The birth of the Antichrist your new messiah - this is who you chose

September 03, 2020


This who you chose, you chose The Antichrist, dead demon Kayne West, as the risen messiah, The Mark of The Beast, you lot are worshiping. The 10,000 year old demons Kardashians, Kim Kardashian demon gives birth to the new messiah the antichrist. Demon Kanye West portrays himself all over your demon run media at Jesus, as the messiah, and kim kardashian demon is his mary. This deception has gone on for years, but at the same time what this filth is has been in your face the entire time. 

You just refuse to listen, and kept right on promoting, worshiping what ADONI - The Lr-rd's laws said dont do, you broke his laws, these abominations broke his laws and covenants set down in the very beginning of the creation of everything. Yes laws and covenants set down that every single living creator, celestial and terrestrial had to abide by, and you simple did not. The Kardashian, Jenners, Kanye West are part of the beasts that ADONI rose up to bring about the end of his world, to bring about the destruction. It tells you in the scripture, 2nd Edras also known as 4 Edras, that is where revelations was stolen from. 

The Lr-rd, Yah, Adoni had Ezra write down 90 books, The Lr-rds words, and yet you will only find 10 chapters in your Bible trashed by The Vatican, They removed the books because they did not like what they had to say and exposed the vatican as being frauds. But again you arrogant haughty lot who ADONI is removing refuse to listen, and kept right on trashing Adoni, YAH, The Lr-rd's words, Yeshua's words and twisting them to suit your selves. Something The Holy One's tell you in the scriptures not to do.

Ky-lie jenner and demon kim kardashian are the same demon shit, but you simply wont listen, or see.

There is no ky-lie jenner apart from androids, demons, and AI (artificial intelligence).(lower case names for a reason, they are demons, devils, antichrist)

to see more of what is right before your eyes of these demon liars, click on the image for full size view

You refuse to stop worshiping demons, devils and the mark of the beast, so ADONI, The Lr-rd, The Orophim are now letting them run your world, because you refused to listen.

Kayne West dead, demon, been dead for many years, fathered zero children, because it is dead for one, and Kim Kardashian is not even a women, or human, its 10,000 year old demons, plays the role of many including Meghan markel and Trump. The fake kids of demon West are just that demons, they are not children, they are demons.


Ky-lie jenner was never pregnant or had a child, there is no dam child you fools, its AI, androids demons, they have zero wealth, zero, nothing, its all fabricated through the control of the media. Their social media accounts run by AI, their followers faked.

Dead demon Kanye West represents greed, gluttony, INIQUITY, corruption, lies, deception, fraud, demons, The Mark of The Beast, and The Antichrist. It is not alive, its all being fabricated using holograms.

All of this circus act is being done using holograms, demons AI, Joel Olstein is dead, they do not exist
church services all faked, church service blaspheming The real Holy Ones, Kanye West is not Jesus who's real name is Yeshua/MessiYah. Everything this dead crap does is to mock and deceive. It is your media full of lies and deception promoting this demon crap, have been for years, it has no money none.

The holy book's Genesis has been reworked for a "modern day Bible" dubbed The Book of Yeezus and believe it or not, every mention of God has been changed to the rapper's name.

Dead demon West cant make up its mind, one minute its god, then its Jesus, Now its Moses, and the 2nd riches black man in America. Well it did sell its soul to the devils, playing the role of many parts by the look of it. Kanye West dead as it is, still delusional as ever. That's what happens when you drink too much of the demon coolade.

That is not even a real building, its a model, dead demon Kanye is looking very feminine in that pic, that is because it was a female, not a male. 

This utter filth and blasphemy is your new Mary, new risen messiah, you chose these filthy demons.

click on any picture for full size view

demon fake female, fake human KIMO is depicting its self as Eve in the garden of eden, picking the forbidden fruit turning into a snake, its fake body has the bottom half of a serpent, because that is what it is a demon serpent. The forbidden fruit is technology, spells, saurcery, pharmakeia magic, sorcery, enchantment,
the use of medicine, drugs or spells,
technology Galatians 5:20 N-NFS,Revelation 18:23 N-DFS for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;
Revelation 18:23 for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. 

by sorcery, technology, spell you were all deceived

the nude pregnancy photo clearly photoshopped it sticks out a mile because that demon does 

 click on the images for larger view

 we showed you what it looks like, it is faking a human form, 

what ever gets it/ demon the most attention so it can be worshiped.

again this trash portraying its self as The virgin Mary.

This utter filth and blasphemy is your new Mary, new risen messiah, you chose these filthy demons

And the deception keeps on going, given unlimited press, prestige, adulation, worshiping, drives, well fake drives around in  Lamborghinis, masseraties, roles Royce's, live in $40 million homes, $20 million dollar ranches, designer clothing, fashion labels. Mind you all of that is faked. Because it actually has zero wealth. The holidays are all faked using AI.

 And on top of it all it constantly brags about how rich it is, and anyone else is too poor to worry about or associate with it. West even rewrote the bible to suit its self. The bible of Kanye West its called. wrote wrap songs about jesus absolutely blaspheming The real Holy One's. Doesnt know the real Lr-rds name, or the Real MessiYah's name. Demons are not allowed to say it.

Well The Holy One's on this earth, YESHUA/Eesa are too poor for both of these demon fools. We live in a car, they live in multimillion dollar homes walk around in designer clothing, drive around in sports cars. But they dont have souls, sold them to devils and demons. Mathew 16 - 26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

Mathew 19:21 21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.
22 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.
23 ¶ Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven
24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of ADONI - Tzva'ot - God.

We contacted Kanye West demon many times, no answer, because everything is AI run. Of course we knew that would be the case because of who we are.

When you see a video of it in the media it is AI only, but hey that's what you all wanted, so that is what ADONI is giving you.

 pharmakeia magic, sorcery, enchantment,  the use of medicine, drugs or spells,
technology Galatians 5:20 N-NFS, Revelation 18:23 N-DFS for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;
for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.  NAS: were deceived by your sorcery.KJV: by thy sorceries were all INT:
by the sorcery of you were misled


You lot think you are going through the worst recession since the Great Depression of 1920-1930 and since world war 2, which your not, but you about to go through even worse than that, because you chose the antichrist over the real MESSIYAH yes the real MESSIYAH is spelt like that.

And the real Holy Ones, The real risen MESSIYAH, YESHUA are leaving this world, ADONI is giving it over to the demons, he told you in the scripture he was going to do this, but you refused to listen and kept right on trashing the scriptures, his words, his laws, his covenants, his KODESH, and kept right on worshiping INIQUITY, false idols, greed, selfishness, demons and devils. ADONI put it in the scriptures who they are and were, and you would not listen. We showed you through the forensics them hiding in plain sight but you would not listen.

There is no Meghan Markel, and Harry Mountbatten, no baby, no child, there is no UK Monarch, because they were always demons, devils and false idols, false monarch, Adoni put it in the scriptures and again you refused to listen.

The entire wedding was faked, made up, ADONI put it in your face and again you refused to listen.


we are not going to keep re-posting picture after picture showing you what is hiding in plain sight, demons, devils, get off your ass and start paying attention, because for most of you its now too late, your fate is already decided, destruction.

 Your new messiah - antichrist with another demon, you chose them both.crispy critter demon devil kanye west, looking a bit crisp there kanye. 

(Psalm140:9-10) “9 “As for the head of those who surround me, Let the evil of their lips cover them;
10 Let burning coals fall upon them; Let them be cast into the fire, Into deep pits, that they rise not up again.”

Dead, demon, dead human, fake human, cripspy critter Kanye West did not even qualify in any way possible to be registered, this is an absolute fact. But noticed how not one single media in the entire BS world is reporting this. Or reporting its dead, a demon, its a criminal. Not one media, you want to know who is responsible for child rapes, child sexual ritual abuse, its demons,

and they are all through your court system running it, all through your government running it, all through your hellywood and entertainment industry you worship - all demons, its through your corporations, and list keeps going.

Beyonce is not a woman, never, its not even black, was never pregnant, faked everyone of its demon pregnancies, it can not sing, all done through saurcery, they are demons and devils, you utter fools and they are dead, we can tell you that, they have been destroyed in the judgment.

 click on any image for full size view to see more of the demons you worship

But you lot of demon lovers, you are not bothered by this, you will worship them anyway, pissing off ADONI at the same time.

This the filth you chose, this is the darkness you chose over light

“I do not want you to be participants with demons.
You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons.
You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.
—1 Corinthians 10:20-21

 1 Cor. X. 20. " The things which the Gentiles sacrifice,they sacrifice to devils, and not to God."

Enoch. xix. 2. " So that they sacrifice to devils as to Gods."

 Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them.

Demons are able to take shape, form and be visible to humans
(Job 4:15).
Demons confuse the truth by utilizing demonic lies and half-truths
(1 John 4:4).
Those who worship idols and pagan gods are really worshiping
and sacrificing to demons.
Demons live to deceive people into worshiping themselves
(1 Corinthans 10:20-21).

This crap did not die of cancer, it was destroyed by ADONI for being a high order demon from exo-worlds, that is not a dog its walking, its a demon you absolute fools. It is only demons, devils, who get worshiping in the media, promoted in the media, who are given adulation like this thing is getting, and those doing this are the same demonic entities. The end is assured destruction just like destruction for anyone who worships them and does not expose them.

the deception by these demons and their acting performance

is off the scales, faking pregnancies, now misscarriages

Tyler Perry has been destroyed by ADONI, massive high order demon, hiding in plain sight
might want to take a look at the rest of the exo-world demons in the squares
The worlds richest, not even human, they are all demons or devils, deceiving the world
it was never ever poor and homeless, It is dead, destroyed by ADONI

demons, children born in labs to be vessels for demons, they have no souls, born demons, its wicked but this has been going on for decades, There is no Sophia Richie just demons and AI


This is the real MESSIYAH, HOLY ONE's, KING, YESHUA, ADONI, HOLY SPIRIT, HOLY TRINITY you rejected over demons and devils and darkness. So now those who were to be saved have gone, ADONI created 2 worlds. This world you are in is the world that is being given over to demons, because you refused to listen, and acknowledge in the flesh, not the spirit/soul The real MESSIYAH, and YESHUA, the real risen GOD. You absolutely trashed them, and put yourselves above them.

We are far too poor, for you to even see us, let alone acknowledge us, we live in a car, dress from the opshop, we have zero material wealth, nothing. You demon loving fools could not even offer us a caravan to live in. SO now The Lr-rd - Tzva'ot is going take everything from you, everything, even your safes full of money. They have already started.

To you demon lovers of Iniquity you see us as trash, you made your selves above The HOLY TRINITY. 

 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

Psalms 89- God's covenant
27 Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth.

28 My mercy will I keep for him for evermore, and my covenant shall stand fast with him.

29 His seed also will I make to endure for ever, and his throne as the days of heaven.

36 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me.


EZRA -4- ESDRAS 12:31 And the lion, whom you saw rising up out of the wood, and roaring, and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which you have heard;

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 12:32 This is the anointed, which the Most High YAHWEH has kept until the end of days, who will arise from the posterity of David, and will come and speak to them; He will denounce them for their checedlessness and for their wickedness, and will cast up before them their contemptuous dealings. • Dan 7:13-14; 1En 48:6; 1En 62:7

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 12:33 For first HE shall set them living before HIS judgment seat, and shall rebuke them, then He will destroy them.

Eesa is YESHUA, The MESSIYAH, The rightful KING/Queen, The rightful monarch, The living God, who you rejected, you rejected light for darkness. It is not up to you arrogant haughty ones to choose the tests ADONI puts before the world. Eesa/Yeshua/MESSIYAH remained hidden from the world for a time of now, and jut like thousands of years ago, Yeshua was rejected, so again this generation of wickedness has rejected The living God Eesa/MessiYah/Yeshua, they are one, The Holy Trinity

  Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

 Elohim and Oraphim that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races The Guardians, The 144,000, The Universal Time Keepers

  Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

we told you who we are, who Yeshua is, Eesa - The Holy Spirit, and you blasphemed them all.

 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

Luke 10:16 Then he said to the disciples, “Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting me. And anyone who rejects you is rejecting me. And anyone who rejects me is rejecting YHWH- Adonai Tzva'ot, the “Lord of Hosts” God, who sent me.”
1 Samuel 2:10
The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces; against them he will thunder in heaven. The Lord will judge the ends of the earth; he will give strength to his king and exalt the power of his anointed.”
1 Jn. 2:7 Brethren, I write a new commandment unto you, but it is the same commandment which ye had from the beginning . . .
jst 1 Jn. 2:8 . . . which thing was of old ordained of  Adonai Tzva'ot, the “Lord of Hosts” God; and is true in him, and in you
Rev. 19:15 And out of his mouth proceedeth the word of Adonai Tzva'ot, the “Lord of Hosts” God, and with it he will smite the nations; and he will rule them with the word of his mouth; and he treadeth the winepress in the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. Isa. 11:4.
 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"
 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"
 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

 Revelations 22:16 also tells you Yeshua "I am the root and off spring of David and the bright morning star"

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