Extraterrestrial War Lords run and control your world - pure evil - wickedness

March 17, 2021

Extraterrestrial War Lords did run and control your world - pure evil that is who your super wealthy are, who you call the fallen, but they are really extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional evil entities posing as a human form through advanced technology. Obama, Biden, Trump, Clintons, Rothchilds, Jeff Bozos - Amazon, The Kardashians, and the list keeps going. The Rockerfellers - Mark Zuckerberg. And our Federation army have recently destroyed them all. 
They are dead, they dont exist, nor does the USA and the rest of the world, because it was destroyed in the galactic wars, destroying this evil.
It is made to look as though its still there using technology, AI, the same effects that are used in your movies. The year is only 2017, it is not 2021. 
In the picture above Obama one of these Draco overlords, who was ruling your planet, shapeshifting, as with Biden. You will see the other entities in the picture are extra-terrestrial also changing. 

We are showing you the truth to what is going on. you are foolish and stupid for not paying attention.  A lot of this evil eat babies and human flesh, all real.

Draco war lord OBAMA Daughter REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTER | Inauguration 2017.


click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight

Extraterrestrial War Lords run and control your world - pure evil - wickedness

There is more than one universe.
The evil wicked extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional entities stole this universe
and made it their own, killing everything
around them. You are not only a product of them, you were their slaves.
You were all microchipped, at creation, that was
used to control you all. Your actions, were all of that of the wicked. Then they killed you all and replaced you with clones, and robots with synthetic skin. 
The sky is manufactured, and not real
clouds are not clouds, something else
stars are not stars, spacecrafts, and something else.
The moon is a satellite, but not what you depict a satellite to be, more like a stationary and moving spacecraft.
Covid 19 begun in 2013, by 2015 you were all dead. It is only 2017. You were replaced with clones. All clones also have a microchip, which is you kill switch, to end you all. Covid 19 is about demons, and your end. There is no vaccine.
All of your media is manufactured BS.

This is a documentary showing you the truth, back up by Presidential and military testimonies. You are programmed by these evil entities as their salves to not acknowledge the truth, but here it is, and this is just the tip of the truth to what is going on.

They created all of your wars, use spacecrafts, spaceships more advanced than in your movies. These entities have been putting it right in your face their technology, their space ships, their wars, their killing of you, rape and pillage of the entire universe, and its been right under your noses in movies they write and create. Its what you call soft disclosure. 
This entire lot of parasites, have been altering History, rewriting it to suit themselves, controlling what you know. History is wrong, it has been manufactured by this lot of evil, leaving out the real history, changing timelines, years, months, days. 

They even created TV series WestWorld, which was about a bunch of superior beings creating a world where they pulled the strings from above, creating clones, in a wild west setting, where women were slaves, raped and beaten each day. When the woman died from her injuries, they paused THE WORLD the clones, and replaced the victim with another clone, and carried on, while they sat above in some sort of ivory tower and laughed at what was going on.
In that picture of the evil that is who has been pretending to be your savior Jesus, Yeshua, Adoni
all made up fictional characters in their fucking games with you all.
This evil fuck made up your bible so you would worship them all, steal your money,
create Holy wars, to again profit from them, while the innocent died, and they sat back and laughed at you all.
There is no heaven, no God, all made up by this pure fucking evil, to control you all.
that is the truth you will never see published or on your main stream media networks which they all control. All they do is fuck with your minds through the microchips you all have. There are quotes in your made up bible of a fairy-tale story, but they did not come from there, they came from ancient manuscripts warning everyone, laws, and other prophecies and judgments that were going to take place on the entire universe in Enoch. Even Enoch has been changed, deliberately, miss-translated-manipulated, missing hundreds of pages. And in the real translations not one single mention of religion.
Every day you are still worshiping this evil, who are extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional entities. Even old stone pictures from ancient Egypt and such show you what these entities are and were, how they enslaved everyone, how they were eating people, the human form, it even shows you space technology existed and was used all the time. It is YOU, slave who are arrogant to the truth that has been right in front of you all this time. 

all dead, all demons and holograms, they dont exist, never married, had a baby
let alone pregnant again. they were always the fallen playing you all.


click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight

SHOCKING Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video. The fraud, the murders, criminal acts, money laundering, bribery, trillions of dollars funneled into these evil entities bank accounts. And not one criminal charge because of what and who they were. Extra-terrestrial draco war lords who made themselves gods. pure evil. watch and be educated. You will even see this evil shapeshift in this video also.

those spaceships in the picture and from their own video are their own, extra-terrestrial, thats their own ships https://www.facebook.com/50ShadesofAbuseNOMORE/posts/2814682902120257



Hunger Games was about a group of children, made to fight each other in the wilderness, to the death and survive. All of these vile and evil things have been going on. Movie after movie of evil right in your face, of not fiction but reality.
Wolverine fact not fiction, and children being created in labs with blades for fingers etc, children who can be bombs, and the lab in The Movie Dulce Base New Mexico, all real not fiction, and The Military base real its DULCE Base New Mexico, they are world wide everywhere, well they were before they were destroyed. Hugh Jackman is not even a human, it is one of these wicked entities, who has you all worshiping it as an idol.
Pine Gap in top of wicked Australia, same sort of wicked experiments going on, creating monsters, then letting them loose on society. All real.
Look at the evil that is done to animals, pure fucking evil and all the time under the skin, or should we say inside of the fake human form was an evil entity, extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional of some sort. They dont give a fuck, its a sport and fun to them. They are corrupted genetics that is why they do this, and who they are a product of, which is you, dont forget, you are the product of this evil.
That is why you worship them, worship greed, money, power, position, and are so fucking selfish. Artificial Intelligence controls your weather.

They make every disease, all of them, and then trick you with their poison to make you well again. Vaccines are nothing more than poison, they cure nothing.

Cancer is created through your microchips, these evil entities give it to you, well they call it cancer, but in reality its just them playing games. Radiation does not cure cancer, it kills you, they just replace you with another clone. This wickedness has gone on for centuries.
Thousands of years ago there was no such thing as cancer, or any of these other evil wicked diseases they create. We dont have cancer or any of these diseases in our pure universe. You only have them in your wicked one. But in saying that other planets identical to your earth never had these diseases either, or the level of wickedness on yours. In fact they were peaceable worlds until your wicked ones destroyed them for greed and power.

These evil entities killed you all, replaced you all with clones, more than once, you are a proxy cut out for these entities to live in and thats it, they have no regard for human life, none, everything is for their own agenda and that's it.
You are a product of them. Women in the human form even as a clone are being raped and beaten, same is happening to children, some retain their memories, others have their memories taken from them.
And all the while it has been these entities using your human form body to do this, and even non human form bodies have been doing it to you.
They have no regard for the human type form, weather it clone or otherwise, you are just disposable trash to them, they treat you as a game.
evil piece of shit Bush and some self ordained King from Saudi Arabia, all of them are really extra-terrestrial evil overlords. The pictures from from a video, shapeshifting
all the way through. In you face to what was right in front of you.
Bush is a draco, evil piece of shit, and that thing from Saudi Arabia is what is called a grey
both are evil, liars, deceivers, murderers. Gave themselves these titles, made
themselves filthy rich by fraud, deception. They are not your friend, they are your enemy
and now all destroyed by The Federation army.

Another TV series The Order, right in your face what they were doing, dark magic, erasing peoples memories, making a new memory, creating werewolf hybrid people who ran around eating their hearts.  Then you have all these other entities that are not human, who shapeshift and also kill people. The Order of The Blue Rose dark magic wanting to control the entire world, and the names of The Obamas, Clintons, Bush's, Oprah Winfrey, and many others mentioned in the series as members of the Blue Rose. Its been in your face, all this time.
not children, not human, not a woman, these are evil extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional entities
playing dress-up. Its been in your face this entire time. Evil entities who are over 500 yrs old
playing dress-up as a child, and it is your child this is being done to, you are programed not to see what the child really is. That is who the Kardashian, Jenner, Kanye West evil has always been, why the hell do you think they are in your face every minute of the day. Anything that is in the public eye in any form are this evil fooling you all.
All of these entities have been destroyed, they do not exist, only through the fabrication in the controlled media. Khloe Kardashian is a robotic clone, was never pregnant, not female,
not real. Kylie Jenner not real, killed, it was created in a lab, then killed, then the evil extra-terrestrial took over the identity. Kim Kardashian not female, fake marriage, fake being a women, faked pregnancies, faked its empire, its all fabricated, all of them. It is fabricated through the lies in the media, and you all fell for it. 
Anyone associated with them all were the same entities, and are now all dead, put on trial and executed.
here we have another fake child - Karolina Protsenko - an entity posing as a 12 year old girl, when its not. The mobile phone picture shows you what is really there. This fake child plays violin like a 
mistro, and this fake child says she has been playing only since she was 6-7 years old.
This is how the deception is done, how they build up these entities to worshiped as idols, and make them rich.


not one human in that picture taken from the media March 15 2017, not 2021 like they are trying
to deceive you into thinking it is. Its only 2017. Most of these pictures actually come from 2015, and they are trying to flog them off as being 2021 when its not. Even videos you see from people and news its old footage, some prior to 2015 and they are trying to flog this off as 2021 when its not. When 2021 is mentioned in a video its been digitally altered. We have even see events from 2008 that have been flogged off as 2021, when they were not. The deception and lies are off the charts.
again not human person in those forensic reveals, none, that picture is from 2015, as we said 
the proxy cut out human, when its nothing more than extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional evil crap everywhere, they are also what you call demons. Covid 19 is about demons, there is no dam vaccine, that is a massive lie and deception, the fake vaccine contains another microchip.

Every single disease they create, and its all done to not only control you, but to destroy you, and to make money off you. Vaccines are nothing more than poison, thats all they are. And again they create a false narrative so they can control you when you say i dont want to take your poison.
Cancer, and every illness, this evil creates, and they do this through your microchip, they can make you be in pain, make you attack someone, make you have a car accident, road rage.
These entities use other entities to attack you while you sleep, can burn your house down, set fire to your bed while you sleep, cause you to have a car accident, tamper with your car, and this evil does it all the time.
You are all microchipped, all of you, and that chip has a built in kill switch.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates evil extra-terrestrial war lords, not human shapeshifting. The screen shots enlarged come from a video 2003. In this section of the video Bill Gates evil parasite shapeshifted all the way through. Another picture you will see the extra-terrestrial of Melinda Gates, the human image you see is like a shell, it is created using technology.
This is why these parasites are so wealthy, made into super powers, and are so dam evil. They are liars, deceivers, murderers.
You will see the data in this one vaccine that murdered over 450,000 children.
There has been a terrestrial war going on, right under your noses, vaccines, biological warfare is one of the weapons. They are not vaccines, nothing but poison, we warned you all and you refused to listen.
All Vaccines are poison, that is all they are. They create a made up virus and then say you have to be vaccinated, every virus is extra-terrestrial made, they make them, to kill you, and make money for themselves off you. Covi$d 1&9 is real but its about demons, there is no dam vaccine, none. 


This video is where the screen shots come from, in your face evil, wicked, and extra-terrestrials. Warren Buffet controls the drug trade world wide, well it did before they were all destroyed.
This evil controls all your media, banking, internet, corporations, stock market, housing market, energy, even though free energy has been in existence and used for millions of years, they trick you, and having you paying for antiquated power and fuel for your car, when fusion energy is readily available.
These parasites use fusion energy and charge you for antiquated energy to power your home.
There is free energy to fuel your car, there would be no use for oil any more, but then these evil parasites would not be able to make money off you all. So basically they created you, as there product so you could be their slave, and so they could make money off you and your suffering, and on top of that you worshiped them as gods.  

You turn your back on the poor, vulnerable, suffering, homelessness, less fortunate when they need help, you would never give your last $20 to someone in need of give them a roof over their head for free. Because you are the seed of the wicked ones, and you worship yourselves, money, greed and iniquity because of what you are, and where you came from. Thats why you are all being destroyed. All of your selfishness and wickedness did not get you salvation, it got you destruction. All your homes are going to be blown up. All your money taken from you.

That in that forensics reveal is this evil crap, that have always been your monarchs, they had you lot of slaves running around worshiping them, while they were stealing from you and killing you. And no they did not have a baby, and are not married, that was all done to mock you and so you would worship them even more. As we said wicked and fucked up. click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight

click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight


click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight

none of them, this evil crap are alive, none of them, all dead. BUT you are not allowed to show the truth to what is going on, its now against the law to show the truth. what a fucked up fake world, of lies, deception, evil. believe nothing in your media of lies and deception. The truth is not published it is covered up, and buried. You live in an evil wicked world where evil is still being promoted as good, and worshiped as idols, kings, queens.

click on every picture for larger view to see more of what has been hiding in plain sight

might want to click on the picture to bring to full size, to see the fake kids, the evil right in front of you, playing dressup so you will worship them. why the hell do you think they are in your face 24/7. wake up you fools. nope you are programed to worship this evil and their evil fake families. none of them are related, because kids are not kids or babies. women are not even women, and men are not men.

If you do not bow down to them and be their slaves in every way possible, including sexual, they will destroy you, through cruelty first then death.
They are responsible for domestic violence, murders, rapes, rapes of children, babies, all of it, this is them doing this using a human image to hide under, and in.

Who are we to tell you all of this, we are not from your universe, we are from the pure universe, and part of The Federation, who expose and hunt down these criminals, and remove them from the universe permanently. They are put on trial on the Federation space ship, then they are executed.
Through the wars that are happening all around you, entire continents, countries have been destroyed.
This evil and wicked came to our universe stole children, and made them prisoners on your evil world, then held them for ransom, to use as bargaining chips.  The evil done to these children, criminal beyond your comprehension, because these evil entities, are fucked in the head, they are corrupted genetics, and have no empathy or remorse.

The only one left where the top evil ones fled to, is fake Australia, that is not the right name for Australia, its a fake name, because this island is a prison, and slowly the evil and wicked ones are being destroyed, which includes all of you, because they use you to hide in.
The fate of this entire universe is destruction and inhalation, there will be nothing left but dust.

This universe was not meant to end up like it has, all it is, is complete and utter wickedness and evil, and you have been forced to worship that evil.



all the names mentioned in this video, Jeff Bozos, Bill Gates, etc, they are dead for one thing, and they were extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional evil entities that had been running your entire world. That is truth you wont find on this channel. Kazakhstan was another place these evil entities did this. Its been destroyed by the Federation, that is who we are part of. We came from other universe to destroy the evil in yours. You had war lords of an extra-terrestrial nature running your entire world, and that was their plan in your video. Its been stopped. By the way there are no people in those cities, just robotic clones, who are slaves, and do what ever this evil tell them to do. WOW a bit like you lot, worshiping this evil as idols while they killed you all.
start here is you wont real truth, because your video only tells 5% of the truth. https://guardians-god.blogspot.com/2021/03/extraterrestrial-war-lords-run-and.html

The orb in your cover for the video, is just that, an orb, there are millions of them on your planet, basically they video everything, spy on everything, but this evil did control everything on your planet anyway. There has been a war going on all around you, you are programed not to see it. 



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