ANDROID - holographic skin - Transhuman - exo world take over COVID19

July 08, 2020

#DEMONS  #KYLIEJENNER exo-worlds, #androids with holographic skin, hologram fake humans, all of them are demons, not female, not male, not human. #MARKOFTHEBEAST  They love to deceive the world posing as women because it gets them attention, and worshiped as gods/idols and making millions of dollars at the same time.
They fake pregnancies, fake children, fake weddings, all so you will worship them.
This is ADONI showing you these demons, and what is going on, ADONI put this all the way through the ancient scriptures and you ignored every single word, that is what this world is in chaos and destruction.

This world is lost to demons, ADONI told you this, because you refused to listen, ADONI is destroying it, there is another world where there are no demons, or INIQUITY. This is who we are, and you absolutely refuse to acknowledge this, now the destruction of this world is in full swing.

They are all dead, demons, holograms, robotoids. ADONI destroyed them all, and still you are not paying attention. If you foolish do not know what is being depicted here, its devils, (pronounced sah-TAHN) the T is silent and it means “the adversary” or "foe" there is more than one devil, there are many, but not as what you have mislead by the evil vatican's deliberate act to deceive you all, trashing the translation of ADONI's YAH' words.

Mark of The Beast
wakie wakie, or are you all still sound asleep to what is going on.
Everyone of these entities are dead destroyed, some had their heads cut off, some were vapireized
because of what they were. the seed of evil. they have just been replaced with holograms, AI, and other entities that the Lord is controlling. This is about riding the world of evil, making everything Kodesh - which means clean, Holy again. 
click on the images for full size view to see more
these things here are the seed of demons - gabors, lizards with genetic manipulation
they are basically able to camouflage themselves from their true form
but in the pictures they are transforming.
they have all been destroyed

this is the grandson transforming while asleep
watch the video is tells you about how they prey on adrenochrome
from children and humans.


Not a human in sight

yes once again the trainwreck of demon Kardashians and dead kanye West. yes people dead and both demons. Kardashians, Jenners have always been, they fooled the world, and those fake trainwreck kids, are demons, not even these parasites fake kids. There should be a global headline, the demon Kardashians exposed, global criminals. By the wy the above picture of this demon getting off  plane is faked. Well the demon parts not, the actual trip is, its hologramed, pay attention to what we have put squares around in the picture above.
Kanye West is dead, has been for years, replaced wih a demon, and that demon is a false prophet, the anti-christ, mark of the beast so are the Kardashians and Jenners. They are given a global spotlight because they are demons and criminals, liars and deceivers.
These demons get more attention than JESUS CHRIST- MESSIYAH , ADONI-GOD, The Holy One's do.
The Kardashian Jenners have zero wealth it has been stripped from them by ADONI, and the GUARDIANS, The HOLY ONES who are here executing judgment.
There is no company, all made up BS, these parasites have no wealth, it has been stripped from them

click on any picture for larger view

Take the sports industry, and entertainment industry many have been replaced, we have constantly showed you the forensics, and data, along with video evidence.
 Yes your Government replaced, The entire Kardashians, Jenners, exo-world demons and androids, not even human, not female, or male.
There is no dam Ky-lie Jenner, or Ken-dal Jenner females or humans, the once child is dead, replaced with androids. They were never ever female, born male.
The Hadidid's the same thing, Chrissy Tiegen the same. John Legend, Elon Musk, Jeff Bozos, Donald Trump, all the Trumps, and the list goes on and on. Massive deception has taken place to all of humanity.
Kanye West dead, sold its soul to demons from fame and money, replaced with an android. Kanye west even told the entire world this. And you thought he was joking.
He is a false Prophet making money and fame of the real GOD who is THE MOST HIGH ADONI, and the Holy trinity of Jesus Christ, YESHUA. What Kanye west does is a crime against ADONI.
The android, transhumanism, represents the mark of the beast.
Might want to start paying attention to the ancient scriptures we kept showing you, because Adoni tells you this, even calling them all out, including your fake monarchs who are all dead and replaced with androids. Dr. Peter David Beter speaking on Organic Robotoids | Clones | Synthetics

They are all dead, taken out by the HOLY ONE's, a fact you simply wont acknowledge

 #KanyeWest #DonaldTrump Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian, not even related by the way, lying deceiving androids/demons playing the entire world. did you as a sovereign living person get your mutimillion dollar personal bailout, so you could go and buy a $15 million ranch, private jet, designer clothing, luxury holidays and a new $30 million dollar home. I think not, but these lying deceiving criminals who are not even human certainly did, lying stinking demons and androids deceiving and lying to the entire world.
all dead they do not exist

 Getting an interest free business loan that is never paid back in the tune of millions of dollars. The same raught goes on in Australia as well. Remember this people, these are demons from another dimension using holograms, robotoids to deceive you, and they are not even female, male or human. Yet in your dimension they made themselves Kings, got you to worship them as idols and gods. When in truth they are criminals, demons, stealing the money from the poor to live these grand lifestyles, while real humans, are living in cars, cardboard boxes, children dying, starving, while these bastards are living in multimillion dollar homes, flying around in private jets, thousands of dollars in designer clothing, luxury cars, etc, their lifestyles are flaunted all over the media, and magazines while they are nothing more than demons and criminals.
They have stolen tens of thousands of trillions of dollars from your world, and many a human has been the victim of their fraud and deception, and had everything stolen from them, by these parasites.

clones and androids are real , there in sports, our government, workers

Synthetic, Robotoid, Clone???

Dr. Peter David Beter speaking on Organic Robotoids | Clones | Synthetics

on stage demon Kanye West telling everyone he is dead, sold its soul to demons

LMAO - false prophet - demon kanye west
 justine bieber demon, yes bieber had you all fooled, it was a female, not male, and demon
hailley baldwin is a man, and demon. belong to a cult of devil and demon worshipers of hillsong. kanye west is a false prophet, dripping in iniquity, the anti-christ , mark of the beast

click on any picture for larger view


Yes all of your Government for decades have been replaced with androids, right up until this very day. Dr Peter David Beter was part of the program. Almost all of your hellywood and music industry corporations also replaced

Denzel Washington Goes Into the Clone Files
AI humanoïde robot synthetic person artificial intelligence clone

AI-generated "real fake" video of Barack Obama

Fake videos of real people -- and how to spot them | Supasorn Suwajanakorn


not a girl, not female, not even human or real giving a speech about girls. Michelle Obama is a man/demon, Prinyanka Chopra is a man/demon so your demon key speakers are not even female
or human, or even alive.

 And no Megan mark-markel did not have a baby, it was always a man, and now just an android, Harry is Harriet both dead, now just androids. There is no human, there is no baby, all faked to mock and deceive you all, because you would not listen to ADONI.
There is no dam baby Archie, Archie is the dead cat you fools. start paying attention instead of worshiping what ADONI said dont worship.

Exo world demons are given a massive platform, because of who contrilled the world you live it, they did. They are given what ever they want, they are what you see in your media, that's it, demons and devils, which are all real, we have shown you the truth enough in thousands of forensic reveals. The riches parasites in the world are demons. The Vatican arte demons, murderers and criminals on a universal scale. Beyone and its spawn are demons. You worship them as idols, they are liars and decievers. The ancient scripture tells you all about them, who they are, and still you ignore every word and kept right on worship them as your idols, while they silently stole your world from you.

 AMAZING!!! NEW Dirty Secret Bill Gates Doesn't Want Seen
Bill gates Criminal, murderer is dead so is its wife/husband. Now they have been replaced with holograms and technology faking their appearances.  This is how its done faking the appearance of a person, or in their case a demonic entity, massive AI technology is used, the same technology used in your Hellywood you love so much. get your heads out of your ass and start listening and paying attention.

Deepfakes - Real Consequences

he The Clinton's criminals and murderers have been dead for years. You utter fools, and you worshiped this evil, still do. Your library's and full of their BS books of utter crap, INIQUITY and lies.

You should know by now we work for ADONI, part of the Holy Trinity, his army, so when we show you the forensics, the truth, of what is hiding in plain sight and what they are, it is because that is what is there. We do not get paid by your main stream media of lies and deception to hide the truth, we expose it. But your arrogance and haughtiness and being blind to the truth wont let you see, or even acknowledge what the truth is. You would rather trash the truth of God and keep worshiping demons, liars and deceivers, criminals, fraudsters.
Dont forget it is your over paid false idols of your media presenters who get paid millions to sit there and lie to and deceive the world, taking part in their destruction of humanity, those are the very one's ADONI has come for, to execute judgment on, to remove from the universe. They are replaced with androids, then eventually completely destroyed.
We and thousands of other activists exposing truth have shown you through videos recorded from their TV stations, tv presenters changing right in front of their very eyes, the holograms breaking apart. The human replaced with androids.

X AE A-XII android with silicon skin, fake baby of Elon Musk android/exoworld demon, fake human, fake new baby is an android, even given a number for its name, with a birth certificate ---X AE A-XII On Birth Certificate.

Wake up fools you are all being mocked, it is a fake baby, by 2 exo-world demons/ androids who have holographic skin, that they can also shapeshift into other different images by pressing a certain area of their fake skin.
This technology is technology that has been around for millions of years, technology that has been used around the world to deceive the entire planet.
The space BS that Elon Musk android demon is pushing is antiquated, the technology for space travel is millions of years more advanced than what Elon Musk is fooling you all with. That is the point, it is to deceive you and mock you all. Notice how it is giving a global platform to peddle his BS and the truth is buried on his actual BS, and what he really is, all covered up, while that demon keeps stealing your money, while the poor go hungry and homeless.
AI controls the entire world, all of it, all your media, banking, corporations, all of it.
The picture on the right of Elon Musk demon android it is starting to change, the face shows this.
Musk has never been human, never, its entire family fabricated, all of the background fabricated since AI controls the media, it can make up what ever it wants and you sheep believe it.
Musk launched 60 plus bombs into space, satellites full of plutonium, that is what powers them, they are sitting bombs. A pinch of plutonium can kill thousands, 60 plus bombs full of it (satellites can destroy the entire world,The Mark of the Beast and all that worship them together.)
Are you lot awake yet. probably not.

Yes Space X launched bombs to bring about the end of this world, and still your not listening, Adoni even tells you this in all the ancient scriptures, ADONI put it in prophecy, his words and still you refuse to acknowledge this. The satellites are full of plutonium.  This satellite program is so antiquated, since technology is millions of years moe advanced than this, so is space travel.
Musk was put there to deceive you all, to take your money, to keep you as slaves to exo-world demons. The wealthiest parasites in the world are either exo-world demons, or androids controlled by exo-world demons, there are no humans. Mark of The Beast.

 Zuckerberg, Cook, Jeff Bezos all non humans, Jeff Bezos exo-world demon, Zuckerberg dead, was an exoworld demon, replaced with an android which millios of people are just now acknowledging.
An android Zuckerberg sat before Congress in 2019 being grilled for breaking thousands of laws.
These are all global criminals, and they are not even human.

While The Elite's PLAY, The Rest of the World PAY!

Pay attention to the video above, and see how the pandemic of the world has made Jeff Bezos even richer in one week billions, and its a demon. Take note of the massive hole in the wrist in the pictures below, part of the biosuit breaking apart that hides what Bozos really is. It is that wealthy it goes out and buys entire media newspapers to control and manipulate the truth. And the media it bought part of the Frontline media empire of the Rothchilds. So thee demons just transfer media between themselves, because its all owned by Frontline media, by the Illuminati.

Most People Don't Even Realize What's Around Them

yes even your lotto is rigged. "From your money you will be departed" scripture

 Wearing  a mask does not stop the virus you utter fools. Wearing a mask cuts down the oxygen you are getting, proven medical fact.
The germs go straight through masks, then you inhale even deeper because of your oxygen levels lower with a mask on, also proven medical fact.

Scott Morrison - Hillsong is a church set up by devils and demons, false prophets and does not represent Adoni, Jesus, The Holy One's, Scott Morrison is a devil worshiper, dripping in INIQUITY and corruption. The scriptures tell you The Holy One's are not in their churches and Temples. But again you refuse to listen.

Scomo standing up for democratic values, what a laugh. He and the entire "ILLEGAL" Governments of Australia are criminals, trashed ADONI/GODS laws, and covenants, and dragged democracy away in handcuffs and are dripping in "INIQUITY".  Scomo belongs to a cult of the antichrist, devils and demons. The whole lot of these rogue cowboys should be arrested, have every single asset striped from them and charged with crimes against humanity. Don't worry that is about to happen. The judgment of the Holy One's is happening right now.
Your criminal illegal governments have stolen hundreds of trillions of dollars from the world, and made them selves filthy rich in the process, sold their souls to demons and devils. 

While the poor are being abused every day, financial abuse, domestic terrorism, because of your illegal criminal government of terrorists. They live like kings while the poor are continuously being abused. This is the anti- of ADONI. Scomo would not know GOD-ADONI and Messiyah-JESUS if they come up and tapped him on the shoulder or bit him on the ass, nor would the rest of you, because the HOLY ONE's are right here and you are ignoring that absolute fact..................... Not an earth quake, earth quakes do not make a sonic boom for one, this is ADONI - THE HOLY ONE's letting you all know they are here to kick your ass's.

Wake Up People! | "You are being misled"

the message by Snowden is real, but Snowden is dead. 


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