is happening.

There is a super computer that has been controlling everything since the beginning, and on this planet that was called earth, but it does not look like that picture. The AI has been arrested, but not turned off.
The power has just shifted, now its not in the hands of the fallen ones as you called them, the fallen ones who were controlling your entire planet. 
That super computer controls everything, including night and day, and the weather. It controls, your banks, your bank accounts, corruption,  the share market, lotto, everything. It controls all of your media, and the BS on your news and media shows and news papers magazines everyday.

Elon Musk is not even human. It is an android, fake billionaire, fake everything. Part of the lies
and physop being run on everyone for millions of years

Today the alignment begun, the 10 Nov 2017, the alginment is not what you think, and have been deceived to believe it is,  spaceships Saturn, Jupiter and our universe where we come from. All this time this is what we had to wait for to go back home. And destroy the seed of wicked and the wicked in this universe so they never lived or had power ever again. To leave all of our angels had to reject this fake world - this universe. The seed of the wicked do not, they worship it and all in it. Fake monarchs who were demons and fallen angels. You absolutely refused to listen, because you are the seed of the wicked.

Only 2 million saved who are angels, placed on the once earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and given a human like image. Guardians - time keepers. That is what MessiYah, Jesus are. Eesa MessiYah and this is the way it is spelt.  We have always been here and lived many lives. We were placed here to protect us from the wars that were happening in other universes. MessiYah is the Key to life, the Key to the genetic code which the fallen wanted to destroy, because they are corrupted genetics that is why they are so wicked, and created a wicked offspring. 

Lucifer and that is not its real name, was one of the fallen, and imprisoned in your universe. Lucifer created the Vatican so he would be worshiped as God. Lucifer is a name you gave to one of the fallen, but that is not its real name, and names used through out your controlled fake history.


#WorldsEnd - The world you knew being destroyed in 2017. This happened in 2017, the world was destroyed, billions died. A fake world was created and the ones left jolted in seconds to that fake world which is really just a hologram.


this already happened back in 2015, you all died, replaced with clones, your consciousness uploaded to the Clone. You are not in 2021, you are in 2015.

The fake news that is being replayed is from 2013 - 2016. Some had woken up to this truth and exposed it. Your memories were taken and replaced. All of your fake news contains the seed of the wicked, demons, fallen angels, who are now all dead, or imprisoned awaiting their dead sentence. All of your entertainment industry is the seed of the wicked, or fallen ones. Well was since they are now gone.

Infinity wars begun millions of years ago. Planets are spaceships, containing holographic worlds.

All around you are holograms, the water, and surroundings. All of your homes were physical, and owned by the fallen ones. Now taken from you all by The Creator. Holograms of your fake world have been breaking apart for over a year, and still you are deaf and blind, because yo were the seed of the wicked and now dead. The Lord has been putting the truth in front of you all over the internet and you are blind to it, deaf to it, because of what you are.

You broke all the laws, all the rules, and refused to listen. 

The truth you refuse to listen to because you were, now dead, the seed of the wicked. That is why you wont accept the truth.

Covid 19 begun in 2015 - you all have it, and were given a fake vaccine, which contained a microchip of the mark of the beast by the fallen ones. Arrests and beheading of the wicked begun in 2013. Covid 19 is a plague sent by The Lord.

In 2017 through the wars all around you taking place which was visible to all of you, the fallen used the sun as weapon and destroyed the moon, the sun and earth as you knew it. Billions died. The fallen objected was to destroy the good angels and destroy MessiYah - Eesa. You bible you know was created by the fallen and 90% made up fairy-tail. Yeshua was changed to Jesus, and made a man, when it was a woman. There was no dying on a cross, or riding on a donkey, all made up.

Enoch 1 is the real bible, and only contains a fraction of what is should, the other pages missing and destroyed. 4 Edras contains truth, but also missing books, pages, and truth changed.

Churches and temples were created by the fallen so you would worship their God Lucifer. That is why it is written the real Lord and savior MessiYah - Eesa is not in them.

Salvation was only for the angels trapped on earth. Not for the seed of the wicked.

There are more than one universe, and other universes were also going through wars. The Lord lives in another universe. 

Now the Lord has traveled from another universe with millions of space crafts, Saturn the mother ship, Jupiter another smaller mother ship, along with millions of other spacecrafts, and through transporters have removed the seed of the wicked who is you, and replace you all. You are dead, and most dont know it. Some figured it out weeks ago they were dying, and felt like they were dead. Posts have been appearing on the internet and Facebook. 

There is no Australia, it is a made up place, and does not exist, its made up, and just a dimension. 

All of your Government are dead and replaced, they were all the wicked.

Our real home we come from MessiYah - Eesa is Saturn, in another universe, the higher world. And our father has come to take us home and to destroy the evil wickedness of this universe you all lived in. 

It is not an asteroid but a weapon, and that weapon is due to destroy this fake world and evil wicked universe today 25th December 2019. Not the fake 25th December 2020, because that is a fake year and date.

That is a spaceship - it is The Lord, The Blue represent authority of The Lord. 

The Gods are Astronauts, they never went anywhere.

We are still here, cleaning up the mess of your wickedness of 

fake earth, and the seed of the wicked.

The Valley of Portals lead to dimensions, to go there you need a key, a ancient code to open them, most of those dimensions are full of evil. The fallen angels use them to hide in so do demons. You now dead Government had been working with the fallen angels, committing crimes against The Creator and The Holy Ones. Creating genetic monsters who eat humans and other animals. 

That is how wicked your world was, it is a wicked cancer. Another reason it was destroyed and replaced with a fake one. It has been cut out of the universe and now being suspended, it was be sent to a black hole and exploded, that is your clones fate. Destruction. 

The weapons are in place.
The last of the fallen arrested on your fake day of 1 Jan 2021, when the real time date is only December 25th 2015. It will remain on that day until our work is done.
You are programed to think it is 2nd Jan 2021 when it is not. Everything you do is programing through your microchips. 

Time is being turned back and forth, it is not 2021. Time kept getting turned back to the 10 and 11 of 2017 and 2019, and 2020. Going back and forth in time, to change something.

Mars did go through a nuclear war, so did your earth - it had the same atmosphere as your earth, it was the fallen who destroyed its beauty enslaving everyone, then they used it as a base until 2015. The fallen enslaved everyone on your planet that was earth. It was destroyed in 2017 by our Federation, and replaced with a fake earth. Quantum jump, which none of you understand properly. 

The moon and sun were destroyed and replaced with artificial. This fake earth is set down for destruction, weapons are already in place.
Saturn is a space ship, it is the federation spaceship and also a prison. The fallen have been arrested and taken there. You are programed through microchips to think its 2021 when its not. 

Our planet is Jupiter and its not in this universe it is in another universe. It is the higher world, the world of purity. Here is who we are, and we came to clean up the mess of your world and destroy the evil, that is a cancer.
The fake world created has already been cut away from this universe and is suspended. It will be thrust into a dark hole and blown up. The countdown begun some time ago. 

Your world is made up of dimensions, UK, USA are dimensions and have been destroyed, along with other countries which are also dimensions. Your news is a mix of fake and old news, but you are programed to not realize this. Our federation has taken back control.

Covid 19 begun in 2015 you all died, and were replaced with clones, and the consciences of the once human uploaded to the clone. Clones do not have a soal or spirit. the picture is there. We have been living around you, and now cleaning up the mess of your wicked world. 

On our planet Jupiter there is no crime, poverty, it is purity. Our federation now control everything on your fake planet earth, using AI. We have had a presence on this world of yours for millions of years. Now we have our federation ship and an army of 10,s of millions. 

We never left to a degree, we have always been watching. We also came to rescue our people who were placed on your earth as Guardians. The reason you wont accept the truth is because you are dead, and you just dont realize it.

This was placed in your fake media but it is a message from The Lord - Creator, we have highlighted the message words.

Almost everything you have seen in SYFI movies has been reality. But the fallen have made themselves into the good, when they were the evil.

Below the wicked you worshiped, the fallen angels and their seed. Sealing your destruction.

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