Revelations - Blood red sky - Arch Angels live video footage exclusive

October 04, 2017

Guardians world exclusive: 4th October 2017 blood red sky, Arch angles live video footage, part of Revelations. We are in Revelations right now people, as we have filmed live in all of our videos showing you this.

 This is live video footage taken the 4th October 2017, all part of Revelations.
This will be a two part video because there is so much video footage to show you all. To keep the video shorter we will have to put the rest of the video in a 2nd part.

Here is a link people to 

Revelation 1-20 King James Version (KJV) audio and visual scripture for you to listen and see for yourself. We have already filmed live revelations as it has been unfolding, more video to come.

The pictures below are screen shots from our live video footage October 4th 2017. You will see Angels also in the blood red fire sky trying to camouflage themselves. 

God's opening to heaven filmed live 4th October 2017. 

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