The fake G7 summit - all dead - destruction by The Lord

June 13, 2021


The fake G7 summit - all dead - destruction by The Lord of the wicked and evil ones. None of them are alive, all dead. The UK Monarch of pure evil, fake monarch, this evil gave themselves these titles of monarchs and presidents, prime minsters, princess, you are the seed of this evil and wickedness. The summit before this fake G7 summit was also called the G7, which we shared the forensic pictures of, showing you everyone was dead, all dead for years. pictures are in here of the last fake G7 summit

 The year is not 2021, the Month is not June. 

All the fallen, and terrestrials, and they were all arrested, and all dead, destroyed by The Lord and his army of millions, simple ones. 


All this evil crap are dead, destroyed by The Lord and our

army of millions. 

This screen shot comes from a video, which was all faked, doctored, your evil queen and monarch are dead, dead, dead, destroyed by The Lord and our army. Always always a fake monarch of pure evil, wickedness, and extra-terrestrials. You blind silly fools worshiping this evil. Scott Morrison is dead, so is its family, it did not go to the UK, or anywhere, because none of them exist. The G7 summit is faked, all faked, staged, a stage show you fools. All of the evil you see at the fake summit are all dead, destroyed.

This destruction, has been going on everywhere, to destroy this evil and all the seed of the wicked and evil ones.

Kate Middleton and its side kick fake husband are dead, been dead for years, was never pregnant, never had kids, because it was never ever female, evil dressed up in a frock, just like the rest of them. The same as Meghan Markel, and Harry, evil dressed up in a frock and suit. This pair of evil never married, all faked, fake pregnancies, fake kids, all faked you fools. Get off your lazy asses and look at the forensics and take not of who we are.

The other fake G7 summit where they were all dead. They have all been dead for years, fools

This fake summit is the Lord mocking you all, worshiping this evil and wickedness in the pictures, of what is really there. None of your governments are alive, none of them, arrested, tried and destroyed. Replaced with technology. Covid is about destruction, it is from The Lord, and there is no dam test, no vaccine, no cure, just all of your deaths and destruction.

The Lord is in control not you lot of wickedness. The Lord is here to take back what was stolen by all of you, 20% left to destroy. 

The rightful monarch is here, in this link, none of you fools have a clue to what is going on.

The year is not 2021, the Month is not June. 

click on every picture for full size view - to see what is really hiding in plain sight.

that is the fake scott morrison - dead, does not exist, destroyed by The Lords army

just like the rest of them were. Scott Morrison was an evil piece of crap, a criminal, like the rest of them. It was arrested years ago, put on trial by The Lord, and destroyed. Scott Morrison like the rest of them mocked The Lord on a daily basis, The Lord, our army, and The real Queen, Queen Eesa will not be mocked.

all of this evil has been dead for years - their existence is being faked using 

technology and movie effects - all dead - destroyed by The Lord and our army of millions. Fake monarch - they have zero authority - none - stolen titles.



Below the fallen who ruled your world, who you made into idols

Your Monarch.

 .“Come, I will show you the punishment of the fallen, who ruled all nations.
2 They made themselves the kings of the earth committed
wickedness, evil, rape, murder, and the inhabitants of the earth, their seed, worshiped them as idols,
and worshiped their evil and wickedness.”
 There I saw a the fallen ones, beasts, sah-TAHN, using many names and identities.(seven heads and ten horns).
 The deceivers, wicked and evil ones, deceived dressed in purple and scarlet, and were glittering with gold,
precious stones and pearls. (your monarchs, idols, and those on high)
They held a golden cup in their hands, filled with abominable things and the filth of their creations/seed, wickedness, evil.
 The name written on them, fallen ones, wicked and evil ones, the abominations of the earth.

all nations, peoples (proxy cutouts) were deceived by your sorcery (fallen ones, terrestrials) "Pharmakeia” technology

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