God's stairway to his Guardians - Seraphim Angels

August 29, 2017

God's stairway to his Guardian's us - Seraphim Angels who live on earth. As we told you, we would share only what God is allowing us to share with you. Guardian's are Seraphim angels - the highest order of angels who live on earth, as humans. We are God's Council. (we will explain more in our video below). We will show you pictures of our angels taken with high resolution cameras.
As the highest order of Angels we have the power to command all Angels, we also have the power to heal, save and destroy. 
We only destroy demons. 

Right now, and we mean right now, we are in a huge war with demons. Since the production of this video and article, our Angels, God, the Arch Angels have been battling demons, demons who have come after Alexandria again, because they know God is with her, she is the Savior and has been for centuries.
God foresaw how demons were going to create the last deception to the world, creating a fake image of God and Jesus over the skys in Israel. When this image would be a demon only. 
So God chose Alexandria - his daughter to be the Savior to all, to do God's work on earth. Alexandria is a Seraphim Angel and has lived many lives. (we explain more below) 
Jesus our brother is not the Savior - he is, and always was, an Angel, a Seraphim Angel. September 2017 - God and Jesus, and Angels are with Alexandria, they have been with her for a long time, but right now they are constantly by her side.
  In the video below we show you God and the Holly Lamb, above where Alexandria lives, watching over her. The Holly Lamb represents all Angels, and Jesus is also an Angel, he always has been. God is there every day with her. Just as Jesus our brother - a Seraphim Angel rose and was reborn, all Angels can do this. 

September 8th 2017, a screen shot from a video we have taken
for you all, showing you heaven. This is the 2nd level of heaven.
Alexandria a Guardian - Seraphim Angel held up her hand to heaven - to God, allowing the light of color to show you more of our Angels. You would normally not be able to see this, invisible to the human eye. It is Alexandria the chosen one, who is allowed to show the world this. 
We have much more in a second video coming tomorrow. We are going to share a little more with you, as permitted by God. Angels give of enormous amounts of energy, and our energy makes a sound. We will also share this with you all. 
Angels look nothing like the BS lies of demons. 

 So also, when you see all these things, you know that God is near, right at the door. Matthew 24:33

We have lived on earth for thousands of years, doing the work of God. Our angel self can also return to heaven at any time, and when our human self's have died.
Seraphim Angels, as we said, are the only Angels sent by God to live on earth, there are only 100 of us who did. 
Now we are returning to God's kingdom.
There are seven level to heaven, We live normally with God at the top. There are only four orders of Angels, not 9 or 15 like these complete fools on social media and the NET tell you. Those fools don't know the first thing about angels, so they make up demons lies to feed to you all.

We explained this in the previous video and article, how we can transport our Angel selves anywhere in the world, we also use thought to communicate with our Angels and God.
Even when we sleep our communications are constant. 
We can also block out demons from trying to communicate with us. Demons also communicate through thought, as do Fallen Angels. 
It is the same with the Fallen they can transport themselves the same way we do.

 In the videos we show you God and the Holly Lamb above where Alexandria lives, watching over her. The Holly Lamb represents all Angels, and Jesus is also an Angel, he always has been. God is there every day with her as you will see in the video. One thing we make perfectly clear is, we don't go around grandstanding, that is demons who do that. Seraphim Angels don't run healing camps and charge people money, that is demons who do that, still fooling you all. We exposed this very thing, and exposed fake humans running these websites and camps, they were demons.
You need to go to the site to watch the video, otherwise you are not going to see
the full reveal we are showing the world of our Angels. You also need to watch either with a large tablet, laptop or computer screen. A mobile phone is useless to watch these full
forensic reveal videos on.

 Our video PLAYLIST with more live video footage of real Angels, the real face of God, the dead rising in heaven, God's Mega star, the real Lucifer - fallen Angel, real Seraphim Angels.

Something God and our Guardians - Angels - have observed for centuries is, how Humans are allergic to the truth of God, and are easily corrupted by demons, turning humans into demons.
We have witness these demons manufacture lies, and sell them to you as truth. It has been the down fall of all of humanity.
The fall of the Fallen mostly manufactured lies by demons, corrupted humans. We should know because we were there, we are the highest order of Angels after all, we are God's council and we sit on the left and right side of God, God see's all through us as well, while we are on earth.    

It is very hard trying to explain this to humans, because you are a less superior being to God and Angels. 
Put it this way demons are smarter than humans, you have proved this by letting demons make you their slaves.
This is what is hiding in plain sight, what we as Guardians have the ability to expose to you. Demons - fake humans, lying, deceiving, and killing demons. This picture is the kardashians and Simpsons, we show to you, they are ugly demons. 
We have a forensic reveal about the crime scene, and killing of Nicole Brown Simpson. Something that was never exposed to the public, but we have as Guardians. You will have to go to our Facebook to see that reveal. 
 You need to click on the images to bring to full size to see the full reveal.
 This is demon Kim Kardashian. Fake human - demon. 
The image it projects to you in the media all fake. 
It's real image is a demon - ugly and grotesque. 
We are the only ones who have the ability to show the world this, because we are Guardian's, Seraphim Angels. 

The Kardashian and Jenner families are so evil, so demonic it actually makes us feel nauseous looking at them. Get off all their social media, DO NOT but any of their products, these things sites, TV shows come fully demonized to kill you and your entire family. Demons as we have shouted travel through phone, electrical, and radio waves right into your home. Demons go through walls.

We need to shout this message loud and clear, liste---n very carefully to these words from God, and his Guardians. 
God and Jesus, who is like us a Serpahim Angel - Guardian, are not going to appear in Israel in these BS demon run temples, they are not appearing over any sky in Israel, or Italy, or France. 
That is BS lies of demons, that is their last deception to the world. The only thing that is going to appear is a massive demon to kill all of those half demon fools that are in all of Israel, a blood sacrifice to their demons. Wake Up. 
It is demons pushing this lie about Israel, it is demons have built these Mosques and temples, churches. The mega churches all demons, fooling the entire world - link to reveal here. All of these Mega churches and the Vatican are all demons, their job is to demonize and kill those fools who flock to these demons preaching's, none of these churches represent the truth of God, or God. GOD denounces them all. 

When our Angel selves return to our bodies we have a white light that generates through our minds and body. It is like a flash, a beam. 
We also have a different light which is Gold when we make different communications.
Seraphim Angels are the highest order of Angels. We have shown you the best we can, angels of gold, who are seraphim's on our faces, and a halo of gold lower chin, with seraphim angels all around. Our Bodies are covered in seraphims, even our homes where we live covered on Seraphim's. 
Seraphim Angels like God give off gold and white light, because God is like us. We are made in God's image is the best way to describe this. 

And NO there are no Angels in the sky dressing in robes with giant wings just hovering, or with swords in full Armour, or in ballerina costumes, or things in the sky metal fairies, of bright balls of light, they are all demons, Angels are not rainbows, as seen in the bullshit on youtube channels who work for demons and are demons fooling you all. 
Those accounts are full of lies and deception about angels. 
Those accounts are working a psyop on you, trying to make demons into angels. 
None of those accounts expose demons, none of them do, because they work for demons.  God and our Angels have seen this deception for thousands of years. Demons still trying to fool humans, while they kill all humans. 
There are no dead so called movie stars or music stars, million or billionaires in heaven, because all of those once humans sold their souls to demons to become famous in the first place.  
Those fools were made into demons, and demons do not go to heaven, or walk with God, and our Angels, and we should know since we are the highest order of Angels, and with God every day.

So when you hear some BS story or interview with some child these demons are using to fool all of you with, of their stories of seeing dead movie stars in heaven, that is a lie, and that child most likely a demon or being demonized, is manipulating truth for demons lies.
If you go to heaven you don't come back to tell people about it. That is not how Heaven, Angels and God works.
It is only us Guardian's who are the highest order of Angles who are allowed to tell humans about heaven, and Angels.
You will never ever see an Angel in the sky, or God, and we mean never, it is only us Guardians who are allowed to show you, and these fools,  who are demons in the media, are lying to you what an Angel and God, the fallen and demons even looks like.  
Stop listening to these fools, their likes on their social media all fake and manufactured to get you on their sites sucked in to their bullshit and lies and then they kill you and your entire families. Those fools will perish at the hands of God and our Army of Angels.

God also used Jesus Body when he was on earth, just as God uses Alexandria on earth, and is doing so right now, we have shown you this, and still humans don't listen. 
We told you Alexandria is special, this is why she has an army of Angels all around her. 
God's stair way light to Alexandria is in the video. 
We told you over and over, God is here through Alexandria. 
And still you ignore God, that is God's test to you all, and you all failed God and his Angels. 
We have told humans over and over, Jesus was and still is a Seraphim Angel, a Guardian, the same as Alexandria, the same as we are. 
Just a few months ago Alexandria - the highest order of Angels and God, stopped a blood bath of humans, and all you could do was abuse our Angels and God for doing this.
We are flesh and blood, we we are also Angels of the highest order. We are the only Angels who live on earth. 
And we are about to leave this universe as this universe is about to be no more. 

We have the marks of Angels over our entire bodies, in human form you can't see them at normal resolution that the eye would see at, so we blow up that resolution to show you, which we showed you in the video and explained to you. 

We do not live in the spotlight, we do not have riches, we live a very simple life as we do the work of God. It has always been this way. 
We are connected to this earth, so as earth dies so do we, to be reborn. Our bodies are also deteriorating at a rapid rate, as this earth's life is at it's end. 
Our work as Angels drains us also, our life force comes from God and this universe.
Angels can not die like a human would die, we are just reborn over and over in the same body.

Youtube deliberately diminish the quality of our videos and shadow them. Our Videos are produced in HD. Youtube have diminished the quality by 25% and more.

The Illuminati demons have shadowed ever one of our social media sites now, and all of our videos. These demons are now editing our videos without our consent. Youtube are altering the sync in our audio, they are taking out sections of our videos, shadowing every video now, playing massive games. Our Guardians 2 sites are the only Youtube channels not run by demons, we are the only two channels on Youtube telling the world the truth. Our videos prove this to the world, we are the ones with God exposing the lies of Youtube who are the Illuminati demons. 
Now the 30th August 2017 they are flagging our videos to have them removed, and have our accounts closed down. Our views went from just under 5 million to under 20,000 in one day. Youtube Illuminati demons are deliberately altering and manipulating the numbers on their demon run site.
These demons are running scared from our Angels and God. 
 These demons do not want you to see the truth of us - real Angels and God.
In the coming weeks there will be no more social media, God and his army of Angels are destroying it all. 
Social media run and owned by demons, has been the down fall of all humanity, and nothing more than genocide of humans, and all of your children. Youtube, Twitter, and all your social media are about to feel the wrath of God.

Unfortunately we can see the demons posing as humans, we can see the walking dead, also demons, we can see clones who are demons, we also know who the fallen are and by the marks on their body only a fallen carry. All of this evil has hijacked your entire Government, Media, entertainment industry, TV, music world wide are demons people, they are not even human. 

In five minutes we can expose anyone, and tell you if their are demons, walking dead, fallen or under control of demons - being demonized. Demons also take over the bodies of animals, but this is usually for only a short period of time, for what ever blood they want to spill of humans. We can even do this by looking at any video. 
Put it this way, the entire franchise of these so called superhero TV series and movies Marvel Superhero's and defenders, they are either the fallen or demons. These demons have cast themselves as heroes, fooling you all. 
This is how the manipulation is done. Daredevil is about Lucifer casting himself as a hero. 
Ben Affleck was under demon possession making that movie, now it's image is being used by demons, he is dead, so is Jennifer Garner, the entire family are dead, their image is being used by demons to fool you all.

Don't even get us started on Game of Thrones. George Martin is a lying demon, those dragons are demons. All of those onces humans are now demons. And the walking dead in that TV series, well what the hell do you think we have been exposing to you - walking dead, we have put their pictures with forensic proof in videos on our website. Martin - demon has written books about the demise of all humans by demons - and demons turned them into the walking dead. The studio showed you a green screen of what they are telling you are fake dragons, but in the last episode aired 7/7 it exposes everything this entire franchise, TV studio run by demons, has been hiding in plain sight. We are going to put this in an article to show you the proof. 

Seraphim Angels are the only angels that are male and female, all other angels are male. 
And yes, Seraphim Angels carry the mark, just as written in the history books - serpent- Seraphim wings on our faces to the side, serpent angels, but we don't go around saying "Holly, Holly blowing trumpets." We have the marks of the Seraphim on our foreheads, chins, face, and body, and as well as the mark down our faces lit up like gold, the order of the highest angels. We also give off a Gold and white light, and not what these lying fools in the media try and pass of as Angels, or light represent. (we will post a video - live footage in a few days time, God has allowed us to show you this)
We read somewhere recently that Seraphim Angels - who are us, know where all the gold and riches are. 
Well that is not even close to the truth, because we - who are Guaridans - Seraphim Angels, are the gold and riches. We did show you that in the video above, and in our reveal of a our Serpahim Angel marks. 
It is human fools, corrupted by demons, making up utter crap and lies about Angels, the fallen and God, stop listening to these fools on Youtube and the web running these bot accounts for demons. 
And as for Steve Quayle you lying stinking demon, your posts are lies, deception and utter crap to the world, God exposed you as a demon, to show the world you are a liar.
Jesus had the same marks as us, as he too was a Guardian - Seraphim Angel. 
Arch Angels have similar marks. Lower Angels have different marks again and, are not in human form on earth.
There are Serpent demons, more than one type, the cobra serpent represents demons in India, the middle East, China and Japan posing as Gods when in fact they were nothing more than demons or the fallen.
Then there is the Seraphim angels, and serpents that God controls, that have always been part of God's paradise. 
Lucifer also has the marks of a serpent on his body, all the fallen do, put there by God. 
It is hard for us trying to describe to you the difference between good and evil serpents, Angels know the difference. Basically for humans we point to the demon reveal, showing you in this, and by the actions of the fake human body these demons are using to carry out their evil, deception and destruction to mankind, and God's once paradise.  
We will show you in the video.
These are the only pictures you will see, as permitted by God. 
We need to made this clear here, and we have made this clear many times, NO ONE pays us, we make zero money of our work for God. Angels don't get paid people. 

Jamie Dornan is Lucifer, our once brother, fallen and now he has lost control of the demons who have hijacked the world.
It wasn't Lucifer who set demons free on the universe, it was Azazel who did in the very beginning.
Azazel was latter imprisoned in God's prison, and demons have spent centuries trying to free him.  
Lucifer and all the fallen were curse by God, to be demons until the judgment day of God.
We are still waiting for Jamie to tell the world who he really is. 
The fallen in this time, can have children, BUT - their offspring cursed by God to be beasts, just as the offspring of Jamie's are; and any women will also be cursed by the same curse by God, they will become demons. 

The fallen have limited angel powers, they can only hold human form for short lengths of time, and their to human bodies are dying rapidly, as this world also dies.
Seraphim Angels on earth also have animals with them that are Angels, and are very good at sniffing out demons. A demon warning signal so to speak.
God has also used animals to return to earth, because animals after all are all God's creatures.  
Jamie looks the same in human form as he did at the beginning, when God created the Angels, apart from the fact he is aging rapidly in his human form.
We don't live in city areas because large crowds drain our energy, leaving us weak, even sick.

It is demons who seek out Angels, to use our angel abilities, even in human form, they seek us out to do this. 
We can use our Angel abilities as a human, which are limited, to also heal with.
We can have families, only if God allows it. 
Many fallen have been captured and are in God's prison here on earth, and are awaiting God's judgment on them all. 

We are God's ears and eyes on earth. BUT, God has been here for many years, he lives through our Guardian's - who are Seraphim Angels, we have shared pictures showing you proof of this. 
 We have put most of this in a video, as there are so many pictures to show you. 
We know there are going to be those lost souls, or demon trolls, who will abuse us, telling us we are liars, just as those lost souls, and demons posing as humans, told Jesus our brother, also a Guardian - Seraphim Angel, he was a liar. 
There are always going to be those who's souls are dark, who will always run from truth, and try and take other's with them. These souls have already been corrupted by demons and are lost forever. 

We are also part of God's army, yes God has an army made up of Seraphim Angels also known as Guardian, also the Arch Angels, and also of lower level Angels.
You mess with an Angel you will feel the wrath of God, and you will be no more.

There is much we have not told humans about angels, because we know how corrupted humans are by demons. These humans would use this knowledge for their evil, and manipulation, as they have done for thousands of years.
We see fools on social media that was created by demons, with technology stolen from God, still spreading demons lies about Angels, the fallen, and much of history and God.
We see these fools writing books, more fiction than truth, again keeping up the deception for demons.  
These fools bend the truth, then more and more they bend it, until this truth is nothing more than a manipulation for demons  who are also the Illuminati, for their own evil. 

Demons and the fallen spent 18 years creating the greatest weapon in the history of creation. Technology stolen from God.
Trillions of dollars has been stolen from humans to make this weapon. 
Reason for this weapon, to destroy this world, to create a hole in the universe to let every single dark entity - demons trapped into the universe. These demons are bringing back the most evil of dead. 
God and our Angels cannot allow this to happen, so God  is using this weapon against demons to end everything. 
Demons have taken over everything. 
Fire and sulfa is the only way to kill demons for ever. 
 In less than one month God ends it all. There is more to God's plan which we are not allowed to disclose. 

Our Guardians have already begun deleting our websites across the world. 
In the next few weeks all of our Angels and God will be gone from this earth and universe. 
God and Jesus are not going to be appearing in Israel like the bullshit these demons keep pumping out to the world. A demon is going to appear to kill all those idiot fools who are already halfway to becoming full demons.
Jesus as we have shouted, is in heaven, and he is not coming back. 
God is here through Alexandria - a Guardian - Seraphim Angel just as Jesus is an Angel. And God is not in Israel and never will be again.  God is with Alexandria, and Alexandria does not live in Israel. 
Anyone who was in Paris or Italy, are now demons, there are no humans in Italy and Paris, and other parts of the world, they are all demons now. If you refuse to listen to God and his Guardians you are now a demon. 
You can not stop what is coming.

If you see accounts on Youtube with likes in the tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and more on their videos, of utter crap and lies on Angels, and God, those are bot accounts operated by demons. Youtube monitor our articles, since we put the article link in the video. So Youtube have their demon run accounts fabricate a new story of utter lies and crap to push onto the world. 
They are going to try and fool you with demons posing as angels.
The virgin Mary appearing in the sky, the Virgin Mary battling Satan, all of this is lies, and all of these fools have fake drawings of Satan and Mary. 
 We have been in fits of laughter with the pictures they are trying to fool the world with of Angels, the fallen, God, Virgin Mary, Satan.
At the end of this article we have taken screen shots from videos run by accounts pushing demons onto the world as Angels, it took us a minute to expose to you showing you demons, right before your eyes killing humans. Proof people. Wake up. Fake Angels only massive killing demons. 

Angels as we have shown you in several videos now, are light, we can also take human form. 
Angels are not dressed up in a night gown with great big wings in the sky, that is lies and garbage put in the media by demons trying to manipulate you. None of these accounts expose demons, NONE, we are the only one's in the world doing this. No one else is exposing the demons like we do, that is because we are Guardian's - Seraphim Angels, we actually work for God, and we are with God every single day.
(Shattered Paradise) a BS Youtube account - demons, Illuminati account, running 5 accounts on Youtube, Yes we see your lies. Pumping out utter crap on Angels. After we had words with this account earlier this account changed two of its accounts - which are photo-shopped to the hilt, copying what we showed you, our actual Angels, and God's stairway to our Angels. 
GOD never shows this light and stairway - and we mean NEVER, God did this an exception so we could show you, and also allowed us to show you our Seraphim Angel form, and marks, as end of days are here. This is the first time only God has allowed us to show this, and it will also be the last.
This account (Shattered Paradise) has photo-shopped images of a fake human in a night gown 10 ft tall in the sky with wings at least 30 ft wide trying to fool the world this is an angel. NO it is not, what utter crap and lies. That is nothing more than a demon.
Then this BS account put rainbows in the sky trying to fool everyone stupid enough to fall for this demons BS, that rainbows are Angels. NO they are not. 
As we said fake humans - who are dirty lying demons using our truth we showed the world, to now manipulated and lie to humans, destroying humanity.
Angels do not go around for photo OPs, we should know because we are the highest order of Angels.  

This Youtube account in the pictures is run by demons - the Illuminati, still pushing out the lies for demons. None of these posters and the content this fool has, represent God, Angels, or demons. God's words "Demons would try and deceive the world posing as Angels" 
That thing in the sky posing as an angel is nothing more than a photo shop job, and is a demon. That is not what an Angel looks like. As we said Angels are not rainbows. That is not the hand of God pointing to some photo-shopped bush. Come on, surely you are not that stupid. And miracles do not work the way this fool of a demon is telling people. We should know because we have the power to create miracles, and have many times.
These are the fools, and demons are destroying humanity and all of creation. 
The reason why God has no choice but to end everything and begin again. We are seeing fools all over Youtube and social media still pumping out the lies of demons. 
And NO - Donald Trump is not the Antichrist, it is nothing more than a lying stinking demon, the walking dead. It is not even in charge of demons, it answers to a higher demon. It is not even human, we showed the world this, proof from God and our Angels.
We have seen accounts saying they are Christians, yet they continue to spread the lies of demons. Their souls now gone, and taken over by demons. They now work for demons. 
Jesus is not the Savior, God and Alexandria are. Jesus as we said is a Seraphim Angel, he always has been, Alexandria now does the work of Jesus, she has done for centuries. Alexandria is God's daughter.

Another note, anyone, that has been in Italy, near the Vatican, or in France, near the Whitehouse, near Hollywood, near the music industry, near any Government body, been to a music concert, you are now demons. Then you bring those demons back into your home, making anyone near you demons. Every single human in the world are the slaves of demons, or are now dead and demons. 
When you are dead from a demon, and that demon uses your image, you do not even realize you are dead. You do not go to heaven, you are left to wander in darkness for eternity, pain and suffering only.    

God and Angels are not just arriving, we all about to leave earth, this entire universe, because God is ending it all, very very soon, it is a matter of days now. All of creation will be gone, no more. 
God has a new Universe he has created, we have been there, it is our home.  

Mark Zuckleberg did not create Facebook, demons did, the fallen did, with technology stolen from God. Zuckleberg comes from an Illuminati demon family bloodline. And in 2017 this fool is dead, it's entire family are dead, they are no more, it's image being used by demons. 
Zuckleberg had the brains of a fly, he couldn't invent anything, he didn't have the brains to pull that off. He doesn't even own Facebook, the Illuminati demons own and run it.  
We tell you this time and time again, get your kids of twitter, off all social media, your kids are being tracked and targeted by demons.
You have given your kids and entire families a death sentence by not listening to our words, we have already published video proof of this. 

God ended this world a few thousand years ago not just because of the fallen, producing the nephilim, but - because demons had corrupted humans, creating a wicked generation of demons and humans. 
And this generation is no different, the most wicked of them all.
God see's the evil, it is running your Government's it has hijacked your media, you as a human, humanity is now lost forever.
The land, sea, air, water, minerals does not belong to your demon, greedy corrupt Government, and Corporations who are all demons, who live like kings, with what they steal from God. 
Where is there dead of ownership, and creation of all of these things that are God's. These things have none, yet they keep stealing from God, they keep destroying God's once beautiful paradise and all of it's creations. 

Human's are the slaves of demons, you need to wake up to this fact. Demons control everything humans do. Now they are RFD chipping your babies when they are born, without your consent and knowledge, they are micro-chipping adults and children, so these demons can control everything about you. 
And still you do not denounce these demons. 

Humans corrupted by demons are now consumed by vanity, greed, corruption, glutton by ego, by pride and those things have turned humans into demons. 

God through his Guardians have shown humans for centuries the demons hiding in plain sight, and still you ignore God. You continue to listen to the lies of demons, and the fallen, hell you made them idols, you made demons your Government, your churches, worshiping them at their feet, blinded by truth when it is put in front of you all.
You have become your own down fall.

God is done, you will not be save when God ends this universe, September 23rd 2017. 
God, his Guardians, and Angels have been fighting demons, evil, sacrificing everything for humans, and all you can do is abuse God, and his Guardian's and Angels.
We have been fighting a war you do not see, why do you think your demon Government have sent battleships into oceans, telling the world these are war games. Your Government who are all demons, with their demon army have been fighting Angels.
Angels have been at battle with your demons who have hijacked your Government, navies, air-forces. And demons are loosing this war, they have already lost, and they know this. 
All of our Angels will be long gone from this universe when God ends it all.

Guardian's with God have shown you the truth, how the lies of your demon Government are designed to dived, create fear, so demons can feed of your fear. All of those who sold their souls to demons are now dead, demons are now using the image of the dead. 
When you sell your soul to demons, they own you, work your human body to the bones until the human body can not take it any more, then demons kill you. 
Those fools sold their souls for nothing.

FYI people Demi Lavato, Taylor Swift  now dead, it sold it's soul to demons, demons killed these fools, and are now using this fools image.
The entire MTV music awards nothing more than demons, showing off to the world. 
That recent boxing match, all demons, fooling all of you. 

North Korea, all of it's people are not humans, they are demons, killed many years ago.
The North Korean leaders, have been demons for centuries, there are no human's in North Korea. That demon spawn Donald Trump, is a lying stinking demon, playing you all in the media, media that is owned and run by demons. Feeding you complete lies and garbage. 
The biggest threat to humanity, has been demons, it always has been.

Our Arch Angels - God's army of Angels, have extinguished many of the demons who are controlling Government's world wide, so these demons create clones. There are zero humans in your Government, and we mean no humans, demons and clones, controlled by demons only.  We have shown the world this previously.
These fake Government's who are demons have body guards, not because of humans, because they are running scared from God, and God's army. You humans, who are now slaves to demons, are paying for lying killing demons to have body guards. The only one chasing these lying killing demons is God and his army of Angels. 

In Australia, the USA owns and controls Australia, it is the same demons manipulating all of you.
Our Angels took out one demon posing as this PM Turnbull, now it is a clone. Our Angels have taken out many of this fake Government, and they replace this evil with more evil of clones. 
There is no left and right in Government, they are all the same side, these demons have you running around in circles, dived and conquer, having you hate each other, creating segregation. 
There is a lot of evil happening in Australia in that demon Government. 
These demons in your Government, Churches are raping children, killing them, using them for their games of sport. And your demon Government continue to cover this up, supporting their own kind.  

God has already created a new paradise to begin again, there are no demons, no principalities, no technology, no Government, no greed, poverty, or destruction, God's new paradise as it was in the very beginning. 

There is much more to read in this article. 


In the videos above we explain to you in detail that we are Seraphim Angels, Guardians, God's council on earth.
We have never been able to reveal this before. But as end of days are now here, God has allowed us to reveal ourselves to the world.

In the video below, it also explains the world take over of the Illuminati, NWO, who are demons. Our Guardians started the human rights name ANONYMOUS 300 years ago, and now in 2017 it has been completely taken over by the Illuminati demons. We have dissociated ourselves with the name. We just need to clarify this. We are foremost Guardians which is also in the video. 
All of our videos are shadowed by Youtube, and they have now diminished the quality, and Youtube have even taken to now editing out videos, the video below Youtube edited our video without our consent. Youtube are the Illuminati demons, still trying to stop the truth. It doesn't stop the truth, God and our Angels have already won. 

These three pictures above of the bombing of the World Trade Center 911 from our videos. There are more screen shots in the video HERE
As Guardians - Angels we are the only one's in the world to show you this truth. Demons - Lucifer - The fallen - Illuminati were behind this terrorist attack. We have told you this time and time again, demons the Illuminati, are behind every single terrorist attack in the world. ISIS is the Illuminati demons. 
There are no Aliens, just demons and fallen ones fooling all of you.

In regards to North Korea, and the bullshit the media that is run and controlled by demons are pumping out to the world.
If your fake Leaders who are demons are in the media, and their fake lips are moving they are lying demons, lying to you all. 
If it is in the media, on any social media pumping out your fake leaders lies, they expose themselves as lying demons.
North Korea leaders have been demons for decades. There are no humans in North Korea only demons. Demons control it all.
That thing playing dress up as a human Trump, is a demon, every single Government in the world is. 

Your fake Government have bot accounts set up, including websites, and we mean all social media, especially Youtube and Twitter, pumping out their lies for them. We have not seen any truth as yet from any of these accounts run by demons. 
They are just lying to you, keeping up the deception to all of humanity.
Not one single of these lying demons have stood in the media and told you they are demons, when God and his Guardians have exposed this. 
As we said we are the only one's exposing demons and showing you the demons hiding in plain sight.

You need to click on the images to bring up the full size to see the full forensics of these fake humans - demons. The fuzzy things around the images are demons, millions of little demons projecting an image to you of a fake human - demons only. 

  You need to click on the images to bring up the full size to see the full forensics of these fake humans - demons. The fuzzy things around the images are demons, millions of little demons projecting an image to you of a fake human - demons only. 

The tank, the rocket launcher, hillside, dead grass, is covered in demons, this entire image is made up of demons. 

You will see the demons everywhere in this missile launch picture. The entire hill-side demons, dead grass demons, the cloud of missile fire is demons. As we have said over and over, if that fake Human - demon shit Donald Trump's lips are moving, or any of your  demon Government, and lying main stream media are saying one word, they are lying their demon asses of to you all. How much more clearer does God and his Guardians have to be. 
 All of these things are fake Humans, they are demons, projecting an image to you. (click on the image to see full exposure)
As we said there are no humans in North Korea, or their army. All humans were killed by demons
decades ago. Now your armies all over the world have suffered the same fate, they are nothing more than demons, their families all demons

You need to click on the images to bring up the full size to see the full forensics of these fake humans - demons. The fuzzy things around the images are demons, millions of little demons projecting an image to you of a fake human - demons only. 
All fake Humans, only demons fooling you all. 

Pence demon has Lucifer tattooed on its lower lip chin area. 
A lying stinking demon. Fooling all of you. Wake the hell up and stop worshiping demons and fake humans. It is lying demons shit. 

God and our Guardians - Angels are the only ones in the world exposing the truth to you. We are the only ones. We see the demons and fake humans, walking dead everywhere, and we expose this to you. And still you ignore the truth of God. 

Below are pictures we have screen shot from youtube video, showing you demons posing as Angels fooling you all. Children that are already dead, entire families that are dead, and demons are using that image. 
These are not Angels, these are demons. This is not what an Angel looks like. Demons fooling all of you, turning you into demons, killing you.
You need to click on every image to bring to full size to see these are demons. Not humans but walking dead demons.

That white thing in that childs hand is a demon, that child is a demon, it is not human.
The white head is a dead give away, there are demons everywhere in that image.
There are no Angels in that image only demons fooling you all.

These things in this image are dead, they are demons, not even human. Demons killed these once humans, now using their image. The demons are everywhere in these images. Hello the eyes are a dead give away for one.

This is not an Angel this a demon, a fallen one. Fallen ones are demons.

Click on the image to bring to full size. Those things are not Angels, they are massive killing demons. There are demons everywhere in that room. If you look carefully it looks as those things are wearing army boots. That once person is being killed before your eyes, and turned into a demon. The proof is before your eyes.
You have to be completely blind and ignorant as hell to not see this truth of God and his Guardians. 

This is the deception God and our real Angels have been battling. Demons taking the form of fake Angels to kill people. It is a fine line people, demons trying to fool people.

That account from youtube above in that screen shot we took all fake bullshit. It is owned and run by the Illuminati demons. Not one single one of those things are Angels, or God or miracles. NONE. Not once ounce of any of the bullshit this Youtube account pumps out for demons is truth, manufactured lies to kill you and your entire family. If you see any accounts like this one, views in the high tens - to hundreds of thousands to millions these are accounts run by the Illuminati demons. The Illuminati demons own and run Youtube. None of these things in this bullshit accounts were things caught on camera, they are photo-shopped, utter crap.
Angels do not go around wearing full body Armour, fighting demons in it, that is a massive lie and utter bullshit. 

All fake people, fabricated stories by demon accounts run by the Illuminati demons. Satan and Angels do not even look like that crap
these bullshit accounts are trying to fool you with, and the Virgin Mary does not look like that. 

See those white things, they are demons, they are not Angels, they are demons. Churches are full do demons,
because these churches and preachers have been preaching to you the lies of demons. None of these churches
represent the truth of God. More bullshit Illuminati run accounts on Youtube trying to push demons on the world as Angels.
An Angel does not look like any of this rubbish. 

And Youtube - the Illuminati demons operate these accounts, don't forget all their fake likes, and fake comments, all manufactured in the hundreds of thousands to millions. This is how the Illuminati, NWO keep up their deception to the entire world. 
This is how they also kill you and your entire family, you click on these demon run accounts, you are tracked immediately, right to your home by demons. The same goes for twitter, snapchat, all of these social media accounts. 
That Discovery Channel in the USA, that always documentaries on Aliens, Lord Shiva etc. It is run and owned by the Illuminati demons, still pumping out the lies for demons.
There are NO, NO, NO aliens, only lying demons and the fallen, the Illuminati lying and fooling all of you. NASA is the Illuminati demons, we did expose this with forensic proof. 
Lord Shiva was, and is a demon, a fallen one, fooled you all for thousands of years. Still has fools worshiping it's feet, and every time one of these fools does this they are turned into a demon. 
This is the war we are fighting also with the demons, the Illuminati and NWO, and it is only Angels and God fighting this war, because humans are now corrupted by demons, or have been turned into demons. 

We have seen accounts like Round SaturnsEye, saying they are Christians, BUT - now they are demons, fully taken over by demons. We see the lies they are pumping out for demons. They refuse to see the truth of God, and our Guardians, not even when we put it right in front of them. 
Those 2 pictures are screen shots from a new upload - that thing posing as a human - pastor, is a demon. You can see the massive demon with horns on its chin and more demons in its throat, upper lip, and nose we highlighted. There is a massive demon we circled, and more demons in the right background. None of these pastors represent God, our brother Jesus, another Guardian and Seraphim Angel. How much louder does God, and our Guardians need to shout this. 
We have told you all over, and over, and over, Jesus is an Angel - A Serpahim Angel - Guardian. Jesus is back in Heaven and he is not coming back. 
Alexandria has been doing the work of Jesus for centuries, and God has, and is here through her right now. 
We showed you video proof of this. We are all leaving this dying world, in a matter of days and we will not be back.
Anything that appears in Israel in the Vatican, at these demons temples, will be just that demons, there for their blood bath, the last ultimate deception to all of humanity, who are now lost to demons, their last sacrifice to demons. 
 It is a demon fooling all of you with it's lies and fabrication of truth. Fake likes and comments to get you on these accounts operated now by demons. They are now working for the Illuminati demons. 10,445 views in one day, all fabricated by Youtube demons, to keep up the deception and lies for demons. 

Guaridans - Seraphim Angels, we also have the power to heal, save and destroy. We only destroy demons. And that hot mess in that screen shot from a demon run Youtube channel, and website is lying to you, and charging you money at the same time. As we said that hot mess is made up of demons. So any one who falls for these demons rubbish who run these workshops and sites, and worst of all pays money, is demonized and killed by demons only.
That is not how our healing abilities work for one. And we don't go around healing demons, or turn up at healing centers run by demons. You will not see us healing, it is invisible to all humans. And healing drains us. We are selective when we use our healing abilities.

Something else to mention, we have exposed thousands of demons running social media accounts, we have done reveals from their profile pictures, we have posted these back online to show people how they are being fooled, and deceived by demons. As we said we can reveal anyone in minutes who is a demon. People have sent us pictures even through Facebook asking us to reveal or expose a certain person, to see if they are demons, every reveal showed they were. 
Every single one of you morning, and night time news shows are demons as well. As we told you thousands of times, Twitter is run by demons, 99% of the accounts on Twitter are demons, and 95% are fake sock puppet accounts run by demon Government bodies for demons, creating domestic and international terrorist. We produced a video with forensic proof of this. Even when forensic proof is put before humans, they still listen to killing demons who have destroyed all of humanity and Gods once universe.  

You also have to remember the Illuminati - NWO, all demons, own, run, control the media. They are the one's fabricating these stories to the world about Angels and miracles. Hello people these fake Angels, who are demons for one, and there is no miracle because the fake person is already dead, or a demon posing as a human.
We have been exposing this for centuries with God. 

Our Prayer to you all.
Holly father in heaven, our Seraphim Angels, Arch Angels all Angels,
May God - our heavenly father, and our Angels bless you all,
May God shine his face on you all.
May God be gracious to you all.
May God lift up his countenance on you all.
May the Lord and our Angels give you peace.
The heavenly father and our Angels bless you all.

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